Pond Rebuild, Liner vs Concrete Pond, My Favorite Koi – Ask T.P.D. Show 15

Today, we’re gonna talk
about pond rebuilds, concrete versus liner ponds, and
what’s my favorite kind of Koi. [MUSIC] My first question comes
from Nathan Brunk, from practicalgardenponds.com. And he sent in a video question,
so let’s have a hear. Let’s have a listen.>>Hey, hi Eric, I’m Nate of Practical Garden Ponds
in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. As you know, we’re a Helix
authorized contractor and retailer, and we’re a father-son operation. So I’ve got two questions for
the Pond Digger today. My first question comes from my son,
Tim, and that question is why in the world did you make
the Helix t-shirt black? We’re pond diggers for
pity’s sake, we work in the sun, these guys won’t wear them. I gave them to my employees. Truth is, I love your black t-shirt,
makes me look thinner. [LAUGH] So I’m cool with the black,
but my serious question for you today, Eric, at a recent pond
seminar that you and I attended. We heard someone say that after
about ten years every pond needs to be rebuilt. I’d like your take on that. I’m sorta thinking that we use
some very good equipment and I’m expecting my ponds to last
a lot more than ten years, but I hadn’t been in business that long. You’ve been in business a long time,
so I’d love to hear your take on how long a good pond should be able to
last before needing to be rebuilt. And I can’t wait to
be with you again. Your hospitality is super. Looking forward to seeing you.>>Well thanks, Nate. Those are some fun questions. First of all,
let me answer Tim’s question. The black Helix shirts,
they’re not really made to work in. You’re supposed to wear them out and
go to the shopping and push the brand around that was
really the thought behind it. But I have worked in it and
it is a hot shirt to work in, in the black,
especially out here in the desert. But we are thinking about doing some
other shirts I might do a blue, maybe you wanna work in that one. But once again I didn’t
make them to work in, but feel free to do so, Tim. The question about the seminar,
I do remember that question, every pond needs to be
rebuilt after ten years. I don’t know, I didn’t completely
take it that way, I wanna say. This is a really
interesting question. Because I have rebuilt a lot of
ponds in that seven to ten year range. But not because they had
to had to be rebuilt. Often times,
the client wants to expand. They got into it so much. About 35% of our
construction is rebuild and some of that’s due to poor quality
craftmanship and what have you. Maybe the pond fails, but a lot
of those are from people who want to upgrade or make the waterfall
bigger or make the pond deeper. They want bigger fish. Sometimes we’re remodeling ponds. Like maybe the homeowner moves and then we rebuild them
a different pond. But that pond that stays behind,
either the person falls in love with it and they continue on with it, or
sometimes they might take it out. I hate when that happens. But, I just went and
visited a pond in Orange County. The pond was built in the 70s. It was a concrete pond and it was
starting to show signs of failure. I mean that’s a pretty old pond. I have ponds that are about
20 years old now and they’re still running really nice. I’ve seen 40 year old ponds
still running very nice with different technology
than we’re using today. But if they’re done well, you don’t have to just
rebuild them every 10 years. So, but I don’t know if
I took it that way, but I can see how it was interpreted
like that by some people. So I would like to think that the
equipment that we’re using is still going to be good for
many, many years. So I hope that answers
your question. I want to say no, you don’t have
to rebuild them every ten years. As I said, the one in my front
yard is about I think 17 or 18 years old by now, and it’s still
running, amazingly, and I love it. So I don’t have any intention of
taking that thing out anytime soon. Let’s move on to the next question. I have a question from
Justin on YouTube. And he wants to know the difference
between concrete ponds and liner ponds. And this ties to exactly
what you just talked about. Not exactly, but the pond that
I saw that was done in the 70s, it was all done with concrete
construction and it had some really, I would say, lower quality rubber or plastic below the concrete,
than we use today. And so since the concrete
started to fail, we are in earthquake territory, so if
the concrete has some cracks in it. And so now you have to
tear out all the concrete. It’s quite a bit of work to do that. So back to Justin’s question on
concrete ponds versus liner ponds. I gotta be honest most of
the construction we do is liner style ponds. The cost to do a liner pond is
quite a bit less money than to do a concrete style pond. When you do a concrete pond you
still need to do some waterproofing. So the concrete’s providing
that structure, if you will. Then you waterproof on top of that. The liners providing
the waterproofing immediately and then depending on
the structure of how you excavate the pond will give you
the structure for the liner pond. And if you use stonework
on the inside. So its an interesting twist,
as far as concrete ponds, when we do concrete style ponds, I’m usually subbing out the concrete
work to a pool company. And they’ll spray with shotcrete and
put in rebar. I wanna see a concrete pond
done like a swimming pool. Thick walls, lot of concrete. So it’s gonna last a long,
long time. Different than the pond that I saw
in the 70s, that I talked about. They just put down the liner and
they put a little bit of chicken wire or something, and
then they spread the concrete, just a thin layer of like maybe
three or four inches of concrete. And they roughed up the edges, maybe stuck some boulders in
there to give it a natural look. But I would prefer, if I was going
to do a concrete pond today, I would want it done in a shotcrete. And then I would waterproof
it with a polyurea spray on style liner on top of that, and then you can have a pond that’s
gonna last a long, long time. I mean, being in California,
we have a lot of swimming pools, and they can withstand the earth moving from earthquakes because
they were engineered that way. So if you’re gonna go to
the level of a concrete pond, you gotta raise the bar and
go really up there. And the polyurea liner, the waterproofing that
you put on a concrete, it’s quite expensive compared to
a liner style pond, so we do them. It’s just cost prohibitive for
a lot of the people. On a simple,
I don’t wanna say simple pond, but on a smaller pond, you’re looking at
probably an additional $10,000 just to do the shotcrete,
on top of everything else. So if you were gonna do a $25,000 or
$30,000 Koi pond, you gotta add probably
another $10,000 just as a base price to get into
good concrete construction. That’s just some food for
thought at that. So it is a good question, and
I hope that answered it, okay. But we’re going to
talk to Jess Mackey. He wants to know what my
favorite Koi variety is. This is a fun question for me and I chose it because, as you know
if you’ve been watching our show, I’ve been a fish guy for pretty
much as long as I can remember. And I remember as I got into Koi,
it was a real life-changer for me to see this huge, beautiful
Koi come up and swim at you. And so when you first get into Koi. You’re just like oh, I like this
one and I like that one and I like this one and if you’re really crazy pondaholic,
you like all of them. And you start to pick colors and
then you start to learn their names. And when I first, early on when I
got into Koi, I liked the Showa, the tricolor, the black fish
with the white and red. And I thought it was really
interesting when I started to learn about Koi, the black
changes and their color changes. And you can expect for
a change of color over the years as you’re raising them and
developing them. And I thought that was
really interesting to me and as I matured and got more into Koi, the Shiro Utsuri quickly
became my favorite Koi. And that is the answer
to your question, what’s my favorite Koi
is the Shiro Utsuri. Because they have a really
evolving color pattern, so you might get a white ugly Tosai,
a little one year-old, and two or three years later,
you see it developing, and maybe the fourth year
it gets ugly again. And, you’re thinking, I don’t
really like this Koi anymore. I wanna trade it out for
something more spectacular. But, in that fifth year, they
start to finish out, and the color comes back through, so it’s
really an amazing transformation. And it helps me give
an understanding of patience, which I don’t have a lot of, but
it helps me to appreciate patience. You’ve really got to
wait that through and see the Koi as it matures. So that was a fun question for me. Thanks for asking, Jess. My question of the day for
all you Koi people, and pond fans, I want to know what
your favorite Koi variety is. Go ahead and put it down
in the comments down here. And you know how to get me
to answer your questions, #asktheponddigger on all
the social media platforms. And I’ll talk to you
again real soon. [MUSIC]

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