PIRATE SHIP POOL PARTY!! The family plays with inflatable toys and Adley is a mermaid!

– Here a sailing, a boat, a boat, a boat. He is the pirate (mumbles), He is the pirate sailing the boat. (boom) – Oh yeah, chicken nugget time. (baby mumbles) – You excited about that, bud? – Adley, what are you eating? – What kinda lunch we got going on here? – I got chocolate. – Chocolate, of course. – Chicken nuggets. Some mac and cheese. – Some mac and cheese. – And then, some sauce. – And some sauce. And that’s what lunch looks like. – Mmhmm. – And then what are we doing today? – Going swimming! – Yes! I love swimming. – And I got a purple fork. And I got a pink plate. – And she got a pink plate. And, guess what I brought. – What? – The GoPro, the underwater vlog, so the vlog can see you
swimming underwater. – Can I see it? – Yeah, do you want me to go get it? – Yeah! – Okay, BRB. – Hello. – Do it again. – Hello. (laughs) – Hello! My name is Adley (boop). – I’m back. I got two things from the space station. – What? – Thing number one? The underwater vlog. – I wanna film with it underwater. – Yeah, we can film with it underwater. – I have one already. – Really? That’s cool. – Ooh, it’s working! (gasps) – You turned it on? – Uh huh. – How did you do that? – I pressed the red button to turn it on. (laughs) – You guys just saw that. She totally just turned this on. Prize number 2, are you ready? This is my new favorite summer shirt. (whoosh) – Space station, baby!
– What? – [Woman Offscreen] I want one! – Cool, huh? – [Woman] That’s really cool. – Hey – Tricked ya. – So we’re gonna eat lunch, And then we’re going… – Swimming.
– Swimming – You ready, Niko? – Okay, dad, lets have a pool party! – A pool party? – Oh, we almost forgot this! – Ooh, yeah, the water vlog. (laughs) – Okay. – You got the girls, dad? – You got the bag, Adley? – Yep.
– Got ’em. – What’s the vlog’s name? – Vloggy. – I like that. – Hey does anyone else’s kids change their clothes
like, five times a day? – Adley was wearing a dress, and then a different dress, and
now a different dress. – And now she gets to
swim into a swimsuit. – Swim into a swimsuit? – What? – She swims into a swimsuit. – Ooh. – Green screen it, Brandon. – I don’t, I don’t understand. – All right, look, all
these boxes, more trash. But look what’s inside of them. (laughs) – Forky? – We should build a forky. – We should. – Adley, do you want a pet forky? – Yeah. – Ah! (lips buzzing fanfare melody) – Ooh, mat. – So, y’all people with your muddy shoes can now get in my car. – I like that. – You’re welcome. – Because even though this is a cool, fancy, nice Tesla,
we just wanna live in it like a normal family with kids. Like, it’s gonna get dirty,
drinks are gonna spill. – Brandon be going to the
beach lot, getting sandy. – Yeah, – And we don’t wanna always
be worried about the car, we just wanna enjoy it and live in it. – Now look, there’s
one even for the truck. (mumbles) – All right, put everything
in the back and let’s go. – Hey, Nico’s not sitting in the back! (laughs) – You can’t sit back there, buddy! – Okay, hop in, guys! – Adley, where do you sit? – Right here. – How do you know that? – Cause it has my name. – Yeah, that’s pretty cool. – Oh, and vlog, check this out, look at these games we can play. – Hey, that’s my seat. – Hold on, she’s showing
the vlog, how cool! – Ooh, do an A for Adley. (baby whines) – Wow, that was a very crafty, creative A. – Guess what I’m drawing. – A candy cane! – No. – (laughs) That’s a good guess! – No. (gasps) – A heart! – Almost. – Oh, he loves someone named A. – It’s a heart with an
A, cause I love Adley. – Can I push this? – Um, no. (Adley whispers) – Hey. (baby screeches) – What are you saying? (farting) – Ew!
– Ew! – I farted! – Dad farted! – Ooh, let’s make Niko fart. (farting) – Are you farting? (laughs) (growls) – Daddy. – What? – I’m gonna go down the slide and then you can catch me. – Dad, you can hold the water vlog, and go down the slide. – Yeah. – That’s a good idea. – Give me the water vlog, mom. – Oh, thank you for the shoes. – Ooh, look at Adley’s new shoes. – Aunt Erica gave them to her. – Mmhmm. – Cute. – Adley, these are so adorable! – I love ’em! – How fast can you run in ’em? – Like this. (race car engine) (car crash) – (laughs) That was pretty fast! – You okay? – Yep. – Yeah, flip flops aren’t for running. – Nana! – Hi! – Nana! – She’s excited! – Nana!
– Adley! – She jumps in. – Ready? – Yep! – Let’s go. – Ready! – Get the water vlog! – Hey, where is it? – Hey! – You got it? – Yep. (splash) – Hi, mom. – Hi! – Coming in, girl? – Yep! – Throw me the vlog, and I’ll catch it. – All right, your turn. – Hi. – I love your mermaid swimsuit. (splash) – Whoo hoo! – Good job! – Come here, come here. (screams) – Hi, buddy! – Is that Nana? – Swim to her! – Swim, swim, swim! – Whoo! (laughs) – We’re doing the goggle flip. – Is that better? – Yep. – Let’s test ’em! (upbeat music) (laughs) (upbeat music) – Daddy! – You ready! – Daddy, will you catch me? – Yeah, I will. (splashes) (screams) (splashes) (upbeat music) – Whoo! – Gimme the water vlog. (mumbles) (splashes) (laughs) (splashes) (bubbles gurgling) – Hi. – Here, Daddy! (upbeat music) (bubbles gurgling) (upbeat music) – I wanna go get some more toys (mumbles). – Help me get up. – Oh, your gonna go get more toys? – Yeah. – I know, (mumbles). – Come on, vlog. – Going. – Can I have some more toys? – You want these? – Yeah. – You want a noodle? – The noodles. – Dad, catch! – Adley, you got toys? (whoosh) – Whoo! – Noodle. – Yeah. – Here you go! (whoosh) – Whoo! – Hey, vlog, I gonna throw you to my dad! (whoosh) – Gotcha, vlog. (laughs) – Adley!
(screams) (bubbles gurgling) (laughs) – Good job. – You’re crazy. – You got it. (electronic melody) – Good job. – It’s the pirate ship. – Whoo! – You got your own pirate ship? – I got my own pirate ship. – Holy cow! – Aargh! – Here a sailing, a boat, a boat, a boat. He is the pirate (mumbles). He is the pirate sailing the boat. – The shark! – Oh, no, the shark’s gonna eat you! – Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo. (screams) (laughs) – Doo doo, doo doo, doo
doo, doo doo doo, ah! (laughs) – Pirate hook. – Pirate, pirate, hook, hook. – Pirate Hook? – Who’s that? – It’s Pirate Hook. – Pirate Hook? – Yeah, pirate. – Mom, my goggles are down on the floor. Can you get them? – Okay, show me where they’re at. – Right there where you’re standing. – Oh. – Ill get ’em with my feet. – Okay. (water gurgling) – Oh. – Thank you! – You’re welcome! – Mom, I don’t want goggles. – I can’t go down the
slide with no goggles. – Yeah, you can. – Here we go. – This is gonna be scary. – And fun. – (mumbles) not be this scary. – I’m climbing up the stairs. – And now we’re gonna go
down the slide into… – Here we go! – Hey, mom, catch the vlog! (water gurgling) bell dings – Okay, I’m ready. – I don’t have any goggles on, either! – No goggles! – Don’t kick me in the face! – Mom, I don’t want to go under water. – Will you hold me up? – (laughs) Yeah. – Get closer. (laughs) – Don’t kick me in the face! – I won’t. – Go. (splashes) (laughs) – Good job, girl! – That was pretty cool! – You kicked me! (laughs) – It’s right here. – (mumbles) will you hold this? – It’s my trick. I’m gonna go down the slide,
and get the water vlog. – You ready? – Yeah. – Ready! – Setty – Set – Go!
– Go! (splashes) (water gurgling) – I got it! (laughs) (screams) – I found it! – Water vlog, meet the dry vlog. – Dry vlog, meet the water vlog. – The dry vlog is a little wet now, so we put him away. (laughs) – True story. (water gurgling) – Hi! – Are you having fun? (laughs) (neighing)
– You look like a horse! – You want that hat on? – There you go. – Oh, you just wanted to get it wet and put it back on. – Good strategy. (screams) – Whoo, hoo hoo! – Your mommy. – Let’s get her! – Get her, get her, get her! – What? – Where did she go? (laughs) (screams) – He thinks it’s so funny
when you go underwater. (breathes in deeply) (laughs) – We wanna go underwater with you! – I can hear his little
laugh from under the water. – You guys wanna see Niko go underwater? – Ready, Niko? – Show ’em how you go underwater. – Whoo! (splashes) – Whoo hoo! (laughs) – Good job, buddy! – Babe, I wanna go
underwater and surprise him. – Niko! (breathes in deeply) (water gurgles) (laughs) (growls) (breathes in deeply) (roaring) – Niko’s vlogging? (laughs) – He’s vlogging. – Floaties. – Whoo! (laughs) – Look at this family! – Yeah, Niko! (roars) – Got to get you! – Hi, Niko bear! – Oh, you’re so cuddly. – Oh you’re so cuddly. (snoring) (laughs) – I wanna see the picture of daddy. (snoring) – Daddy! – Daddy, wake up! (growls) – Oh! (laughs) – Hey, you woke me up! – Can I see the picture of you? – With the bugs on your helmet. On your motorcycle. – Yeah, let me show you the picture. – It’s funny. [Adley] (speaks loudly) I was driving my motorcycle late at night and there were bugs everywhere. And I was on that (mumbles)
where there’s lots of bugs. (baby mumbling) And I got bugs everywhere. – I didn’t see it. – It’s right here. – No. (laughs) – Look how cute they are! – So much fun. – So much fun. – Too much fun. – They’re so cute. – It was a fun pool day. – And then we’re gonna go home, take naps, and just chill. (upbeat music) (mumbles underwater) (laughs) – That is (mumbles) – I don’t think that worked. – All I heard was (lips buzzing). (laughs)

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