RainbowFish The Small Colorful Freshwater Fish Aquarium

the rainbow fish are small colorful
freshwater fish for your aquarium found in northern and eastern Australia New
Guinea islands in Senator Wasi Bay and the Raja Ampat islands in Indonesia also
called blue eyes for rainbow fish these are gorgeous fish to observe nature they
also make fascinating aquarium fish rainbow fish are usually less than 12
centimetres in length with some species measuring less than 6 centimetres while
one species Melanie Tamiya van Ernie reaches lengths
of up to 20 centimetres they live in a wide range of freshwater habitats
including rivers lakes and swamps although they spawn all year round they
lay a particularly large number of eggs at the start of the local rainy season
rainbow fish usually do best with tropical community fish such as tantras
copies and other rainbow fish however two males may sometimes fight at
breeding season if there are not enough females the rainbow fish usually eat
floating flakes in captivity because in the wild they will often the insects
floating on the surface rainbow fish are popular aquarium fish
along the suta mojo blue eyes which are another small colourful fish found in a
similar range and habitats kept in a school they are peaceful party and
undemanding they will readily accept aquarium fare
and rarely get sick in the wild some rainbow fish populations have been
severely affected by the aggressive introduced Eastern mosquito fish tilapia
cichlids and pollution

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  • I would say they are the ideal freshwater fish of all freshwater fish for aquarium life. As long as the Aquarium is of a proper size= 30 to 3,000 gallons or more..
    They fit into almost any attractive set up with plants..and seem the perfect compliment to Angelfish. You can't go wrong.

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