Reefer Deluxe 525 XL Tank Build #3 – Acclimating & Dipping SPS from World Wide Corals!

(jolly music) – Hello folks, Robert
from Marine Depot here and welcome to the third episode of our Red Sea Reefer 525 tank build. In this episode, we got a
special delivery from one of our favorite online coral
vendors, World Wide Corals. After visiting the World
Wide Corals farm in Florida during my trip to Reef Palooza Orlando, I was really eager to get some
of these corals in my tank. Not only is World Wide Corals
doing great things for the hobby by growing corals in captivity, they offer some of the
most brilliantly colored and rare corals. Passion for reef tanks and
helping other hobbyists to be successful, is evident in everything
that these guys do. My goal for the Red Sea 525 was to fill in the tank’s open
real estate with small frags that will comfortably
grow into healthy and natural looking SPS colonies. Allowing small frags to
grow onto your rockwork will result in a much more
natural looking aquascape. If you buy larger SPS
colonies and just plop them into your tank in an attempt
to fill in the aquascape, the result is often clunky
and not very natural looking. First think I noticed when opening the box was not the professional
packaging, the packing list, or random box stuffer, but
the full color printout, which pictures each of
the frags that I received. This made it far easier to
identify each of the frags and then research a bit more
about the species preference for placement and care. With so many common names
and confusing color morse, this guideline was really helpful for me. Next, I noticed the
helpful acclimation guide that they had printed
and put into the box. This guide not only encourages
you to dip all of your coral, but also provides clear-cut,
step by step instructions for successful dipping
techniques to keep pests out of your tank. I set out the frags on a table and carefully checked each
one for damage and health. I placed all of them into a
small plastic container and began dipping using the
Brightwell Aquatics Frag Recover, which worked great. While soaking in the dip, I closely observed each frag
for evidence of parasites and hitchhikers and gently
swirled each of the frags to help dislodge anything
stuck onto the frag. After rinsing the corals in tank water, I set up a nice little frag holder to temporarily hold the
frags and give them time to acclimate into my display aquarium. With new SPS corals, I generally place them in the
lower thirds of my aquarium and then slowly move them
up, closer to the light, over a four to six week period. During this time, I observe closely to see how
the corals are responding to the environment. Once I notice the frags
with new growth and healthy polyp extension, I start finding more permanent
location in the aquascape. The key word here is finding. Sometimes corals just don’t
like a particular aspect of the area that they’re
placed inside of your tank. It could be lighting, water
flow, or an aggressive neighbor, and a simple move can solve
all of your coral frustrations. In fact, moving the coral
is the first thing I do when I notice a frag is
not looking its best. Sometimes a bit more flow
or a little more light is all you need to get the
frag growing and happy. We received a total of 12 frags and all of which have been
happily acclimated into the Red Sea aquarium. Be sure to check out to see for yourself what these folk have to offer, or have your local fish
store contact Aqua Medic Live to bring World Wide Corals to your area. Be sure to subscribe to the
Marine Depot Youtube channel by clicking that big red button below. I do appreciate all of
you guys for watching. And until next time, take care and happy reef keeping. (jolly music)

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