Redwoods of the Sea | The Aquatic World with Philippe Cousteau, S2 EP 3

(snappy music) – Captain’s log: 53 days,
and still no sign of a— – Captain Cousteau, look! – Finally, I seaweed made it. Dock her here. (snappy music) Welcome to California’s
majestic kelp forest, the redwoods of the ocean. (quaint, French music) Kelp is one of the fastest
growing plants on Earth. Some species can grow
up to 24 inches per day. Giant kelp, like the ones around us, can reach upwards of 200 feet. – That’s taller than the
Leaning Tower of Pisa. – Exactly. Kelp forests thrive in
cool, coastal waters and are home to hundreds of
different types of animals like seals, sea lions, lobster, fish, sea otters, urchins, even octopi. More than just cold water,
kelp likes turbulent water. (snappy music) Thanks. (snappy music) These turbulent waters are constantly stirring up nutrients that
kelp needs to survive. Unfortunately, these forests off Catalina are suffering from the
effects of climate change and warming ocean temperatures. (snappy music) Ah. Beautiful, isn’t it? I have an idea, gather around everyone. Let’s take a kelp-fie, get it? They don’t get it. (camera clicks) (snappy music)

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