Polar OH1 and Team App | See Heart Rate Online In Swimming

Welcome to swimming with a Polar OH1
heart rate sensor and the Polar Team app. In this video you’ll see how a coach
can see a swimmer’s heart rate online during training. Before training the OH1
needs to be set up. You can do this with the Polar Beat mobile app. Try both
holders on your goggle strap to see which one stays in place better.
Then put the OH1 inside the holder with the LEDs facing
your skin and the button facing up. Push the holder as far as it goes so that it
sits snugly on the strap. Wear the sensor on your left temple if you
breathe in from your left side when swimming freestyle and vice versa if you
breathe in from your right side. Download Polar Team from the App Store and set
up your own team. Create profiles for each swimmer and fill in the needed
information. When pressing the OH1 button once the
sensor turns on. Now the coach can assign the OH1 to a swimmer’s profile in the
Team app. This only needs to be done once. Before swimming check that the OH1 is
snugly on your temple. When the sensor is worn correctly the white light turns
green which means heart rate is found. Now the coach can see the swimmers heart rate in the Team app. When pressing the button twice
OH1 starts recording with its built-in memory and the light blinks twice. After
training the swimmer can sync the recorded training data to their personal
Polar account with Polar Beat. Then just Ready Steady Go ! The OH1 sends heart rate data to the
iPad when the sensor is above water. With the Team app a maximum 40 athletes can
be monitored at the same time during a training session. Tap and hold the
swimmer to add them to the comparison view in which you can compare the
training data of different swimmers. Right after training the coach and
swimmer can view the details of the training session. OH1 stops recording
when pressing and holding the button. To maintain water resistance do not press
the OH1 button under water. When OH1 has recorded a training
session with its built-in memory you can sync it to the Polar Beat mobile app for
further analysis. Press the OH1 button once and open Polar Beat. Wait
until syncing is completed. All training sessions are done with the “other indoor”
sport profile by default. You can change the sport profile by tapping the sport
profile icon and also add a picture to your session and share it. Have fun! you

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