Raindrop Inclusive Aquatic Play

[upbeat music] The playground industry has promoted the idea of inclusive play for over a decade. But in the world of children’s aquatic recreation, the principles of inclusive play might as well be a foreign concept. And we’re not just talking about wheelchair accessible, anybody can do that. No when we say inclusion, we mean it. We’re taking interactive inclusive aquatic play to a whole new level. At Rain Drop we’ve gone beyond universal design guidelines or AVA compliance. Each project is designed to maximize the multi-sensory experience for every child no matter their level of ability. Many of our products are fully interactive and our projects are designed for everyone to play, learn, and enjoy together. [music continues] Here’s what we mean. True inclusion means engaging the full spectrum of senses. Tactile, or touch. Visual, or seeing. and auditory, or sound. [bubbles pop] But we don’t stop there. Our aquatic recreation products are also designed to stimulate the senses we don’t usually think about. These products engage the proprioceptive sense, which is knowing where your body is in relation to the rest of you. They target the vestibular, or your sense of balance. They also encourage cognitive development through play using cause and effect, problem solving, and motor planning skills. All in unique ways. The game changing interactivity of our latest exclusive products. [music continues] [record scratch] Cowabunga! [bus plays “Surfing USA”] [engine noises] [upbeat music fades back in] [submarine horn] [bubble sounds and sonar] [sonar continues] To our revolutionary take on the timeless favorites. [upbeat music continues] [bubble sounds and “Baby Shark” plays] [“Baby Shark” fades out] Each one of our products are designed to maximize the sensory experience for people of all abilities and when you combine all of these interactive features, you get something magical. When it comes down to it, most spray parks are just squirting water. But not ours. This isn’t your everyday aquatic play experience. Because here at Rain Drop, we want everyone to have fun, together. [music fades]

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  • What a fantastic video! Great job Mansfield Y for bringing the whole concept together. Fun for everyone (EVERYONE).

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