Przycinanie roślin akwariowych

Trimming aquarium plants To keep the plants in good condition, they need to be regularly pruned There are few different ways to cut plants, it depends on they type most common ones are stem plants which includes : hygrophilia, rotalla, heteranthera, trim them in internodes it’s that place where grows leaves in the cut-off point will grow two new stem often pruned plants thickens it’s important not to cut the stem under leaves in such of plant will remain stump from which won’t grow anything eventually rot trimmed plants can be planted, another group of plants which can be found in the aquarium are plants that reproduce by rhizomes we trim them close to the ground frequent trimming stimulates growth making it thickens to form a nice lawn cut parts of plants we catch and dispose, they can’t be planted again plants which groutch in shaded areas should not be pruned all the leaves, because the plant won’t be able to regenerate also by rhizomes grow other plants such as Cryptocoryne, Nymphaea lotus generally plants like that can not be cut, we can only removes old or damaged leaves close to the ground, in their place grow new next group of plants are mosses and liverworts which will cut in any manner by formulating desired by us shape each cut piece will be the beginning of a new plant

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