Professor Mark Van Stone keeps Maya history alive in new campus buildings

My name’s Mark Van Stone I’m a professor
of art history my specialty is my very specialty is
Maya hieroglyphic writing, larger specialty is writing in general and the
history of it and how it works as an art form. I’ve designed hired lists to go on each in the new buildings I started with the
library and I carved, they carved a design on the side the library that says house of
the god of learning and so the god of learning his name is Itzamnaaj and he
has a specific features characteristics he wears a little mirror in front of his
face on a headband like a like an old-time doctor. The Wellness Center is
we used, we’ve designed three high lists this is a sketch of the original design
here the writing on the building says “Ba” “Utzi” “Nal” ba means first,
“utzi” means health, “na” means place now also means pool and so it’s the
first health pool or first health place It’s my little my little mark on the land. I’ve never written a best-seller I’ve never made a famous movie you know I haven’t
written any books they’ve been million somewhat that sort of thing I like the idea that something will live on that I did Subtitles by the community

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  • Great teacher. I took Art History 1 with him some years ago, a class I will definitely never forget. He transmits his passion for art to the students, which makes his classes very enjoyable.

  • Mr. Van Stone, your classes were my favorite! I’m so happy you had a part in the design of those beautiful buildings! They are breathtaking.

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