Ray Rush Water Slide @ Aquatica Orlando Florida POV #rylo

Ray Rush is the newest thrill ride at Aquatica Orlando. It opened in May 2018 and it replaces the Hooroo Run water slide. To get to the actual slide you will have to spend from five to 15 minutes, sometimes even more, in the line. You will also have to climb about 60 feet (18 meters) of stairs. You need at least two people to ride Ray Rush and a maximum of four. In total, the weight of the party cannot exceed 700 pounds (213 kg). Once you start, you get launched into a tube and then, down a short drop, into the giant Aqua Sphere. From there, you get pushed into the most thrilling part of the slide – the half pipe that is designed to look like a Manta ray’s wings. This is where our youngest gets really scared due to the perceived proximity to the edge of the slide. After this mini-adventure, you get back into a tube for a straight run into the splashdown. We rate this ride as 5/5 – it’s a family favorite for us whenever we go to Aquatica. Thank you for watching
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