RC Boats Underwater Swimming Pool!!

– Welcome home, you guys are here on the Carl & Jinger family channel. Oh my gosh, before we get started, first of all, I wanna
say thank you so much to everybody on the notification squad, everybody who comments down below. We read a lot of your guys’ comments and we love you guys and we try to respond as much as we can. We appreciate you so much. And so, for that I have
something really cool planned for today. Last time, Carter and Liz
were over here at our house, we actually used these RC boats, that I got at the hobby store. And we modified them with Flex Tape to make them a little bit waterproof, so that they could drive underwater. What’s amazing is that
on Carter’s channel, he uploaded the video
and it totally worked. The RC boats would go
underneath the water, and sometimes they’d even
shoot up out of the water. And they could drive around for a minute but we ran into a problem. I’ve tried to come up with a solution that I’m gonna share
with you guys right now, and we’re gonna try it out today, because every day is a new day. Let’s make it an awesome one. Wow that’s really cool. – [Gage] That is so cool. – [Carl] Are you ready, Kyle? – Yeah. – [Carl] Once you hit the throttle, you just start going for it, okay? Here we go. – [Group] And three, two, one, go! (cheering) – This right here is called the Aqua Dart. This is a really cool RC boat. It’s really fast, it
zips around on the water, it’s really quick and it can turn. I really like this boat a lot, but the thing is, with this one, is the antenna is either missing or it’s like an internal antenna. I don’t know if it really has one. And the problem is, is
that with these RC boats, you have to maintain a signal
between the boat receiver, and the transmitter from the controller. There’s a whole problem here, where you have the RC boat that’s trying to communicate
to the controller so that you can drive it and steer it around, but once you go underneath the water, you lose the signal, because the distance between the boat through the water to the
controller isn’t strong enough, and so you lose signal with the boat and you can’t control it, and then the boat kinda dies. First of all, I know that there’s gonna be some problems with this design. It may not work at all. I’m doing stuff that I really
don’t know a lot about, but here is the solution
that I came up with. My solution was that I actually used electrical tape and Flex Tape. And I used this little
system and some clamps and a soldering iron, and I extended the antenna to the RC boat, to be, how long is it, I don’t know. It looks like it’s about 10 feet long. And then I actually
attached bobbers to it, and everything like that. So while the boat goes under water, this bobber will stay above water, and we’ll have a clear antenna signal. There is a big problem with this design, I got the wrong kind of antenna wire. It’s a lot bigger than the wire that’s actually going into the boat, so that’s probably going to be an issue. The other problem is that I know the longer the antenna,
the lower the signal, so it’s kind of a trade off. Do I have a less of signal
when I go through the water, without an extended antenna, or is the antenna gonna
be weakened too much and the signal weakened too much, because the antenna’s so long? I don’t know, let me know what you think, if you have any experience
with this or you have an ideas. Do you think this is gonna work? Let me know down in the comments below. Here’s the plan, you guys, I’m
gonna get these boats ready. I’m gonna plug in the batteries and get the controllers and everything, and clean all this up. We’re gonna get the rest
of the family together. We’ll get some cameras set up and then we’ll go out
to the swimming pool, we’ll turn the lights on, and we’re gonna see what happens. Is this gonna work or is it not? I have no idea. Let’s find out. One thing’s for sure, we’re
gonna have a ton of fun hanging out with you guys,
seeing if these things work. It’s always an experiment
and it’s gonna be awesome. We are all set up and ready to go. We’re actually going to start with this little Aqua Dart one. And I’m not gonna Flex Tape this one or Flex Seal it or anything like that. I just kinda wanna drive
it around on the water, and see how awesome it goes. Have you guys seen this go yet? – [Boys] No we haven’t. – Alright, check this out, okay. I’m gonna set it on the water. Kyle, do you wanna drive this thing? – Yeah!
– Okay, it’s already ready to go, just don’t drive it into me. I’m gonna stand over here and
run the underwater camera, see if we can get some cool shots. You guys ready?
– Yeah! – Alright, here we go, in – [All] three, two, one, go! Whoa! – [Carl] Look how fast that goes. – That is fast.
– It’s turning crazy. – [Jinger] Whoa, that’s so fast. – [Carl] Wow, that’s really cool. – [Gage] That is so cool. – [Jinger] Just don’t
hit the side of the pool. – [Kyle] This is like the
perfect size for our pool. – [Carl] That’s way cool. (upbeat music) You guys, that was so awesome,
did you guys see that? – Yeah, that was crazy.
– That was crazy! – It was going all over the place, I was even able to go under the water, and have it drive right over top of me. But what was really cool,
there was one moment there, where Kyle jumped out of the water, and then it actually submarined itself, and did exactly what we’re
trying to do today, it did that. – Yeah, definitely.
– Oh my god, it was awesome. – Question is, is can we
keep it driving underwater, like a submarine with this extra long, customized antenna that we
put on this big, fast boat? So let’s go ahead and
we’ll turn the battery on, we’re gonna Flex Tape this
thing to keep it watertight. We’re gonna see if we can
make it go underwater. – [Jinger] So we’ve got
the Flex Tape, right Carl? – Yeah, I’ve got four pieces here I’ve already kind of like cut out roughly that are gonna seal the boat together, but I’ve got the top,
we’re even gonna have a camera on top of boat, which is good, ’cause we want more weight
pushing the nose down, but guess what, the antenna
actually, I tried it out, my little bobber float system, it seems like it works.
– It works! – Yeah!
– It totally works! – So we’re gonna have
a part of the antenna actually above the surface of the water, hopefully that helps us keep our signal. – [Jinger] My question is, who thinks this thing’s gonna work? – I do.
– This thing, this is very custom to what we’re trying to do here. Kyle does.
– I think it’s gonna work. – I totally think it’s gonna work. – [Jinger] Luke’s doubting. – I’m kind of like, I don’t know, you guys will have to
vote down in the comments, if you think this will work, I’m not sure. – Carl’s pretty good at customizing stuff, so I feel like it’s
probably going to work. The only risk is that if water
does get inside the boat, it can ruin it, so we just
have to be a little careful. But I think the Flex
Seal Tape is gonna keep all the water out, and it will work. (upbeat music) – We’re all set up, I’ve
got all the Flex Tape sealed on the top of this boat, and the camera’s rollin’
and everything like that. I think the first test is, is with this extended
cord, does it even work? – I don’t know, let’s see.
– Will it even drive? I don’t know, so I’m gonna come and set this on the water over here. One thing I can already notice, Kyle, is that because this cord
is a little bit heavy, it does sink a little
bit, so we’re gonna have to be careful about
running its own cord over. Here’s what we’re gonna do, I’m gonna just push this boat underwater. Once the prop is going, I’m
gonna get out of the way, and we’re gonna make sure and see if this thing can go
underwater like a submarine. Are you ready Kyle?
– Okay, yeah. – Once you hit the throttle,
you just start going for it. Okay, you ready, get it going, ready. – [All] Set, go! (upbeat music) – That did not work.
– No! – That did not work at all.
– That did not work! – Alright, let’s flip the boat over. Let’s see, Kyle, can the
boat even drive around? Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay.
– It’s upside down! – It keeps flipping over. I think the camera on top might
be causing a weight issue, and actually just rolling it sideways, instead of actually turning it over. Okay, Kyle, we’re gonna try this again. Go ahead and just like give it some gas. There we go, there it’s going. – Wow!
– It totally flipped over! Oh my gosh, I don’t know if
it’s gonna go underwater, but it can still drive on top for sure. – That was awesome.
– Yeah! – [Jinger] Hey, at least we know that that antenna’s working. – I know, I think we need
to take the little camera off of the top to keep
it from flipping over. And we’ll try one more time. Well, that might’ve been
a fun little camera angle, but it’s causing a
problem with the design, more than the problems with the design that I’ve already put into this, right? With this long, heavy
antenna that doesn’t belong. – [Jinger] Hey, at least it’s working, the antenna’s working, Carl,
that at least one good thing. – Kind of. (laughing) This time, we’re gonna go for an unorthodox
approach, the javelin boat. So I’m gonna throw this in
the water, like a javelin and hopefully it goes
underwater like a submarine. Are you ready Kyle?
– Yeah. – Alright, here we go
in three, two, one, go. – [All] Whoa, whoa! – Stop, stop, stop, stop! (upbeat music) – [Jinger] I found– – Where is it?
– Back here. – Back here!
– Wow! – That worked!
– It totally worked! It went underwater, and it went right under my feet. I don’t even know if I got that on camera. I just picked my feet up and I felt it go right under my legs. So this time, I’m gonna
throw it a little bit farther away from me, this next time. (laughing) – [Kyle] That was funny. – [Jinger] Give it a good throw, Carl. – Alright, we’re gonna do it again. You ready, Kyle?
– Yeah. – Okay, let’s do this,
three, two, one, go. Is it working?
– No. – Oh no, it totally stopped.
– It’s not working! – What the heck?
– Oh no! – It totally stopped. You guys, the boat’s not
working at all anymore. It’s not even turning on or anything. Maybe it’s just the
batteries are not working. – [Jinger] Oh no, I wonder if some water got in there or something. – It might have, maybe we should try it with the little dart boat. – [Gage] Oh, that would be cool. – [Jinger] I just feel like
that little white boat, is like, little dart boat,
is that what the name is? – It is, it’s called Aqua
Dart, it’s totally cool. – [Jinger] It is cool, I think that’s my favorite boat that we have. – I think so too, and I think it’s gonna go underwater really well. I’m hold throw it upside down like that, I’m gonna throw it and
we’re gonna see if it works. – [Jinger] Alright, let’s do it. – Alright, here we go
with the little dart boat. If you guys think that the dart
boat’s actually gonna work, let me know down in the comments below, but we’re gonna give this a try right now. You ready, Kyle?
– Yeah, yeah. – I’m gonna kinda hold it under and then let go and see what happens. Ready. – [All] In three, two, one, go. – There it goes, there
it goes, there it goes! It’s driving well! (cheering) We’ll bring it back over here and we’ll try it one more time. Alright Kyle, you ready? This time I’m going to actually
javelin throw this thing, it worked really good on yellow boat. Let’s see if it can do this, okay? – Okay!
– Alright, ready. – [All] In three, two, one, go. (upbeat music) – It almost worked!
– It looked like it! Okay, it kind of worked,
it kind of doesn’t, but the thing is, is that I don’t know if you’re supposed to try and make a model RC boat
into an underwater submarine. I think that’s probably not a good idea. But we tried with the Flex Tape. Let us know if you think
we did okay or not. I think we all learned something and that’s use things the
way they were intended, unless it’s really fun. Let us know, you guys,
down in the comments below what you think we did wrong. I think we did a lot of things wrong, even the antenna and all that stuff. It wasn’t intended that way. I also wanna see if we can find an actual underwater submarine that we can put a camera on,
and go do some exploring. If you guys think that
would be a good idea, let us know as well, but we’ve handpicked all of these videos that you see on screen, just for you. If you like RC cars, RC boats, and all sorts of stuff like that, we have lots of cool videos,
so go check those out. And we’ll see you guys in the next one. – [All] Bye.

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