PHORCYS Spearfishing Worldwide Videos #144 – Underwater Activities 2019

MARINE ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION Choosing the right electrical installation on board may be the most important of all others. In addition to proper functionality it also offers security, which is a very serious factor. The installer- manufacturer should take into account the following: • have unbalanced insulation with overload resistance • the wires should be tinned and resistant to moisture, seawater, acids and overload • be aware of the maximum electrical voltage they can accept • operating temperature (ideally between -25 to +70) • the minimum bending radius (about 6 m) COUSTEAU EQUALIZATION MANEUVER (B.T.V)
Part#01 Cousteau Maneuver or Beance Tubaire Voluntaire (BTV) is a maneuver which does not imply pinching of the nostrils. It relies upon voluntary constriction of deglutition muscles. Those muscles have attachments to the orifice of the Eustachian tube. Therefore, constriction of the muscles opens the rhinopharyngeal ostium of the tube, producing automatic equalization of the middle ear.

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