Pool Time! ~ Daily Vlog #4

[tropical music] We’re getting ready to go to the pool. We got goggles. We’re all set! We’ve arrived at the pool! AMANDA: Woo, pool time! (yeah!) ADAM: 3… 2… 1… Go! [water splashing] [happy music] Getting ready to leave the pool. It was a good time. AMANDA: Hi. [tropical music] ADAM: So we were going to read Japanese Graded
Readers but the weather is just too nice to do that right
now so we’re gonna set up the Slip N Slide. ADAM: Here I go! Ah! (Amanda laughing) ADAM: It’s cold, but it’s good. [happy music] ADAM: Yeah, you did it! Ah! Woo! [water splashing camera] [happy music] [water splashing] I’m seeing an adult purchase right here. Smart? Heck yeah.

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