Phantoms Nerfed Too Hard? – Update Aquatic – Snapshot 18w10d (Minecraft with DiiKoj)

Welcome to another 1.13 snapshot video!
And hello camera up in the sky! I was originally going to do another kind of
video where I tried out different techniques to defend ourselves against
the Phantom mob, but Mojang has nerfed the Phantom again and again so now it’s…
I shouldn’t say “harmless” because it isn’t – especially when it comes in groups –
but it’s a lot weaker than it has been and it deals a lot less damage and from
what I can see it can’t fly through blocks anymore and it is also an undead mob
which means it burns in the Sun. But I thought we could at least try out some
fighting mechanics and see if I can cope without any armour and only a wooden
sword. So – there is a spawning platform up here and I have been awake for – let’s see
where is it… – over two hours which means over six full Minecraft days and that
means they will spawn in larger numbers. We are also in hard mode to make them
deal as much damage to us as possible. So let’s just await the sunset and see
them spawn here. One thing that I have noticed is that they can actually spawn
when it rains even if it’s daytime, which is interesting and good to know. Here
they come sweeping down. Why I have a wooden sword
by the way is to to deal as little damage as possible to them – you see they
can’t go through the blocks there – but we can still see how they behave when we
hit them. So let’s see if we can strike a hit here. Yeah they fly away and it’s not
that difficult to hit them I think – I’m not a PvPer by any means so this should be
the experience of… Oh! It actually delt four hearts of damage. Hm, that’s more than I
tested in the previous snapshot. Wow! okay… So if they are a group of phantoms we
need to watch out! See the the fence posts distracts them. I
put this out for… to avoid spiders crawling in here. Maybe let’s clear the
weather – it’s raining a lot for some reason in this world and in this
snapshot. Let’s see if we can strike it. Huh, maybe our first shot was a lucky one. Let’s put
on a helmet – then we have a little more protection. Hm, we’re almost dead here. Maybe
no armour is just pushing the luck. When these get a little more in numbers maybe we can actually try with iron
armor. Ok, the iron armor is on and maybe this is a little more realistic.
You won’t go after these with no armor I think but it was nice to test it out
and now they are a lot more. But they are easily distracted. They can’t really navigate through these
obstacles. Okay – one (*two*) and a half heart with the full iron
armour. They really sound terrifying and look terrifying! I love the new look, the new
texture. And the swooping sound, I love it! Oops we are dead! Okay, so I guess the
conclusion is that they are not as harmless as you would think. Where am I?
Let me see if I can get back. So now I’m geared up in diamond armor – let’s try
this out one more time. Well I just realized: because I died of
course the rest has been reset so let’s spawn in some this time so we
don’t have to wait for six more Minecraft days. Let’s see how the diamond
armor holds up… let me just stand here and see. Okay, no damage at all. And I’m just testing this with a sword
right now if you have a bow you can kind of easily bow them down I guess.
Should we try? Let’s do it! This is just a regular bow, no enchantments. Oh! Well it’s
easier than the sword at least. Yeah but anyway – with diamond armour you can just
stand and take hit by hit and not worry. Okay, it’s turning day now so the last thing I
want to try out is to see if when they catch fire…
– oops maybe I should switch these out – and they fly into us will we catch fire as
well? Let’s find out! Okay here they come. Let’s see if they will fly
against us. No, they seem to… what are they doing? They are not interested in us anymore. Okay, they just
die in the sky – kind of a romantic funeral – but yeah, maybe I’ll try that
other video anyway then because they are not as harmless that you might think. But
– thank you for watching this video and I’ll see you next time!

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