Pokemon Type Resistances Explained

(Theme music) (#Mexican Hat) Greetings, Pokéfans. Michael here. Ever since the success of my Pokémon Type Weaknesses Explained video, I’ve gotten several requests to make a resistances video. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m going to go through every single Pokémon type resistance and try to explain them or justify them. Plus, making this video will help me and hopefully you remember them better. Resistances can be a bit more wonky than weaknesses, so some of these will require a bit more justification than others but I will do my best. And I have double checked my facts, so this time I don’t have several hundred people telling me that a plane being struck by lightning isn’t actually all that bad. Also, since several people called me out for interpreting Steel as metal last time, I’ll be interpreting the Steel type as the material steel specifically. So without further ado, let’s start off with Normal type. Normal doesn’t resist anything… Whe-he-hel, that was quick! Fire resists Bug, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Steel. Bug and Fairy because a tiny little creature attacking fire would just be burnt up, Fire because adding fire to fire just increases the original flame, Grass because trying to put out a fire with a plant would just burn the plant, Ice because the ice would just melt, and Steel because sticking steel into a fire just heats it up, and possibly melts the steel. That last argument could also be applied to Rock, but rocks don’t conduct heat as well as steel does, so maybe that´s why. Water resists Fire, Ice, Steel, and Water. Fire because water has a really high specific heat, so a jet of fire wouldn’t heat it up much if it all. Ice because ice is also water and would probably just melt into water, Steel because steel weapons just go right through water without harming it, and water because like fire onto fire, adding more water just increases the original amount of water. Electric resists Flying, Steel and Electric. Flying because using air to stop the flow of electricity doesn’t really work. Hence, lightning strikes. Steel because the steel would just conduct the electricity, and Electric because again, adding electricity just increases the total amount. Grass resists Electric, Ground, Water and Grass. Electric because wood is a really poor conductor of electricity. Lightning strikes damage trees because the intense heat sets them on fire. Ground because plants make their homes in the ground, so they can’t do much, Water because the plant would just absorb the water, and Grass because… Ice only resists Ice. Because hitting ice with ice either does nothing or breaks the ice. But you still have ice. Fighting resists Bug, Dark and Rock. Bug because a martial arts master is unaffected by a measly distraction such as an insect, Dark because a martial arts master can fight even without sight, and Rock because rocks hurled at the supposed martial arts master would either be dodged or broken. Poison resists Fighting, Bug, Grass, Fairy and Poison. Fighting because martial arts are no use against powerful toxins, Bug and Grass because bugs and plants trying to handle pesticides or herbicides tend to fare poorly, Fairy because a little sprite’s magic sometimes can’t fix up your sicknesses, and Poison because… adding more poison to pois… you get the idea. Ground resists Poison and Rock. Poison because you can’t really poison dirt, and Rock because similar to ice against water, rocks can’t do much to dirt because the rocks would just… sit in the dirt. Flying resists Bug, Grass and Fighting. Bug because a bug fighting a bird will end with the bug being eaten, Grass because birds just rest in trees and they don’t do anything to them, and Fighting because… Have you ever tried to punch a bird? Psychic resists Fighting and Psychic. Fighting because martial arts aren’t very effective against someone who can just move you and control you from a distance, and Psychic because mind tricks tend to not work on someone with a strong mind. Hence, Jedi Mind Tricks not working on other Jedis. Bug resists Grass, Ground and Fighting. Grass because a plant in the way a bug would be just walked all over, or eaten. Ground because dirt can’t stop bugs either since many can just burrow through it, and Fighting because… Have you ever tried to punch a bug? Fun fact, Bug and Fighting are the only two types that resist each other. Rock resists Fire, Flying, Normal and Poison. Fire because rocks don’t really catch fire, Flying because, what is a bird going to do to a rock, Normal because a regular animal or person can’t break a rock easily, and Poison because toxins also can’t affect rocks. Ghost resist Poison and Bug. Poison because Ghosts can’t really get sick, and Bug because a ghost can’t be infected with a parasite. Dragon resists Fire, Grass, Water and Electric. All of these can be justified with the fact that dragons are very powerful elemental creatures so elemental attacks won’t do very much. Some dragons set themselves on fire, so there goes that. A dragon would just burn up a plant. Some dragons are aquatic so forget water, and as for electricity, well, dragon scales are impervious to electricity! I will admit that last one was speculation, but I tried. Dark resists Ghost and Dark. Ghost because a ghost trying to scare darkness would just be enveloped by the darkness, And Dark because… More dark… We’ve covered this. Steel resists… Dear God… Okay. (Breathes in) Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, and Steel. Since it has so many resistances, think of it like this. Poison does nothing… Fire, Fighting and Ground do a lot… and EVERYTHING ELSE does a little, other than Dark, Ghost, Water, and Electric. Dark and Ghost because metal is fine with darkness and ghosts can just phase through it without either being harmed, Water since, submarines, and Electric because devices powered by electricity are everywhere. And lastly, Fairy resists Bug, Dark, and Fighting. My thoughts are that bugs, darkness and fighting are… (Hippy voice) such negative energy, and happy little fairies won’t have that kill their vibes, man. Ha ha ha. Okay, I realise that was a weird explanation, but hey, you’ll remember it! So, over the course of looking at all these type resistances, we’ve discovered that there are 9 types that actually resist themselves. And I used the justification that adding more of whatever it is to whatever it is just increases the total amount. But you can kinda make that argument for a lot of types, so how can you remember which 9 types are the ones that resist themselves? Well, think of it like this: You’ve got the four starter types, the Gen II new types, the purple types, Fairy is pink. and Ice. Because Ice’s only resistance is itself. Which is why you should never make a defensive Pokémon Ice type. Whoooo, so there we have it! That is Pokémon Type Resistances Explained. Quite the hefty video, huh? Well, I hope it will help you remember the resistances better, since… a lot of the resistances can be a bit… stranger than weaknesses. What did you think of this video? Will it help you remember? What do you think are some of the resistance justifications? Lemme know in the comments below, and if you like this video, be sure to hit Like, follow me on Twitter and Facebook and Subscribe if you haven’t. Also, be sure to check out my new second channel, JMikeyG. I just started it, but I’ll be uploading some fun, non-Pokémon videos on there soon, so go check it out. Alright, that’s all I have for now, so until next time, Pokéfans… Gotta catch them all!

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