Portal 2 walkthrough – Chapter 3: The Return – Test Chamber 12

GLaDOS: Good news. I figured out what to do with all the money I save recycling your one roomful of air. When you die, I’m going to laminate your skeleton and pose you in the lobby. That way future generations can learn from you how not to have your unfortunate bone structure. GLaDOS: Perfect, the door’s malfunctioning. I guess somebody is going to have to repair it. No, it’s okay, I’ll do that too. I’ll be right back. Don’t touch anything. Wheatley: Hey! Hey! Up here! Wheatley: I found some bird eggs up here. Just dropped ’em into the door mechanism. Shut it right down. I–AGH! Wheatley: BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD Wheatley: [out of breath] Okay. That’s probably the bird, isn’t it? That laid the eggs! Livid! Wheatley: Okay, look, the point is, we’re gonna break out of here! Very soon, I promise, I promise! Wheatley: I just have to figure out how. To break us out of here. Wheatley: Here she comes! Keep testing! Remember: you never saw me! GLaDOS: I went and spoke with the door mainframe. Let’s just say he won’t be… well, living anymore. Anyway, back to testing. GLaDOS: Well done. In fact, you did so well, I’m going to note this on your file, in the commendations section. Oh, there’s lots of room here. ‘Did…. well. … Enough.’

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