Recirculación del agua para la producción de alimentos

I am very passionate about this project… …since it is a viable and sustainable option… …for Mexicans to have healthy and abundant food. Research that transforms lives Water recirculation for food production Biotechnology systems for water recirculation… …are part of a proposal for technology research
and development… …to produce food by using water sustainably. Our innovation includes the creation
of hydroponic and aquatic projects… …and bacterial cultures to grow fish and vegetables… …in closed systems under greenhouse conditions. They can be installed in rural, semi-rural and urban areas. Tecnológico de Monterrey has joined efforts with… …Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco… …and Mexican firms to develop this technology… …and take it to Mexican homes and towns. Tecnológico de Monterrey partnered with… …Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana,
Xochimilco… …due to their interest in the comprehensive
management of water… …and recirculation systems. It gives me great satisfaction to know
other researchers are interested… …in these national problems. For Lerma, in Mexico State,
carrying out these projects is very important. They allow us to provide high-quality protein
and vegetables all year long… …to marginalized communities regardless of the season. As a producer of aquaponics… …I farm trout, as well as low-growing vegetables. This technology is very useful to me. It allows me to produce high-quality organic products… …at a low cost. Thanks to this system,
low-income families are benefitted. They can also earn extra income… …since they can sell our low-cost products on the market. People come to buy lettuce, celery. I’m happy to sell our products. My family eats them. It’s very inspiring to work with my colleagues
on a project… …that’s not just on paper. It will have an environmental,
social and economic impact. I’m convinced that this project will help
a lot of people. I’d like to have more greenhouses… …and improve my standard of living. Helping people Biotechnology systems produce 21 tons of fish
and 14.7 tons of vegetables per year. Over 20 families in 4 communities benefit from them. Over 2,000 students are involved in the project. 2 companies are involved in the project. More than 2 million pesos have been invested
in developing and managing these systems. Research that transforms lives

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