– [Announcer] This week on Iron Minds. – That is not athlete
food, this is poison. – [Female] The mind always
shuts down the body. – Under pressure reveals true character, what are you gonna do? – My name is Brian Rose and I host a show called London Real. A few months ago, John
Joseph, the front man of the hardcore punk band, The Cro-Mags, walked into my studio. He’s the complete opposite of me but something happened. He challenged me to race
the Ironman triathlon in Chattanooga, Tennessee on May 20th on 100% plant-based diet. I’m 47 years old and have never run an endurance race in my life but they say what doesn’t
kill you makes you stronger. This is my journey to the Ironman. (bell rings) Yo John. – It’s the ball buster, I’m here to bust your balls, let me in. – What’s up? – Sup, bro? What you got going on over there? What’s that I smell? Bro, I got news for you. – What the fuck? – That is not athlete food, this is poison what you’re fuckin’ eatin’. If you’re doing this shit with me, you’re doing it the way I’m doing it. – Only plants? – Only plants. – What about chicken and fish?
– No, no, no, no, no, no. – You’re asking me to do an
Ironman in 90 fuckin’ days and now you’re gonna make me
eat a bunch of fuckin’ lettuce? – Hold on, slow, listen.
– Plants is your gig, man. – Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, stop
with, stop acting like you know. Don’t act like you know ’cause you don’t. I’ve been doing this shit
37 mother fuckin’ years, there’s science to back
up what I’m telling you. You’re 46, gonna be 47,
for you to be eatin’ like a fuckin’ 18 year
old is fuckin’ nonsense. – What’s next, John? I gotta do this with one leg, John? – Motha fucka, you got jokes. So I’m gonna go show you the science and how good science
can taste, mothe fucka. – All right, show me then.
– You ready? Let’s do it. – I’ll believe it when I see it. – Come on man, that’s what we’re doing. All right.
– This is it, huh? – This is the spot. Right across the street. What’s up, fellas? Come here, get in on this. Protein. You got protein. Plant-based.
– You’re killing me, John. – I’m gonna tell you,
listen, you know why, you know why I got into this in 1980? ‘Cause I watched Bad
Brains, Rastafarian dude, went on stage and fuckin’
blew me the fuck away, I was like yo, how the fuck
you got that much energy? He’s like dude, I do, I
eat man, I eat pure food that give me the energy, he don’t eat meat and he don’t eat none of this shit so this is where the power
and the energy comes from, all of this, the juices, look at this. Swish it around, look at
that, cucumber, take a bite. I’m gonna take you up
to the pool after we eat and show you what it’s like
to be in the washing machine which is what they call
the Ironman swim, you know? Create chaos in the motha fuckin’ water. (rock music) – There he is, a tattooed freak, John Joseph of the Cro-Mags. – What’s up? All right, here we are man. So if you think you’re gonna have your own little private little lane in a Ironman and don’t bump into me
and everything else, I’ve had motherfuckers rip
my wetsuit, grab my feet, pull me down, punch me in the face, break my nose with a kick, chip my teeth. – So this isn’t just a swim? – It’s really like the
mosh pit in the water. (rock music) Hardcore punk rock like a motherfucker. (rock music) That’s what you do. You turn onto your back,
you fix your goggles because there may not be a safety crew with a paddleboard
or a boat to hold onto. Under pressure reveals true character, what are you gonna do? It’s a mindset. I was bleeding the entire
race, blood coming down my face and if it was easy, everybody would do it. Is there any New York swimmers in here? (cheering) (reggae music) – This is the thing that
could fuck athletes up, you could break a spoke, your
wheel could go out of true, you have to learn how to fix a flat. It’s up to you, you
gotta carry cartridges. What’s up? – What’s going on? – This is the one and only.
– Hi, I’m Brian. – Samantha Murphy. – Hi, nice to meet you, Samantha Murphy. – Nice to meet you, too. – I’ve done 10 Ironmans and two Olympics and marathons without a coach. Since I’ve been working with
you for what, two months. – Two months, yep. – My fuckin’ times are going down, I have the watch and she’s
logged into my account. – What’s the watch? – I have for you today, this
watch is going to track GPS. It’s also going to track your heart rate. We’re gonna run some
tests for your heart rate so that we get an authentic reading of who you are as an athlete so John has totally different heart rate and what we wanna do.
– It’s the crack. I’ll leave you to it to do it. – All right. – Make me proud.
– Got it, we got it. – I know, all right.
– Thanks, okay cool. – All right, we’ll see ya John, thank you. Before we get started,
I just kinda wanna get to know you a little bit so tell me, tell me about you, tell
me about your background as an athlete. – So as an athlete, well I’m
not an athlete I wouldn’t say. I do try to move everyday but
I do a lot of short bursts kind of cardio stuff, I lift
weights, that kinda thing so, ya know, this is new to me. I don’t do any kind of endurance
swim or long distance run and I haven’t been on a bike in 20 years. – One of the things just
based on that small amount of information that you gave
me that’s very different is that this is a long day. This isn’t just going to
work out for 40 minutes. I don’t give a shit if you
can run a half marathon, I want you to run a half
marathon off of a bike and that’s a very different animal. – I got 90 days to prepare for this. – Yeah it’s not normally
what I would want or do, I’d actually want a year. – A year?
– Yeah, a year. All right, ready? – Yeah, I’m gonna change.
– Let’s do it. – Okay, cool. (dramatic music) Some funny shoes you got
me wearing, Samantha. – So this is like the quintessential I am not a triathlete outfit you have on. – Okay and what do I,
what do I do with these? – Start to spin it up. You’re gonna really focus
on today is your heart rate, getting this number as high as you can during those eight minutes. We’re gonna go in five, four, three, two, one, hit it. Little bit of bend in
the elbow and just relax. – This is my relaxed I think. – Okay. You’re focusing on the
fact that you’re about to kind of go to battle right now. How are you gonna confront the pain? Okay so at this point,
he’s probably starting to really feel it, the
fight is gonna start. Channel that really intense determination that you have, Brian. So the question becomes
how bad do you want this? Think about something
that is gonna drive you when it really hurts to
work harder, to not give in. The mind always shuts down the body. Stay really present in the pain. Negative thoughts are
gonna come, push them out and just stay focused right on the moment. So this next minute,
Brian, I want you to focus any kind of negative energy,
anyone who’s ever said you couldn’t do this or
doubted you in this project or process, let’s do this. Harder. Use that energy, channel
it, 45 seconds, this is it. You have absolutely no chance
left to make it go harder so you either do it now or
you’ve wasted your time. You can think about your children, right? You’re doing this as a
role model to show them that what you’re capable of
or you meet any challenge, rise to it, push beyond it. You will absolutely not back down because you would not
want them to back down. Last five, all the way to the end, three, two, one and done. (breathing heavily) – Got to see some old demons. – How was that? – It was fun to see them. – That’s great. Okay so talk to me a little bit. – So we got lots of flashbacks, I feel like I almost was gonna cry there. – That’s good. – Minute five, just trying
to think of the people I don’t want to let down. It’s funny, when you asked me who’s gonna, who wants me to fail and who’s
always told me I can fail, that doesn’t motivate me. – That doesn’t motivate you, okay. – When I think about me failing and all the people I let down
and when I let myself down, that’s what really felt good or bad. – Okay, so that’s good,
that’s a good lesson for me as a coach, right? Right? – And I’m in New York where I failed a lot so that’s what was going through my mind. – Good. – A lot of images. – Perfect. – Kids help, too. – But already, right? Huge wave of emotion, right? As soon as you start to push
into that next threshold, and now you can totally see this is why John does this, right? – ‘Cause he likes to cry? – I mean you’ll get good
at crying and running. – I’m not exactly sure why
John’s doing all this, ya know? – [Samantha] Yeah. – I don’t really know but yeah glad he’s doing it, ya know? – I mean John is, he’s teacher. If you never push
yourself in life like this then you kind of miss
out on so much stuff. – Yeah. – Drink some water. Okay, five minutes and
then we gonna go again? (rock music) – [Announcer] Next week on Iron Minds. – I failed in this city. All these bad memories. I almost killed myself. – What motha fucka? What the fuck? What happened to me in my childhood, I always felt inadequate, ya
know that I didn’t matter. The spiritual process is what fixes that. (rock music)

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