Quadruple 40 Breeder Aquarium Rack

More fishroom builds. This time it’s a rack
for four 40 gallon breeder tanks. I’m going to show you exactly what I did and
why. That’s coming up. Steve Poland here, Steve Poland Cichlids,
stevepolandcichlids.com And I have been busy. I basically decided that the area in my basement
that’s pretty much half a fishroom might as well be a whole fish room. It’s a small room, so space is tight, but
I had this 6 foot area that I knew I wanted to use to add some tanks. So I set about to create a plan for a rack
system. I had three main considerations: 1. Maximize the space Like I said, it’s a small area. So I had to
limit this build to about 6 feet wide by about 20 inches deep. In a situation like the the gut instinct might
be to just throw a couple of 125s in there or 150s and call it a day. But that doesn’t work because of consideration
#2: 2. Don’t break the bank 125s and 150s are expensive tanks. Even if
you find them used. And Petco’s dollar per gallon sale is still
going on so it just made sense to try and limit this to the sizes that they’re selling. So that’s 10s, 20s, 29s, 40 breeders, or 55s. And the potential arrangement of those tanks
brings me to my third consideration which is: 3. Tank divisions I wanted the benefit of having a lot of separate
tanks for fry and juveniles without having to do an excessive number of water changes
on separate tanks. I also wanted to tie these tanks into the
continous drip system that I’ve shown you in previous videos. So this is how I settled on a rack with four
40 breeders. They’re 3 feet long and 18 inches deep, so
that leaves me enough room to have two rows, with enough clearance in between, and then
even enough room on top given the space that I have, to possibly have a shelf up top for
storage, or maybe even more tanks. It was also kind of a happy medium between
having two big tanks and a ton of really small tanks. It also gives me two extra natural divisions
of the tanks, and I knew that I was going to add dividers to at least one of the 40
breeders to give me even more. Ok, now on to the build. First I grabbed the tanks from Petco because
I didn’t want them to sell out. You neven know with these sales. For the rack itself I used the same design
as the rack I showed you a couple of weeks ago for my two 55s, but this time I tried
to get some video of the process. I cut the pieces to size with the miter saw. I cut the dados with the circular saw. I then assembled each side and connected them
together. I went with 2x6s for the spans this time because they’re 6 feet wide. This may have been overkill but I didn’t want
to put uprights between the tanks. This is the stand once it was fully assembled. One nice thing about the 40 breeder tanks
vs the 55s I did last time is that you can drill them for overflows. This makes running
the drip system much easier. Drilling tanks might seem scary but it’s actually
really simple. You just need a diamond coated hole saw and some patience. I ran water over
the part I was drilling to keep it cool. I also painted the backs of the tank black
as usual. Drilling and painting four tanks went much faster because I was doing them
assembly line style. Once I had the tanks ready I test fit them
on the stand. They fit perfectly so I was ready to paint the stand black and work on
plumbing the overflows. Each tank has a 3/4 inch bulkhead that connects
to pvc which then runs down to my pvc drain pipe. This pipe connects to the floor drain
on the other side of the room. These bulkheads are halfway down the tank
which gives me some flexibility. I can either have the standpipe all the way up so that
as the drip system fills the tank it slowly overflows, or I can rotate the pipe downward
to quickly drain the tank. As for the tank dividers, I bought a piece
of acrylic and cut it to size. I drilled small holes in the pieces to allow
water to flow between the sections. The holes are small enough that fry can’t swim through
them. I then siliconed the dividers in place. I
realize that the bond of the silicone to the acrylic may not hold up over time but that’s
ok. I have brackets with suction cups holding the sheets firmly in place. The silicone is
just there to block the gaps where the acrylic doesn’t completely touch the glass. Now that the rack is done I’m working on some
improvements to my central air system and my continous drip system that I’ll show you
over the next couple of weeks. I think this build turned out great. I’d love
to hear what you think in the comments. And if this is your first time here at Steve
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