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oh I just got flipped in the face by something hey guys Lauren with garden answer we have some boxes to open today we’ve got a ton of them this last week I’m really excited I don’t know what’s in several of these boxes but I do know what’s in a couple of them so I’m gonna start with those and that includes this box here and these two box came from Gardner Supply Company really excited to show you what’s in them so I’m gonna clear everything off scissors alright first of all we got the Gardner supply catalog which I could spend hours poring through and circling tons of things that I want and a bunch of little boxes I wasn’t kidding when I said there’s a lot of little boxes okay so first thing are these closest so you guys might remember in a video where I put in the cabbage and asparagus I had some coaches that they’re very pretty but they had a sticker that was total pain in the butt to get off in fact I just left it on all of them I’m gonna let the weather wear it off so I’m Gardner Supply contacted me and said that they had some coaches they wanted to send and look no sticker so excited about that also these are cute these are like a little bit smaller than the ones I use maybe like half the size so good for small veggie starts and there’s also these little pins so there’s little holes in the little bottom lip where you can stick it into the ground so it helps to anchor everything down now I know you guys are probably curious as to what’s in these ones okay so this might not look exciting to you guys but this is super exciting these are pivoting corners for raised beds so you can make raised beds into whatever shape you want and I’m a little bit bummed out right now because our vegetable garden plans have been delayed a little bit and I just explained all about it in our garden tour video for April if you haven’t seen that will link it down below so you guys can check it out and then you can hear my more long when did a explanation of what’s going on but that’s what all these boxes are full of are these pivoting corners because I want to create some beds that are not just traditional you know I’m gonna have some traditional shaped ones some four by fours I think and three by sixes things like that but I did want to have either some triangles or l-shaped so this is what’s going to allow me to do that there’s also some end caps so when you get it set you can put the cap in the little you know corner to kind of finish it off and there’s some hardware to attach your boards so in here wood so this is all the stuff that came in the box let me just show you how easy these corners slide together it’s one of the most exciting parts about this kind of raised bed to me is that it’s not a whole bunch of work and we’re actually working with Gardner Supply on putting together a video when I you know I’m able to put my vegetable garden together so I’m really looking forward to that all right so check this out board goes in that side board on that side and then if I were truly gonna be putting them together right now I would just screw them in with the screws they include right from the inside and I’ve got my corner done so they come together just a super easy and the cedar is really good because it holds up to soil and moisture and all those good things you know for a long time so it’s a really good material to use so I’m really looking forward to putting together the video where we actually install these beds so stay tuned for that and thank you so much Gardiner supply for sending us all these supplies to do this I have no idea what’s in this box Bob Vila products oh it looks like there’s a few things in here this is a bag clip carry cut pour and seal holds up to 40 pounds Oh for like the type who like to carry all their groceries into the house all at one time this is a workman’s multi-tool and it’s like a Swiss Army knife you guys there’s a knife there’s serrated like a saw a Phillips screwdriver a can opener this is very cool oh these are pruners you guys I thought it was one of those garbage picker things where you pick the garbage up but that’s actually their blades right there very fun so there’s a little thumb knotch thing or a thumb catch close it some cat I don’t know what to call it open and close lever cool I love this on a plaid sing how classic this feels like home improvement style very fun thank you so much of Bob Vila products for sending me all of these cool tools this one is from soul tech solutions ooh is a grow light with a card that says 15% off cart total with promo code grow 15 this is an aspect LED pendant grow light so I’m going to open this up we’ll see how it looks that’s cool so you can pretty much there’s like a little there’s a timer that kind of came with it which is handy with grow lights and it looks like this must be I don’t know if it’s on a pulley type system let me look all right it’s not a pulley you can just hang it from anywhere on your ceiling wherever it can reach a plug in so that’s very cool kind of reinventing the look of the grow light which I like and that’s an LED light so less energy cool we might be doing an update on this later after I get it installed so thank you so much soul tech solutions for sending this over you guys might recognize this name right here this is BER B’s best they sent over an amaryllis bulb last fall so I’m excited to see what’s in this one first of all the pot is really cute this is a little wire pot with a little like burlap e linen II looking interior these are tulips they’re a late-season yellow tulip and you can see i’m already starting to come up how fun and then on the back of this there are little instructions on how to care for my bulbs so thank you so much burpees best for sending these over I’m gonna really enjoy them so my last two boxes I actually know what’s in these two as well so in a recent video we unbox succulents that we ordered online from shop succulents just because I know that there’s some of you guys out there that don’t have access to a really great local garden center and I always recommend always for you to check with your local garden center before ordering online because that’s my background I come from a garden center that’s small it’s locally owned by my parents so I always recommend that it’s always best for quality and you get to see and feel the plants that you are picking out so it’s absolutely worth it but I know that there’s some of you guys out there that don’t have access to a place like that so we ordered some succulents like I said in that last video just to show you maybe like what the quality way you can expect for quality so we just ordered some air plants from a couple different places let’s see I think Aquatic Arts and hinterland Trading so I just thought we’d unbox them and show you what they look like for those of you that don’t have a really great local source so these ones are from aquatic arts I will link all this stuff down below you guys so this is just an assortment I thought it would be fun to order an assortment just to see kind of what came in it so there should be I think there’s ten or twelve I can’t remember but they look really healthy and I don’t know the names of all of these unfortunately I don’t know a ton of about air plants but I think like this isn’t a rant this I think this one right here I think we’ve got some iron Anthes in here do you show a graceless maybe I know a few of them but not many this one’s cool so yeah there’s definitely an assortment this is a bull Bosa right here and different shapes and sizes there’s not much for like different colors but really it’s kind of hard in the world of air plants to get super varying colors we actually do carry air plants down at the garden center that my parents have where I work and we carry some awesome ones and I’ve been kind of in charge of taking care of them so I’ve learned a lot about them not all their names obviously they’re all weird names I don’t know why that is why does everybody have to name everything so weird I can’t remember those things but I’ve gotten a little bit better about care about how to care for them because we are such a dry climate that we can’t just let them absorb what’s in the air but you know for their nutrients and their moisture because there is no moisture in the air so I have two here soak them for 30 minutes once a week and then miss them in between and it seems to keep them very happy so anyway very nice selection of air plants here so I’m gonna move on to the next box so from hinterland trading I ordered this one on purpose because it’s just a single this is a zero grafica very cool air plant right here and these ones I think are actually a little bit more drought tolerant than some of the other ones correct me if I’m wrong in the comments section but I’ve noticed that they don’t to require quite as much water as the rest and there’s a little care card here which tells you how to arrange your terrarium and what to do with your air plant once you receive it and how to take care of it on a weekly basis that’s so nice beautiful plant I love the little curly leaves like this so I don’t know what I’m gonna do with these yet you guys I might come up with some kind of arrangement may be something on driftwood again we’ll see but it’s just fun to have them hanging around so and I hope this is helpful for some of you guys who don’t know where to go to get them just to give you a source like I said we will link to everything I opened up in this video down in the comment or description section down below I hope you guys enjoyed seeing all of this new stuff and you’ll probably see it come up in videos in the future so we will see you guys in the next video bye

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