Planted Aquarium Plants – BULLET Proof Plants -Aquarium Plants for Beginners (HARDY AQUARIUM PLANTS)

– What’s up, fish tank people?, Dustin’s Fish Tanks bringing
it to you on a Sunday, baby. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well. So today I’m gonna bring you one, two, three, four, five bulletproof species of
plants on a species Sunday. Oh yeah! These plants require no special
nutrients at their root, you don’t need to dirt your tank, you don’t need any
special, expensive gravel, you hardly really need that great of light for any of these plants. These are for beginners. These are kind of like training wheels. You got training wheels on your bike, training wheels on plants. You might quickly outgrow these and move on to harder, tier two species, but these are the ones that get you going. These get you started
with success early on and you can roll on from there. So here are your one, two, three, four, five species of aquarium plants, bulletproof on a Sunday. Number five bulletproof plant, Java Fern. We’re gonna start with Java Fern. It comes from Malaysia, the island of Java,
Indonesia and Thailand. I’ve seen photos of this plant growing out of the side of a riverbed that has been entirely dried
up, and it still comes back. This plant can weather the seasons and can weather the abuse
a beginner might give it. It has a black, roots-like rhizome that prefers to be tied to a
rock or a piece of driftwood. If you happen to grab
some of this plant from me and put it on the comments, I will throw you some wire that we use, free with your order. You can see in this video here, how we tied it to a piece
of wood and let it grow. It isn’t nuts about soft water because it’s a water column feeder. It likes a bit harder water. It grows shorter and
thicker in high light. In low light, it grows taller
and a little bit wider. It’s not the fastest grower, but once it’s rooted onto something, it will speed up its growth rate. There are some really great variations of this plant as well, including Narrow Leaf varieties, the frilly Wendilov and the always popular, wish I still had it, Trident Java Fern. This plant is included in all my best selling
beginner plant combos for a reason. Java Fern is my number five
most bulletproof plant. Number four, Bolbitis. We’re gonna move from a fern from Asia to a fern from Africa, yes sir. Number five fern to my number four fern, we’re talking about the African Water Fern aka Bolbitis heudeloti. Named after the West
Africa plant explorer, John Pierre Heudeloti. Throwing it back to 1837 for you all. That’s right, history
major in full effect. I can’t tell you which plant is hardier, Bolbitis or Java Fern. I have imported boxes from Africa and had them sit in customs
for six days in total darkness and Bolbitis is just fine. Yes, Bolbitis is found in
West Africa, Sierra Leone, Guinea, all over Africa. While they look strikingly different, their care is about the same. They are a heavy water column feeder and like to be attached to a piece of wood or a rock of some kind. I have found that Bolbitis
prefers a bit of water flow if you can provide it. As a general rule, when
you hear the word Africa in your planted tank, think
hard water and think hardy. This plant, just like Java Fern, takes a second to get
established in your tank. It might not do anything for
a while as it adjusts, but – [Announcer] You set it and, – [Audience] Ready! – tied down, well
Bolbitis is rugged enough to handle the abuse of African Cichlids. They are from the same place. There are other varieties of Bolbitis, however they aren’t the
bulletproof Bolbitis heudeloti that I’m talking about here. Those other varieties
include Baby Leaf Bolbitis as well as Bolbitis asiatica. Not the same as the hardy
plant we’re going after here. Number three most
bulletproof plant, Anubias. It gonna stick with Africa and just put it to you like this, based on the hardiness of the
plants coming out of Africa, I don’t wanna mess with any man, woman or small child born there. Anubias. I have to give my man,
Brian some credit here as he really pushed me to get into Anubias when I was first starting out. Anubias comes from all over Africa with different variations coming from all over different spots. Like Java Fern and Bolbitis, Anubias prefers to be tied to a piece of driftwood or a rock. It’s mega-hardy, however it does have a kryptonite that killed Superman. The kryptonite to Anubias is RO water. I’ve watched Brian melt an
entire beautiful tank of Anubias by doing a big water change with RO water. Again, this Africa, think
Africa, think hardy. Anubias likes high mineral
content in the water, high calcium, higher pH. Think rocks. Anubias is a slow grower. People often come to me and ask me, how to get rid of algae that’s
growing on their Anubias? The answer is typically
increasing water flow. For propagation of Anubias, I like to break Anubias
along the lines of the plant and spread it out. Tie it to a rock with
some black cotton thread or ask me to throw some in with your order and I’ll throw you some
of this thin black wire. I’m gonna give you three species packed inside of this plant here because I can’t decide which
is the hardiest Anubias. The first is readily
available, Anubias nana. The round leaves and small size make this a great addition to
basically any planted tank. The other two, Anubias lanceolata is a longer skinnier version
of Anubias that grows big. The second is Anubias afzelii. Both of these plants look similar, although afzelii is a little bit smaller. Both are rough, rugged and
hardy, straight from Africa. Number two bulletproof plant, Hornwort. You want a bulletproof plant? How about a plant that
has been reportedly found in both Norway and Siberia? Remember where Rocky trained
in Rocky IV versus Ivan Drago? Yes, Rocky Balboa tough. Hornwort. I’m not even gonna try and pronounce it’s scientific name here. Yet another plant that has no roots, however it can attach down to a substrate. An entirely water column feeder, it’s great for quickly absorbing
nitrates out of the water. Personally, I use this plant
to get shrimp acclimated. As soon as they come in, I throw a ton of it in their
bags and let them chill on it. I would also highly
recommend some Hornwort for any kind of breeding
you’re trying to do. You can throw it in a tank with Rainbows as a substitute for a spawning mop. Say you already have some babies, you could simply float it for some wonderful
protection from predators. Additionally, this plant would
be a wonderful food source for new smaller fish, as the thick fluffiness of it’s leaves is more than likely home to a great many number of microorganisms that the fry can eat off. Insanely fast growing, propagates easily, just hack off a bit of it and
put it wherever you want it. Hornwort, my number two
most bulletproof plant. Number one most bulletproof
plant, Java Moss. What if I told you you
could take this plant wet, rub it on a piece of driftwood, and let that piece of driftwood
sit outside dry for a year, and then put it back in water and this plant would still grow? This is Java Moss, folks. My number one most
bulletproof plant, oh yeah. You can grow it in your toilet. A quick warning about this plant, once you put it in your tank, it’s like herpes, it’s never going away. Java Moss, native to South
East Asia, insanely hardy. It’s simple structure makes
it easy to grow floating, tied to a piece of driftwood, or even stuffed down into
the gravel of your substrate if you just wanna roll like that. Give it a second to get acclimated, and it will quickly start
rapidly growing for you. I have watched it grow in front of my eyes under a metal-halide and when
it’s under full sunlight. There are tons of different
ways to play with it on rocks and driftwood. My mate George Farmer has a wicked way of mixing it with yogurt, making it grow sexy along
trees and driftwood as well. Something I have noticed as well, is that it seems to get along well with the aforementioned
Java Fern and Anubias. It grows easily at the
base of these plants without choking them out. These plants kinda seem to
be buddies with Java Moss. Not only is it
mega-bulletproof and versatile, it comes in a number of varieties including Christmas Moss, Weeping Moss and my personal favorite, Flame Moss. The only drawback to this plant is that once you put it in your tank, any tiny speck of it that gets loose will randomly grow wherever it ends up. My number one most
bulletproof plant, Java Moss. And there are your one, two, three, four, five species of
bulletproof aquarium plants on a Sunday. Do me a favor, click the
links that are on here, check out more videos
I’ve got on the topic. Do me a favor, if you like
what I’m doing, subscribe. I also do sell a couple of
these plants on my site, you can click the link
under subscription box. Everybody have a fabulous
freakin’ week, and tank on. Live it! (funky music) Brian stepped out, he gave me permission
to put Bolbitis on this and I’m excited about doing it. I’m gonna, with his permission, (mumbles) oh this is a good one. I’m gonna take this out and I made a mental note
of where I’m gonna do it. And the camera’s gonna
suck for a second but, I’ll put this down for y’all. Bolbitis is a super hardy, easy plant, like it’s hardy with this kind of set up ’cause it just grows on its own, slow hardy grower, doesn’t care, doesn’t like soft water though. But we’re fixing that.

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