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Hey, it’s Richard here.. with Platinum Ponds & Lake Management we are here at a retention pond at a local Home Owners Association. This large one and a half
acre retention pond has a couple standpipes a
lot of water coming in it… nice rip rap like stone around it… they added an aeration system to the pond as well as a fountain. And it is starting to fill in with a lot of sedimentation, a lot of runoff,
fertilizers, weed growth, phosphorus levels high. We have hit it several times with herbicides and as you can see after one one week a of hitting with a herbicide We actually had some dramatic results and we are back to mint condition. and little bit of a watershed area and to get a little closer you can
actually see that it is crystal clear and have some brownish tinge to the plant life. And we got a pretty good kill rate. And eventually we will work on that beach front area so that is will be pristine condition all year round. And adds value to the homes. Looks beautiful. Guest that come in here comment on it all the time. High visibility at the front entrance. So it has to look good all the time. Realtors love to use is as a way to sell homes. And we are really proud of it. And if we can help you? Give us a call we look forward to helping you with your retention pond, Home Owners Association or just a farm pond.

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