Presenting the Blueye Pioneer Underwater Drone

We know more about the moon than the ocean. Why haven’t we explored more? It’s certainly not a lack of curiosity. Perhaps the right tools simply didn’t exist. Until now. Introducing the Blueye Pioneer Underwater
Drone developed in Norway. Designed for optimal performance in all conditions,
from the Arctic oceans to tropical waters. It moves with total stability and our auto
control features make the Pioneer extremely easy to operate. Even for first-time users. That’s because we want to make the Ocean accessible
for everyone, everywhere. Our goal is to inspire curiosity by providing
the world with an eye under water. Our digital mask will enhance your diving
experience even further. The camera captures beautiful HD footage even
in the darkness of the deep sea thanks to it powerful LED headlight. This is the result of a passion for the ocean,
combined with world-leading expertise in software, design and Norwegian ocean technology. The Blueye Pioneer can dive down to the incredible
depth of 150 meters. All the while providing you with a steady
live video directly to your device. With more than 2 hours battery time the Pioneer
can be applied to a broad specter of use cases. For both consumers and professionals. The possibilities are virtually endless. Our mission is clear; to make underwater exploration
available to everyone.

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  • 0:17
    yeah, you can definetely tell by her voice xd

  • really bad english, tho.

    and btw, we never went to the moon. the US claimed they did, so did the russians.
    we norwegians never claimed that shit.
    the world is FLAT!!
    wake up ignorant aryian sons of pagan orgie worshippers.

  • Jeg anbefaler å få noen som kan snakke engelsk med en bra aksang neste gang.

  • Stilig 😀

  • thats cool i like it but is it sold for public or for sciense

  • Stemmen er behagelig og inspirerende å lytte til

  • likner på en miksmaster 10/10

  • when you find out its facking 6000$

  • What if some fish bites the cable!

  • yes jeg can english snakk

  • Looks very exciting, but 2k i 2017 er
    litt for dårlig. Få inn et 4k kamera, så blir det veldig interresant 🙂 Hva er prisen forresten?

  • How long is the cable

  • Looks promising. Is there a cordless version?

  • I want but do not need this so bad.

  • "The possibilities are virtually endless"
    -2 hour battery life
    -max dive of 150m
    -breakable plastic
    -breakable parts
    -propeller may snag

    Endless? Yeah no shit

  • how would u feel when a whale or a shark suddenly eats it

  • WHy the hell does it have a cable??? even my vacuum cleaner is cordless!!

  • Seriously: I would like to know more. Contact details please.

  • Your product is a complete and total waste of money and it pollutes our planet with more trash. This is the most lame commercial promotion I have ever seen in my entire life. "Incredible depth" means taking your fucking wire off your drone and making the drone wireless, the possibilities are NOT virtually endless with that wiring connected at the back of your drone. More importantly, the oceans have already been COMPLETELY explored and what humans and our scientists have discovered is that the ocean is a very important part of humans remaining alive on our planet and, most important of all, that humans, us, every day and second and hour rape and pillage the fucking shit hell out of ocean life. If we see it in the ocean, we're eating it, manufacturing it, or experimenting on it. So, in finality; fuck your stupid, boring product. Why don't you make an anal drone and stick it up inside your arse?

  • Do you need a license?

  • Is it a scam tho?

  • We know more about the moon than the oceans do we? No one has ever been to the moon, stop spreading lies and nonsense. Anyone who thinks a bunch of lying tossers walked on the moon must be beyond stupid.

  • 1:16,
    What a miserable fish

  • Only possible to film in very clear water, with a lightsource so close to your lens. What are the specs of the camera?

  • Great vid I subscribed and would appreciate it if you subscribe to my channel also!

  • Are u aware of the lionfish epidemic in the tropics? Have u looked at things to attach to kill lion fish? Have u been approached or have u approached any organisations who do this? I'd imagine as many lion fish below 150ft a drone submarine would be the best option. Many people very concerned so sale of a luonfish killer drone would be very high. I can imagine a boat puts out six and and people pilot them remotely from home like a videogame. U say needs a cord but u could pair it with a support drone at the surface that is cordless. Having a detangling drone may become necessary or have cord length limited when in close proximity to other drones if had teams of theses per boat. Lots of options but luonfish have no predators and reef fish aren't wary of the lionfish and are getting decimated.

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