Planted Tank & Green Wall – NEW TREND? How to Build Your Own

No no no no, don’t look at this! Because this is something, that we’re gonna do in the coming weeks. Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! No no, not today! This is gonna be a paludarium. Oh yeah! Because we’re gonna build something here in the corner. Follow me guys! We have an empty spot here. Well, actually it’s not empty, because I have my tea ready. It’s gonna be quite nice, when you walk in, you will already see the corner of the terrestrial plants hanging out . Tommy’s gonna start putting the structure together in the warehouse. Yeah, the preparation is gonna be in the back, so I … So good luck! Thank you! Welcome to the messy part of Green Aqua! This is our backstage, warehouse bit, where we usually prepare for client projects and some of the store projects as well, like we’re gonna do it now. This is gonna be the glass today. It’s 60×30 on the base, so basically a 60P bottom, but it’s 85 centimeters in height. They get two drillings in the back – I’m gonna get back to that later why we need that – Basically you see that the front glass is cut at about 20 centimeters. This is gonna be the underwater part. And from this above, we’re only gonna have some immersed plants and terrestrial plants mostly. So let’s get to it! First of all, I’m gonna do something, that you should never do. This went out of warranty right now. I needed this, because I have to lead this cable through this hole. I’m placing the pump in the backside of the paludarium. So it’s actually gonna be covered by the background. Something like this. [Balazs] Cordial! Cordial! Okay! [Inaudible] Yes! [Balazs] Cordial! Okay, I didn’t know that! Yeah I know, you just want to use your weird drinking sound. I’ve got some suction cups. They’re gonna help me to keep all these hoses in place. Cause we want to build a full background up to the top. We want to make the water droplets come from the very top of it. We’re gonna use these as the background. This is called an Epiweb. As we’re gonna tie the moss onto it, the moss is gonna get fresh water all the time. And I plan to make some kind of cutting on the top of it, so that the water hose lies in it. I’m gonna use the Flourish glue, if it’s not dried up. I’m gonna actually use it for closing off the end. I’ve been trying to find some pieces, which actually open up at the end. These holes can be perfect places for different bromeliads, orchids, and we want them to stick out. This is the only way, I can actually see it from the front, as I would, later on in the gallery. And I’m quite afraid of heights. I know this is not height for most people, but for me, it’s more than enough. Precautions! We’ve glued in the wood pieces yesterday. I’m really hoping it worked out well and they are actually in place. There was a lot of empty space in-between the glass and the wood, and I filled it with glue. We are at the Epiweb part. So this is gonna be our background layer. This one fits in here quite well. We’re gonna tie some moss all around it. I’m gonna ask Lóri, to help me out with tying the moss, because we have a lot of them. While he starts doing that, I’m gonna start cutting out the pieces needed for the background. This stuff is not easy to cut. I think it’s enough for now. Let’s check if we’re gonna have some leftovers, then we can make it more dense [Lóri] Okay! – later on. Did you cut the moss into small pieces, as Josh sim told us to do? That’s it! We really don’t have anymore, for this project. Because then we won’t have any to sell. Woah! I made a huge mistake! There’s a hole underneath, that I’m gonna need. Okay, my finger is on the other side, so… [Laughter] Woah! Okay, I didn’t expect that. Okay, but I’ll actually need that bit. And we’re back to gluing. Which I wanted to start about an hour ago. Yep! It’s flexible, but it’s holding. And… If you want to stick out… So this is Manzanita wood, which obviously is totally different, than I remembered. But actually the texture of it looks quite identical. And we don’t agree on this with Balazs. So Tommy wanted me to go first, with my a** towards you. I would really love to have some really proper planted tank feeling at the bottom. That has never been done before, so I’m really experimenting here. I didn’t like the fact, that you wanted the internal filter / sponges, pads solution inside. So check this out! We’re gonna put it the glass in- and outflows into this hole here, so it’s gonna be… and also the CO2 in here! And we have an external filter – the Oase Biomaster 250. We’re gonna have a misting system from this corner. So the cold mist is gonna come out. So let’s just build this thing and see where it takes us. So I’m gonna be the customer now. And I’m gonna be coming: “Hi Bence, how are you?” I’m absent-minded here and then… Oh damn! That doesn’t work… Let’s do a full rioboku layout. Let’s get the same kind of wood coming out of here! We’re going for wood! Actually it looks good from this side as well. This underwater world is gonna be the first thing that they’re gonna see, when they enter. Now what I see is that we have a very clean top part and a huge piece of wood in the aquarium part. [Balazs] Yeah! That’s the idea! Because I wanted the bottom to feel heavy. We’re gonna need the Power Sand in the bottom and we’re gonna need the Aquasoil Amazonia on top. [Tommy] I’m bringing my small balls! I can go around! Check this out! And… [Tires screeching] And I’m back! He’s always back… We want some carpeting plants. And we want some carpeting plants, that are low-tech plants, low-energy plants. Because we want them to grow under weak light. Alright, so the plant selection is done. [Laughter] We have a Monte Carlo pad. And you have it. [Tommy] It’s done! [Balazs] And the rest of it will be planted. I’m gonna try to attach the Bucephalandras on the wood. I’m just gonna put them in the cracks. I would put some Eleocharis in-between the Monte Carlo here and there. [Tommy] Just hoping for it to survive. [Balazs] And hoping for it to survive. This is two mono species. [Tommy] We are doing too much hoping these days! Adding Cyperus to the back. It’s gonna look awesome! It’s gonna come up and it’s gonna lie down on the surface. I really want to have Guppis in this tank, Tommy! Can I have Guppies in the tank? I don’t like Guppis. Terrestrial plants, here we go! This orchid has a label. Which is handwritten and I can’t read. I’m gonna use a lot of aquatic plants, that we can actually thrive without water. I’m gonna bring some moss cotton. I’m gonna steal the plant! He’s gonna look for it. …, or you took it out? Ho-ho-ho-ho! Christmas is here! It’s getting kind of late for Balazs. He starts to go crazy around 6 pm. [Balazs] Let’s go crazy around these terrestrial plants! Alright guys, we’re ready! So we can actually see that there is water dripping from the wood there. It’s supposed to keep the background moist. Other than that, I think we’re done! [Tommy] Yeah, we’re done! If you’re new to the channel, if you’re not subscribed yet, please consider doing so. Hit that like button, if you liked this video! And we’ll see you next week! With some more quality content and inspiration, hopefully. Goodbye! Goodbye!

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