– We’re competing for 10,000 dollars, Let’s go! So Sharers, the way this works– (water splashing) (tense music) – Okay so Sharers, we have all the weights lined
up at the bottom of the pool. (dramatic music) – Oh hey Sharers, what’s going on? Welcome to the (…), to another super awesome day. If you haven’t already noticed, we’re obviously not
under Sharer fam house, we’re in L.A. in a vacation house and this house that
we’re renting came with a super epic surprise in the garage which I’ll unveil to you in next vlog. So if you haven’t already, comment down below your best guesses as to what you think it is. You got a couple of sneak
peaks in my last video, and you just got a sneak peak right now of what it could have been, depending on how much you saw, so if you haven’t already
comment down below what you think the surprise is. We’ll unveil it in the next vlog tomorrow, but in the meantime we have a super awesome challenge today, we’re going to do the
backyard pool challenge the last to breathe underwater in this super awesome backyard pool that’s probably 104 degrees ’cause I turned the
temperature up so much. Let’s see if Grace is ready. Hey Grace, you ready? – [Grace] Ready for what? – Grace, we’re doing an
underwater challenge, come on down. That’s right Sharers, Grace we’re competing for 10,000 dollars. Let’s go! – [Grace] 10,000 dollars?
I’ll be right down. – Let’s go! – Woo! Okay Sharers, what’s going on, let’s get that 10,000 dollars. – Yes, come on to the backyard. Let’s get this challenge started. It’s going to be so much fun, so let’s go Grace, come on, come on, come on! – Yeah I’m ready. – Attention. – Attention. – So Sharers, today’s challenge is the last to breathe underwater will win ten thousand dollars, but of course we’re not just doing it in a regular pool and holding our breath. No, Grace we’ve got a lot of stuff to do. First things first, we’ve gotta get to the store so we can get some supplies to figure out how this
challenge is going to work. So Sharers, the way this works– (record scratching)
(water splashing) Whoa. Okay Sharers, that’s not
this challenge works, whew! (beeping) Like I was saying, Sharers, whoever can grab the most items with zero breaths is the winner. – Well, Steve what type
of items will they be? – Well, Grace, that’s why
we gotta get to the store, so let’s go, c’mon! – Okay, let’s go! – All right, so Grace, we are in the weights section right now so you can pick any weights you want, to add to the challenge.
– Ooooo, so much color, I’m gonna
pick orange, green, whoa, blue and pink. That is colorful. – All right Grace, that’ll
add to the challenge but Sharers, we gotta step it up a notch. I’m talking these weights down here. Oh yeah, 25 pounds, 35 pounds! This is what
– Whoa – I’m talking about, Grace. Imagine carrying this underwater, it’s gonna be heavy. And to step it up even more, Grace, we’re adding this
weight to the collection. – Sharers, this underwater challenge is about to be crazy! – Okay, now that we got our weights, it’s time to head to the clothing aisle so we can figure out what
outfits we’re going to wear to weigh us down even more in the water to make this challenge even harder, c’mon, let’s go pick out some clothes. So I gotta pick a good outfit for Grace to wear underwater, so I’m thinking we should definitely do
something like clothes, but we should make sure the clothes are super super big and baggy because the bigger the clothes
are and the baggier they are the harder it is to swim in the water. So, those aren’t large enough, let’s see what’s in this section here. Let’s see, we could do like, sweater? That’s not big enough. Hang on, let’s see. Oooh! (gasping) Look at this. Look at this thing, this is like a jacket but it’s like plasticy? That’s a very weird material and you can kinda see through it, that’s cool, let’s do this, and then this, perfect! XXL. This is gonna be one big outfit for Grace, this is perfect, let’s add it to the cart. – Okay, so for Stephen’s outfit, I want something funny but also challenging. So I’m thinking something around here, like maybe a dress. That’d be really funny to
see Stephen in a dress. Hmm, let’s see, oh, here’s a dress. That’s cute but that’s
definitely not big enough. I need something big, long and heavy so it’s hard to swim. Maybe like that, no that
wouldn’t even fit Stephen. Oh, Sharers I think this is it. Sharer’s, smash the like button if you wanna see Stephen wearing a dress. That’d be so funny, I can’t wait. – Hiyah! (splashing) – [Grace] Oh! – Wait, what was that? What’re– Grace, what
are these water balloons doing in the pool? – Oh Stephen, don’t worry about those. – Sharers, that is a prank I’m about to do on my channel on Stephen. – Okay, so Sharers, we have all the weights lined
up at the bottom of the pool. (tense music) Level one is going to be how many laps we can take back and forth between this starting wall here, the big rock wall down there and back. Whoever can do the most amounts of laps in level one will be the level one winner. You don’t need to pick
up any of the weights at the bottom for this round, you just need to go back and forth doing as many laps as you
can without taking a breath. Now Grace and I are
actually both swimmers, so this could be an interesting challenge, although — – Yeah, could be a close call. – Could be a close call, though I think I ended up
being a better swimmer. – Hmm, I don’t know, I did
beat you one time so… we’ll just have to wait and see! – Sharers, comment down
below what sport you do, I’m a swimmer and my stroke
is a hundred butterfly. Grace, what’s your stroke? – Mine is a hundred butterfly and 200 IM. – Oh! All right, well Grace has some endurance, you wanna go first or
you want me to go first? – You can go first. – All right Sharers, I’ll go first, I’ll get my goggles on, I’m ready! All right.
– Okay. – You ready for this? – Yep
– Here we go. – Three – Two, one, go
– Two, one, go (dramatic music) – [Grace] Okay, he’s at the wall, one! And two! And three, whoa, whoa, four! And pushing off five! Six! Seven! Eight, okay, already beaten his record, nine, whoa, 10, 11– – [Stephen] Whoa. – [Grace] Whoa! How was it? – 10 laps, whew! That was a lot! That hot water really makes it even harder to hold your breath. Wow Sharers, but I did it, 10 laps Grace, try and beat that. – 10 laps doesn’t seem like that many but if you’re holding
your breath for that long, that’s quite a lot. I don’t know if I can do it but Sharers smash the like button, I’m gonna beat Stephen. Let’s do this! (splashing) – Here we go, in three, two, one, go. (dramatic music) Deep breath and she’s off, she’s off. All right, let’s see Sharers. One lap, oh she’s going
kinda slow right now. Kinda slow. Whew, she’s kicking too, not the best technique I’ve seen, that’s two laps, three, maybe she’s, you know what? Maybe she’s doing slow and steady. Four, c’mon Grace let’s see. She’s halfway there, five! Let’s see! I think she’s doing
slow and steady method. Six, oh she’s getting close to me! Seven, ah! Ohh seven! – Whew I’m outta breath! The hot pool is really
making it hard to breathe. – Yeah Sharers, let’s check this out! Last night I was super cold, so I turned the temperature
up to like 104 degrees. Let’s see what it’s at right now, I turned it back down earlier but the pool is at 98 degrees Fahrenheit, that is so hot! That’s basically the
temperature of a normal hot tub. – Well that’s why the
challenge is so hard! – Well it’s time for level two and I’m in the lead, woo! – [Grace] Whoa! Wait what’s level two? – Level two we are now
incorporating the weights. So the goal of this round is to take one breath and to get as many weights from that wall back to this
wall without breathing. So I would probably recommend going with the lightest weights first, to see how many you can bring back. You only bring back one at a time. – And each weight, no
matter how heavy it is, it’s only one point? – One point per weight. – Whoa, okay. – Be prepared, I’m gonna
win this level too. Sharers, I am doing really good at this! All right, you ready Grace? – I’m ready! – Here we go, whew! My goal is to grab at least five weights and bring them back. All right, you ready?
– Ready. – Here we go, give me a countdown. – Three, two, one, go. Let’s see which one he goes for– Oh, he’s going for a heavy weight! I definitely would not
have picked that one first. One! Okay, he’s turning, pushing off, the same weight again? Wow, I would have done
the light weights first. Okay, he has two, getting his third, will he make it? Whoa, I think he’s dropped it. I think he dropped it! He’s stuck! What’s happening? Oh, there he goes! He’s definitely having more trouble. Whoa, three. – Whew, okay! One of those weights got really heavy, I kept dropping it. So I only got three, but Sharers, that is very hard, carrying weights underwater is a lot harder than it looks. – Steve, that was not good. I can show you how it’s done, I can at least get four. – [Stephen] You think? – Yeah. – All right, Sharers, if Grace can get four
she’ll win this level but it’s a lot harder than it looks. Grace, good luck! Take one last breath and go for it. – Okay, I’m putting on my goggles! Whoa, got my goggles on, I’m set and ready. – Okay here we go. Level two you gotta get as
many weights as you can. Take one last breath
– Okay – In three, two, one, go. Whew, all right let’s
see, let’s see, let’s see! She’s off! All right, can she grab one? She has one so far, Grace has one weight so far. She’s back on the wall, she’s dropped it, she’s good! She’s pushing off, oh she almost missed that wall! Uh oh, I don’t know what happened there, that could slow her down like crazy, let’s see. C’mon Grace. C’mon! She’s on her second one, we’ll see Sharers, will she get four? That is the question, she needs two so far. C’mon, let’s see! She’s on her third one, will she make the third one? Getting close, I feel like she’s probably
running out of breath. She’s trying to do her fourth lap, she’s got the orange kettlebell, let’s see, let’s see, let’s see, will she make it? Okay, she got four, she got four! Uh oh she’s going for another! Oh she’s going for another! Oh, she’s doing a heavy weight. No, she’s getting another orange weight. Okay, Grace is doing a lot
better than I thought, Sharers. Oh dear, oh!
– Woo! Oh yeah! – Five weights?! – Woo!
– Whoa Grace, how did you do that? – I have no idea. – Whew, okay! Grace got five weights, she beat me like crazy, wow. Grace has been lifting those muscles. – Oh yeah, I’ve been hitting the gym. – Okay, well Sharers, that means it’s a tie game, and Grace, I’ve just realized something. Good news and bad news. – Okay. – Good news is it’s a tie game which means we get to go again, but the bad news is you gotta wear the outfit that I picked for you at the store. – Wait, what outfit did you get for me? – Oh you’ll see, Grace, what outfit did you get for me? – You’ll see! – All right Sharers, let’s do this. Level three with the outfits on! Here we go! Sharers– – Oh my goodness, Stephen,
you look ridiculous. – Level three is gonna be ridiculous, this dress is crazy. – I never thought I’d see you in a dress, I love how I picked out a dress. – Hey Grace, I don’t know how
you’re gonna swim in that. That is gonna be hard but the crazy thing is I feel like this material is gonna be waterproof.
(dramatic music) – Yeah so what does that mean? – Maybe it’ll help you
swim through the water? – Maybe. – All right, I don’t know, let’s try to get in the water. Here we go.
– Okay. – Going in with this dress on. – I’m like a purple Oompa Loompa. – Oh yeah, here we go, I’m pretty sure this water’s
getting a lot hotter. – Whew, this feels so weird! Its like, contrapping to me! – Oh yeah.
– Whoa! – Whew! This is easy! This doesn’t even feel
like I have anything on! – Yeah this is a little hard because my sleeve is already
filled up with water. – All right, I think I got this, I think I’m gonna do the same thing no problem. I can do at least three weights. This is not gonna slow me down at all. What do you think, Grace? – Well, I did get more
weights than you last time and I may have the harder outfit on but I think I could still win this. – All right, there’s only
one way to find out Sharers. Let’s do this, Grace, I’ll go first because I’m
pretty confident in this. – Okay, so far Stephen won round one, I won round two which was with the weights and we’re doing weights again
with these goofy outfits so this will be a very close competition. – [Stephen] All right Grace, I’m ready for it. – Okay
– Count me down. – Three, two, one, go. Here he goes, I can’t believe he’s wearing a dress, that’s so funny. Okay, he’s got one, he’s pushing off, wow, he barely made one! What’s happening? Okay, he’s going for a yellow, and he is kinda going really slow! Wow, maybe that dress is slowing him down way longer than I thought. Let’s see. Okay, pushing off, he has three. Oh whoa! – Three. Was about all I could do. It is hard to left weights and swim underwater. Especially with this dress thing on, guys this is hard. This is actually hard work, it slows you down a
pretty significant amount. – Yeah, so that only
means one thing for me. It’s gotta beat the three. Let’s do it Sharers! Woo! – Yeah, we’ll see how many weights Grace can bring back. It’s a lot harder– Grace, I think you have
more drag on there than me. – It’s like, the hood
is filled up with water. – [Stephen] Whew! Good luck Grace, get those goggles on,
– Okay – Let’s do it. – Oo, whoa! The hood was filled with water, that’ll definitely drag me down. – All right, level three Grace is up, good luck with your outfit. Here we go, in three, two, one, go. Will she get three weights? I’ve no idea, oh she is struggling already. Yikes Sharers! She’s struggling. This is gonna be hard, she’s gonna have to hold her breath a lot longer than I was. Oh this is gonna be crazy, look! She can’t even get down! Uh oh, uh oh! She’s about to take a breath, uh oh! Yikes, she’s going super slow. Yikes Sharers, this is not good! Uh oh, she’s going very slow. Uh oh, let’s see. Push off Grace. Uh oh! I think she’s having a
lot of trouble, Sharers, this is not good. So far she’s still in it though, c’mon Grace, you got this. Whew, it looks like she’s
about to lose breath, she is like floating on the service. Uh oh, let’s see, she has two so far, will she get any more? Let’s see, let’s see. She’s on her third. All right she has… Get the third one, she has three. Okay, she’s getting so close to breathing, she’s getting so close. I don’t think she’s
gonna get the fourth one. I don’t think she’s gonna get it. Sharers, comment down below if you think she’s gonna
get this fourth one, I don’t think she is. Here we go, let’s see, let’s see, let’s see! Uh oh, she’s losing it, she’s not gonna get it, she’s not gonna get it, she’s not gonna get it! Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh! Whoa! – Woo! Oh my, did I just beat you? – Yeah! – Woo! I am the championship winner. – All right, Sharers, well it looks like Grace won, the Last to Breathe underwater challenge so Grace that means you
get the 10,000 dollars and you get to pick the next video. – Oh yeah! Oh, I already have the best plan ever. Sharers, I’m gonna do a prank on Stephen, so head on over to my channel. – What? All right Sharers, well I’m ready for that challenge so until then, you know what to do. Stay awesome and share the love, peace, woo!

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