Poking 800 Holes in My Back

– [Shaun] No pressure,
but the whole Internet’s gonna see how good you
are at throwing a Frisbee. (laughing) What just happened? You were supposed to throw it over there. The Fourth of July, we’ve got lots of cool
things going on today. Right now, we’re taking
Adley to a baby contest? A baby?
– Yep. – Baby show. It’s like a dog show, where
they walk the dogs around, the judges pick what’s pretty about them, but it’s with babies. And, I’m gonna do a
horseshoe tournament, whoosh, like where you take
horse’s shoes like this, and throw them on the poles. And then, we’re gonna go
swimming and it’s gonna be fun. – [Grandpa] There you go. – [Shaun] We made it,
grandpa tied our shoes. The whole family’s here now, and we’re doing baby contest stuff. – [Shaun] Go get ’em Adley! Her first baby contest. ♪ It’s so much fun to give a cheer ♪ – [Announcer] Adley McBride. – Yay, Woo. – [Shaun] Miss Adley, did you win? – [Announcer] Here she comes. – [Shaun] What is this? – [Jenny] I don’t know. – [Shaun] She got Puffs! She loves Puffs!
– Puffs. Good job, miss. Adley was a strong competitor
in the baby contest. She competed well. I’m proud of her. Me and dad are doing horseshoes. – We’re gonna kill it. – Yeah. This is horseshoes. [Man] And you’re right here. – There we are, alright, thanks. That’s normally I do European, but I think they might
be playing Americans. I’m gonna have to see how that goes, but I’ve been training for European rules, so, a little nervous but we’ll see. A couple of stretches. – [Announcer] On your mark, get set… Alright, it’s game time. – [Announcer] Your mom and dad almost won. Folk, you can clip clop in ’em. – Oh, ringer – [Jenny] Yeah. – [Announcer] That’s the
way the game’s played, that’s the way the horses follow. On that side of it, the west side of it. You need to go there and see – You need a professional judge over here. – The tape measure.
– Busted out the tape measure. This one’s gotten real, Three and seven, eighths. – [Dad] We just don’t want to get skunked. – [Shaun] There you go. – [Judge] Two and a half, blue’s got it. – Yes, we gotta point.
– Whoa. Single elimination we just got destroyed. Basically all my training
high school just kinda went, I don’t know– – It was those European rules– – I mean I grew up in the pits
and I just wasn’t feeling it. And, the horseshoe tattoo that we got when I was 18 and I mean, – We can’t show that though. – Yeah, you know what? You win some, you lose some,
we left it all out in the pits and we’ll come back next
year with a vengeance. Fourth of July, homey’s, high fives. Ugh, ugh, ugh, ah, yeah, they
watched me lose at horseshoes. Yeah, I’ll edit that part
out to make look like I win, don’t worry. Can you paint baby arms? – Yes. – [Jenny] Ha, ha, ha.
– That’s so fun. – [Jenny] Let me see it. That’s cute. We just got my mom and dad’s house and Jenny said we can’t go
swimming cause we have to go eat dinner in 10 minutes
at her sister’s house, but what she really means
by that is if I hurry I have nine minutes to swim. – [Jenny] We only have five minutes left. – I know, I’m hurrying. – [Jenny] Four, three
– Wait. – [Kids] Get the ball.
– What? – [Shaun] The ball. – [Jenny] Get the ball, get the ball. – [Shaun] I still have
like, seven minutes, let me in, hurry. – No, you have to jump in. – [Jenny] Jump on that side,
I don’t want to get wet. – [Jenny] Cute. – [Shaun] We’ve got the
hot sisters versus the boring married couple. – Get it. – [Shaun] Whoa, oh, it’s getting intense. Oh! Oh! We’ll do a family that dolphins, ready? The family that dolphins
together, stays together. – What way are we facing? – Three, two one, go. You said nine minutes, – Hon.
– only been in here eight. – It’s really been like 20. – [Jenny] Bye-bye, we’ll see you later. So, I found this thing and it freaked me out when I touched it. – Zen.
– It’s crazy, that’s all like pokey, really sharp pokey. We’re convincing Shaun
here, to lay down on it. They said, it’s good for you,
– Really shouldn’t though, look, look, look.
– For acupuncture. It’s really sharp. – [Jenny] Okay, go for it. – I’m scared, ow, it hurts. (Jenny laughs)
– Ow, ow, ow. – [Friend] Do like 30 seconds or a minute. – [Jenny] 30 seconds. – No, this hurts really bad,
I feel like this is dangerous. – [Jenny] Ha, ha, ha. – Ow. – Ow. – He’s been on for about
five minutes now, so. – Feels like five hours. – [Jenny] Not enjoying it. Okay ready to get up? – Yeah, ow, that sucks, ow. – [Jenny] Oh my gosh. – Why would you do that for fun? – [Jenny] My turn.
– Now my back is Did you really want to do it? – [Jenny] Yeah. – (yelling painfully) Ah, ha, ha, ha. – [Shaun] See, it’s not
as fun as you thought. – Ow, my gosh, why is this– – [Shaun] Body slam! – Adley! – [Shaun] Yeah. – Help me up. – [Shaun] Just roll to the side. Ew. You’re stronger than all of us. – He’s got his head on it too. – [Shaun] How’s that feel on your head. – Good. – [Child] Um, mom wiped it up. – [Shaun] Aw, dude, look at your back. That’s crazy. You’re a strong kid. – [Shaun] What are those? – Ha, oooh. – [Shaun] Oh, wow, were those bubbles? I think she likes bubbles. – Weee. Ahhh. – [Jenny] What’s Adley think of them? Wooh. – [Shaun] Awesome. – [Girl] Sweet. – [Shaun] Alright, now you can run faster and jump higher, high fives, yeah. Ha, ha, we’re playing Kan Jam. How come you didn’t hit it in? – I tried. – [Shaun] Two to six. Hit it in! – Whoa.
– Oh, ho. – [Shaun] Ouch. No pressure, but the
whole internet’s gonna see how good you are at throwing a Frisbee. – [Shaun] Whoa, what just happened? Supposed to throw it there. No pressure. – [Friend] Just get it
in the slot, come on. – [Shaun] Ow, my knee, that hurt. – I can’t do
– No pressure. Hey, you did great last time. (laughing) Alright, our job is to get
that Frisbee in this hole. Geez, we did it. – Thirteen. – [Shaun] Oh, yeah that’s
how you do it, right there. Where are we? – We’re at the fireworks. (band singing “Carry On
Wayward Son” by Kansas) – Yeah. Yeah! Oh. – Yeah! (rock music and crowd noise) – Where’s my baby? – We still haven’t found our baby, but we did get Mountain Dew. – [Shaun] S’mores Shoal needs
a date for the fireworks. She doesn’t have any boys that like her. Anyways, I’m gonna tweet it out and see if we can find her a
hot date for the fireworks. – [Shaun] Adley, she’s just eating them out of your hand now? Hey, are we gonna do fireworks? Fireworks in three, two, one. (Exploding fireworks) – [Shaun] Oh, wow. – Wow. (dramatic orchestral music) (applause and cheers from the crowd) – [Shaun] Oh yeah, in action. Did you like the fireworks? – Yep. – [Shaun] See you later.

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