Rare Bucephalandra Varigata in the Wild ( English Subtitle )

hallo guys welcome to Rimba Borneo on this video i will show u different plant from previously video before i only discover common bucephalandra like green spot and deep purple in this video i will try find a rare buce what is that? yup correct bucephalandra varigata/white this bucephalandra is rare and hard find them in wild habiat because varigated buce is mutation plant so very hard to find naturally on habitat and let watch my expedition for discovery Bucephalandra Varigata we want cross this river into another side follow me this morning is raining so i just worried this river overflowed but all fine my wish today is not raining and the river is safe for us because if overflowed very difficult for us cross river again first spot is ex water dam 6 month ago i visited this location and i find white bucephalandra but i think we still can find bucephalandra varigata in this location ok follow me finally i arrive at first spot look i found bucephalandra in this area emmersed and we not yet found white buce this nanga pinoh green spot buce emmersed form

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