Planting aquatic plants

There are many species of aquatic plants Some of them are buried at the edges of ponds, others in them,
and others like to float on the surface of the water To install floating aquatic plants simply leave them floating in your pond,
just remembering that many of these floating species are invasive so that it is advisable to check them periodically as they develop,
removing one third of the specimens a few times a year On the other hand, species that prefer moist soil but do not need to
be completely immersed are planted on the shores of lakes or small ponds To prevent this operation becoming very difficult because of the water, you can plant
them after partially emptying your pond, so you can work more comfortably but in any case bury the roots carefully, and if necessary
place some pebbles on the surface of the soil which will keep the plant in position for the time necessary for it
to take root more deeply on the banks of the pond As for the plants that are rooted in the soil at the bottom
of the water, these are generally planted in special plastic baskets Place the roots of your selected aquatic plant inside the basket, then
cover with soil mixed with gravel, and even a few pebbles this mixture will ensure that the basket has a good weight, which will keep it
on the bottom of the pond, preventing it from floating in the water In some cases these baskets can be anchored to the bottom of the
pond, fixing them at the bottom with hooks or other supports

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