Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter #3 (TEST)

– What happens when you put
urine through a water filter? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat electronic music) Good mythical summer. – We are goin’ on tour.
– Yeah. – Get tickets to see us
in Indianapolis, Omaha, Milwaukee, Detroit, and more. Go to rhettandlinklive.com. – Yes, now we’ve had a lot of fun putting non-water substances through a water filter and you know what? That well has not run dry.
– Nope. – So we gone do it again. It’s time for putting things in things, water filter edition part three. – Yeah, just like the
last time we did this, we’ll be using the Zerowater
pitcher, not a sponsor. – Yes, here we sit on the
border of uncharted territory. Just below this filter
lies untapped discovery. I think our lives might be
about to be changed forever. – Let’s tap it. – Coffee filters make coffee
but what kind of coffee does a water filter make? Okay, we’ve got Death Wish Coffee, which is self proclaimed as
the world’s strongest coffee. Let’s filter it. – Do you think they call
it a Zerowater filter because we’re putting zero
water through this thing today? – [Rhett] Possibly. – They do it specifically for us. Nice slow even pour. Great job, Rhett. That’s why I’m your friend.
– I got a lotta. – ‘Cause you’re an even pourer. – I’m such a good pourer. – All right, it’s already
starting to filter a little bit but lets wait and get the full effect. Filtering complete. So let’s pour this out and then compare it to an unfiltered coffee. – [Rhett] So I’ve got the unfiltered here. – [Link] It’s still dark, but. – Noticeably, it’s actually
kind of hard to tell on camera but looking down in the
top here, it is lighter. I’d say.
– But Death, I guess Death Wish Coffee.
– A few shades lighter. – Is a pretty dark coffee. – Let’s try this first before we try the unfiltered Death Wish. Tepid temperature, not
overwhelmingly strong, nutty, that’s a nutty coffee. – I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t. Oh, this is warmer. – Well, yeah, I think this thing, this filter, oh yeah, it
absorbed a lot of the heat so if you’re one of those people that’s like, “I have to
add a couple of ice cubes “to my coffee.” – Just put it through a water filter. – Just put it through a water filter. – It made it weak coffee, man. Taste it back to back. – That is, that’s some
strong friggin’ coffee. – It made it, I think it
made it regular coffee. I think what it did is it
made it regular coffee. – It made it tepid, regular coffee. So if you were just gonna
put tepid regular coffee through a water filter, that’d be stupid. – Who knows what’ll happen? So you can buy the
world’s strongest coffee and turn it into regular coffee, or you can just buy regular coffee. The choice is yours. – And you can write us
a letter and thank us. – Do that anyway. – Pickle juice is like a
gothic clown orchestra, it ain’t for everybody. But can pickling, can pickling? We’re not gonna pickle
it, we’re gonna filter it. Can filtering pickle juice,
or pickling filter juice, make it more broadly appealing. Did you see how I effortlessly did that? – Piltering, piltering,
we’re gonna pilter this. It’s when you filter pickles. And you know what, just throw
all the pickles in there. They won’t go through. – Oh yeah, that’s a good idea. Yeah, look at that. Pickle dropper. We’re a bunch of pickle droppers. All right, throw the lid on there. It’s startin’ to filter
and we just sit back and let it do the work. – What if a pickle gets through? Now, surprisingly, one
pickle did get through. Look at that, squeezed
right through the filter. – Yeah it did. – I put that one in there, Link. – I know you did, I was here for that. – Okay, oh, all the other
pickles are still up here. – Yeah, you know what, you don’t have to, I did that, you don’t have to do that. – It’s made enough.
– We do that every time. – Okay, here we go. So this is the filtered
pickle juice we’re preparin’. The piltered juice. Well, they look very similar. They both look like Mello Yello. – Yeah they do. – So we wanna drink the
filtered first, right? And then move to the strong one. – You like pickle juice in general, right? – That’s not pickle juice, my friend. – No.
– Hold on, gimme the pickle juice. – What? – It took the vinegar out. It took all the tang outta pickle juice but none of the look. It looks exactly the same. Now you can play that pickle juice prank that you’ve been wantin’
to play on uncle Phil. – You know what it is? It’s cucumber water. – Oh, like at the fancy restaurants. – At the spas, at the fancy spa. It’s, taste it. Don’t use your eyes, ’cause
that’s what you do in the spa. – I can also close them. – They put, like, cold
towels over your eyes. – It tastes like old cucumber water but it does taste like cucumber water. – Do you know how they
make cucumber water? You do now.
– Well, now you do. So again, you can go to a
spa and get the real thing or you can put pickle
juice in a water filter. – And you can do a
sketch and mail it to us. – Thanking us. You ever been drinkin’ a margarita and thought, “I’d love to run
this through a water filter.”? Us neither. So let’s do it. Havin’ trouble? – It’s hard to pluck the lid off. – I’m gonna do a quick dump.
– Okay. There it is. – [Rhett] Get the salt in there. – Oh, yeah, good idea. Wait, don’t, don’t do it on the side, do it down in the thing. There ya go. – [Rhett] Let’s put the
whole glass through. – Don’t. Okay, so we’ll use that afterwards and now we wait. And it’s filtered. All right.
– Pour. – And I’m going to pour. Oh, we’ve already got the. – [Rhett] Oh wow. – [Link] Look at that. – [Rhett] Oh wow, it took something out. I don’t know if it was
the marg or the arita but it took part of it out. – I think it just. – Taste, taste and see. – Did it turn into vodka? – You no likey?
– No, I love it. I’ll put it to you this way, everybody in the Mexican restaurant is gonna be very disappointed. – Right, it’s like you
took all the fun out of it. Is there alcohol in this? – I think there is some
alcohol left in it. Is that how you say it? Let’s try this. – I honest don’t know what that is. And I’m havin’ a tough time rememberin’ what happened when we put wine through it. When we put wine through, did it make it tastes less alcoholic? – It’s, it’s like warm vodka. – It’s like there was a party.
– It’s tequila, I guess. – And then the next morning, somebody left their margarita glass that had a lotta ice
out and you were like, “Well, I’m thirsty.” – Yeah, this is not fun. I think what we did was
we turned a margarita into a agua not so fresca. So, if you wanna do that, then write us a letter and thank us. – Right. – In that brief little moment
that title card was up, we got a little manicure. I love your thumb.
– I love your thumb. – It looks so blue on the nail region. – Okay, so we’re gonna actually
put nail polish remover, the strong kind. – Yeah, ultra powerful
Cutex care, since 1911. – With acetone or without acetone? – People been, I don’t know, man. It’s fine print. – [Rhett] It’s poison, man. – It’s fingernail poison. Yeah, look at that. Boy, that’s some strong
smellin’ junk, man. – Okay, you can see, right off the bat, this is cloudy.
– What is that? – And also it either put some stuff on, I think it took some of the plastic out. – So I poured the, just the normal, and we did discover that this 98% acetone. I’ve already poured it here and look at how much cloudier that is. – It’s cloudy and it’s a little bubbly. – Now, so, just as a complete comparison, I am going to wash mine off. I’m gonna remove the nail
polish, I guess they say, and, boom, there it is. – [Rhett] Get some of this. – As you can see, totally clean, back to Link thumbnail finish. – Okay, here’s the filtered. Ah, nothing. – Rub it man. – I’m rubbin’ it dog. I’m rubbin’ it so hard. – It deflowered the nail polish remover. – No, no, no, that’s not the correct term. It destabilized it. – It uneffectifized it.
– Yes. It made it, whoa, now it’s dripping on me. Oh gosh. It’s no longer effective. So, you know what? I’m just gonna paint the rest of my nails and have a time of my life. – If you wanna play a prank
on your next manicurist, bring in a water filter,
and then write us a letter ’cause we wanna hear how it goes. – Yes, ’cause we deserve it. You know what, there comes
a time in every episode where you should put gloves on. – We’re at that moment.
– That time has come because I am holding 100%
pure meat fed coyote urine. That’s what it says on the back. What else could coyotes eat? – I didn’t know that coyote. – I like ’em broccoli fed. Okay, if I pop the top.
– A coyote urinate meat. – This stuff is to, you
know, like mark boundaries and keep predators out. It smells horrible, so get ready. Everybody in here’s got masks on. – Well, it doesn’t keep predators out, it simulates a predator
and keeps rodents out. – [Rhett] What about predatory rodents? – Oh gosh it is dark. This must be meat fed urine. – This guy needs to drink more water. – Okay, so, save about half of it. – I wanna have some saved, so, all right. There ya go. (disgusted exclamations) Did it get ya? – It’s like bad pancake syrup. – Oh, when it hits you, man. I’m not even a rat, ugh. – Okay, it has taken a
lot longer to arrive at this dark puddle of madness
that we have at the bottom here, but it’s finally filtered. And it is finely filtered. So, I’m gonna do this in front of you. – I’m gonna do the original. Gosh. – Oh, it’s, whoa, it somehow looks darker. How did it get darker after
going through the filter? Yeah, I think it brought
some of the charcoal with it. – You know what, the charcoal, it took the charcoal with it. – It made it so angry in there that it sucked the life out of it. – I’m just really careful not, I just don’t want it to spill on me. – Oh gosh, okay. Now, I know what you’re thinkin’ and of course we’re not gonna drink it. – We’re, we’re not, don’t worry. We’re not gonna drink it. – But we do need to smell it. But we need to smell in
the chem lab 101 way, and that is by wafting. – Yeah, but you should bring
it away from the real one. – Okay, so this is the real thing. – You wanna double waft? – Oh no, this is the filtered one. – The waft brothers. – Yeah, let’s do the waft brothers. Hm, not bad. – Okay, okay, I got it. Okay, it’s bad. It’s unpleasant but.
– It’s not bad. – It’s not that bad. It’s not as bad as it could be. – It’s not bad at all. – That’s more than wafting, brother. – I’m good, I’m good with this. – All right, here’s the
real, real waft brothers. (disgusted grunts) – It’s, I mean, it makes
a dramatic difference. So if you’re a rodent, a pest, or some other type of
vermin that wants to go through gardens in my yard, then bring one of these with you, and filter that coyote urine. – Now, you’re gonna
have to talk the coyote into peeing directly into that, which is gonna be difficult. But, you put some of that meat in there, those 100% pure meat fed
coyotes will be all over it. – That’s true and you know what? When you do it, write us a letter and let us know how it went. – That’s right.
– And thank us. – Yeah, and thank you
for liking, commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – I’m Sara.
– I’m Lucas. – We are from Portugal.
– And we are at the beach. And it’s time to spin the wheel of mythicality.
– The wheel of mythicality. – Emphasis on at the beach. Click the top link to
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