RC Car Driving On Water Adventure!!

– Welcome home. You are here on the Carl
& Jinger family channel where ever day is a new day. We’re gonna make it an awesome one. We’re gonna do some cool stuff; trying to get an RC car
to drive across the water. That is the goal. (exclaims) – That was crazy. – [Son] What’s going on? – This is a Traxxas Slash RC car, and I need to get the battery
for it and hook it up. I think it’s all charged, but I’m feeling like this might be able to drive across the swimming pool if I put these paddle tires on it. Luckily, I got this cool toolkit here, so it makes it really easy. I’m just gonna swap the tires out, and find the battery and
get this all together. And then, we’re gonna have some fun. Before we do all that, I gotta show you some really cool projects and stuff that we’re working on that I cannot wait to show you. This is my big monster truck RC car with custom paint job with
skulls and a crusher plow. Look at that, guys. Isn’t that awesome? Here’s the idea, guys. We’re gonna have a red
RC car and a blue one. So, we have red team and a blue team, and then we have the crusher truck. And, we’re eventually gonna
have a whole obstacle course. Outside around the swimming pool, we’re gonna build like
a whole obstacle course with a bridge across the pool. And, it’s gonna be like Mario Kart where you drive around and you pop balloons and different stuff. Check this out. We’ve got these made
into battle RC trucks. Jackson’s actually done a whole bunch of this custom work that
we came up with out here. He’s done the paint jobs on this. It looks so awesome. I absolutely love this. So, the idea is we’ve got these saw blades that are going to actually be fixed to the front of the RC cars
on both the red team, and this one’s gonna be the blue one. And, they drive around to pop balloons, and this one tries to knock them over. It’s gonna be awesome. I can’t even. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s so cool. – My only question is which
one do I get to drive. – [Carl] The losing car. (horns blare) – Oh my gosh, you guys. Today has been so busy. Have you guys seen? I got Invisalign. I feel so fancy. Actually, it’s really hard to talk, so I had to take the top ones out. And, I just have a really bad lisp. I just sound kinda like a lero. But, today has been the busiest day we’ve had in a couple weeks. So, I’m just going out to
grab some dinner really quick. The kids have been working so hard. Gage has been editing
for like six hours today. So, we just don’t have
time to cook or anything, so pizza it is! And the boys never complain. I don’t know, guys. You think that’s enough pizza? I mean, can you have too much pizza? Is some pizza better like the next day? Do you guys like how I’m
lisping while I talk? I told you. – Well, the idea here is that this crusher truck is gonna
drive around the arena while the other cars are going off jumps and trying to pop each other’s balloons. And, this is gonna be like the defender that just takes everything out where it can push the
RC cars into the pool. (engine revving) Like that. So, I’ll be able to just drive them and shove them right into the pool or flip them over. It’s gonna be really fun. – [Jinger] Pizza! Who wants some pizza? Pizza everybody. Carl wants some pizza? – Guess what? – [Jinger] What? – The RC car that we jumped
into the swimming pool is not working. – [Jinger] Oh no. Are you serious? – So, we’re gonna have to race one of Kyle’s or Luke’s cars across the water. – [Jinger] Uh-oh. – We’ll put the paddle tires on it and still make it work though. – Should we call up all the
boys for some pizza party time? – They’re gonna love it. – They always do. Who doesn’t love pizza
just on a random day? You know? Hey Tug. You want some pizza? You can’t have pizza. You can have a little snack. Hey! You want some pizza? – Pizza! – [Jinger] Pizza pizza. What kind of pizza is your favorite, Kyle? – Pepperoni. – [Jinger] Pepperoni. Jackson, what kind of
pizza is your favorite? – Pepperoni. – [Jinger] Is that everyone’s favorite? – [Carl] No. – [Jinger] What’s your favorite, Carl? – Double Pepperoni. (laughs) – [Jinger] This is my favorite; which is thin crust pepperoni with
breakfast bacon and pineapple. It’s delicious. We also have a chicken alfredo, and a regular pepperoni;
which is almost gone. – Vote down in the comments below. Pineapple on pizza or no. Say ‘yes pineapple’ or ‘no pineapple’. – Now, there’s this awkward moment when you all realize I
have a pineapple hat, and I love everything pineapple. – Okay guys. So, we have our bikes
and our scooters out. We are just riding around
having fun right now. But, some technical difficulties
happened with my bike. So, this is my bike, my brand new bike. It is a BMX bike; a professional
BMX bike right here. I don’t really know any tricks, but my front tire went flat you guys. I need to get something to fix it. It’s so frustrating. I’ve only had it for like three days, and my front tire’s already flat. – Here’s my new bike. It’s all like dark blue and awesome. It has these unflat tires. (sad piano) The handle bars are black. I love my new bike. – We gotta find a solution
to my bike because I wanna ride my bike so bad and show you how cool it is
when it goes off the jumps. We’ll have to find a way to fix it. So, this is a little ramp
that we drive RC cars off of, but we’ve been riding our bike off it. It’s really awesome. And then, we have this RC ramp that you saw in another
video; which is awesome. Okay Kyle, hit the ramp. Nice! So, I’m going off our
little ramp right here. Let’s do it. – [Kyle] Go Luke, go. Yeah! Awesome. Whoo! Off the big ramp too. – Do this. – [Kyle] Nice. That was a good one. – [Carl] Alright guys. I have it all set up. We have normal tires on right now. But, I got the paddle tires ready to go. This is technically Gage’s car; his RC truck with my shell on it. So, it’s time to gather everyone up, and see if we can drive
this thing across the pool. – [Jinger] Kyle’s bragging that he can ride the drift trike
off the side of the ramp. Let’s see it, bro. Let’s see what you can do. Oh wow, that was amazing. – Well, I couldn’t get this
tire because it’s too big. – [Jinger] I know it’s really wide, right? – We’re all here. I guess we’ve all got back together now. So, we’re gonna try to
jump your RC car, Gage. Is that alright? – Yeah, it’s fine. It’ll be awesome. – It’s gonna be awesome. – It might just go straight to the bottom. But, we’ll see. It’ll be fine. This is gonna be interesting. We gotta get warmed up here. (shouts) – [Jinger] Nice. You’re so good at that. – Encore. – [Carl] It’s harder than it looks. – [Jinger] Whoo. – [Carl] Your car does not
go as fast as mine, dude. – [Gage] No, it doesn’t. That’s kind of weird. – [Jinger] I don’t think it’s fast enough to do nearly the jump
that your car can do. – No. It’s like barely going through the grass. We might have to get my car
fixed and then revisit this. (engine revving) – [Jinger] Nice one, Luke. Oh! – I did not mean to do that. Okay. I have a perfect straight shot here. I should be able to do this. – [Gage] Unless my car messes it up. – [Carl] Why did it turn? I didn’t touch it. That’s so weird. – [Gage] My car is messed up. What in the name? – [Carl] It’s going crazy. – [Gage] What is going on? – It’s out of control. Just kidding. I was doing that. That was just fun. (laughing) Here we go for the big pool run. Let’s see if we can make it. Here we go. – I think it’s gonna go. (exclaiming) Get the net. Get the net. (upbeat instrumental) – [Carl] That is awesome. – [Jinger] It is probably broken now. – The car didn’t make it. It made it about a third of the way. – [Jinger] Yeah, it went quite a way. It’s farther than I was expecting. – If it’s still alive, we’ll put the paddle tires on, and see if we can make it even farther. – [Jinger] Oh dear. – [Carl] Thank for that, Gage. – [Jinger] RC car’s in the pool. (chuckles) – [Gage] Why don’t we have a diver? We don’t have anybody in
a swimsuit to go get it. – [Luke] I’ll be the diver. – Go get it, Luke. – [Jinger] Get it, Luke. Take off your shoes first. Oh, with his shirt on! (laughs) – Why is he wearing a hoodie? – [Jinger] I don’t think he
though that through very well. – [Carl] He got. – [Jinger] Good job, Luke. You’re a hero. If I was the RC car and I was drowning, I know that you can save me now. Good job. Well, hopefully it still works. – Please tell me it still works. (exclaiming) – Gage, I owe you one. (laughs) Look at it, I’m an idiot. I’m a total idiot. I turned the controller off. Watch. (cheering) – You just scared me so bad. – I just instinctively
shut the controller off. I’m so dumb. Let’s put the paddle
tires on and try again. Paddle tires are intact and in place. It’s not four-wheel drive, so we only need them on the back. Let’s try this again and see
if we can make it any farther. My prediction is no. – [Jinger] Come on, Carl. Have some faith in the car. – I think the paddle tires are gonna slow it down on the approach, and so it’s gonna be just an even trade. – [Jinger] Okay. – Can’t you go across? – We’ll see. Here we go. Mark, set, go! – Go go go! (splash) – It was like the same distance, but it definitely got a
better approach at it. – [Carl] It totally did. – [Jinger] I think it
had a little more power. And then, it did skid across
the water a little bit better. – We need to get my car fixed and seal it up good and
try it again, right? – [Jinger] Yes. – Until then, that’s it for today’s video. Click anywhere on the screen in order to subscribe or to watch more videos. Thanks for coming over and
hang out with us today. We love you guys being a part
of our lives and our family. We’ll see you guys next time. Bye.

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