Prussian Carp In Alberta, Canada: The truth about this invasive fish species.

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  • Tight lines 🙂

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  • They are everywhere, seen them in almost every southern Alberta lake I Fish.

  • where is this location?

  • Can you please tell us the spot to fish it? We will fish and eat them

  • Their hella tasty if correctly prepared,but they have quite a lot of bones.Just score them a lot,and the bones will melt while frying. Also,if you want to fish for them-12 ft. Crappie pole,light float,a nr.8 hook,and some worms or a can of sweet corn is the way to go. Really fun too!

  • Take them home and brine them for a few hours and then place the filets in a smoker.

  • The prussian carp (Carassius gibelio) is the ancestor of all goldfish!
    Goldfish are nothing more than colorbreedings of the prussian carp. The common goldfish even has the same shape like its ancestor.

  • Repost: So heartbreaking to see pet-owners abandon their pets. If anyone has reptiles who eat fish, going to catch some invasive goldfish is a great way to remove some from alberta's waterways. Keep in mind that goldfish have internal parasites that could harm a warm-blooded mammal like a cat or dog. So should only be fed to cold-blooded animals like lizards, turtles and some snakes. Their digestive systems can digest and pass the parasites, just as they do in the wild. The most humane method of euthanization for unwanted or feeder fish is a cooler of ice at the site of removal then the freezer for up to 12-24 hours. It puts them to sleep before their system shuts down. Invasive fish species dispatched like this can then be buried deep, so animals can't dig them up under trees & bushes to fertilize as well or given, as the commentator says, a proper pet burial as per personal customs. It's not cruel to dispatch invasive species like this, because you are ultimately helping the native wildlife regain their habitat back and thrive. Personally, I think federal laws should be reformed with stiffer fines and even things like manditory pet education workshops/community service, unrelated to being around animals. This needs to to stop. 🙁

  • Weird…Some locations please? I want to go to see…

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