Regular People Try Competitive Swimsuits

– I feel like I’m in
a 70’s porn right now. (laughing) (gentle instrumental music) – Today, we’re at the Hollywood Roosevelt trying on competitive swimsuits. – These are the same
ones that Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, all those guys wear. – I’ve a feeling it’s
gonna be bit of a struggle. – I’m a big dude, so
I’m expecting some flabs to kind of spill over. – I fully expect to
put on on this swimsuit and become a mermaid. – I read about the
swimsuit, and it says that it constricts our muscles. So I don’t know how that
actually helps you swim faster but we’ll find out today. – Hey. (dramatic instrumental music) – This is my suit, and this is me. My arm. Not my leg, my arm. – This is one of my legs. – Just wow. – This doesn’t feel stretchy at all. – Like a Superman outfit. – Here we go. (ticking) – This is really hard. (groans) – I cannot get this over my ass. (ticking) – This isn’t going anywhere. – We might need scissors. – My butt is just way too big
to put anything over that. (ticking) – Just leave me here to die. I’m done. – I’m losing circulation
from my knees down. – I want my mom. – Throwing in the towel. I’m giving up. I tried for 35 minutes,
it ain’t happening. (upbeat instrumental music) – I’m having trouble breathing. Can’t wait to get this off. – It was stuck trying to get over my ass for about 30 minutes,
at that point (groans) it just ripped. – Feels like it’s gonna
pop off at any second. – So glad I ripped it,
because I can breathe on one part of my body now. – I feel like, kinda like
Captain America right now. I look great, right? Let’s go race. (gentle instrumental music) – You (beeps) fast. (groans) (laughing) – Overall, the experience
was memorable and miserable. – Honestly you could make a Saw movie out of all of us trying
to put on these suits. – Felt like I was gliding
through the water, as opposed to fighting my way through it. – I bow down to Olympic swimmers, truly. They’re my heroes now. – [Voiceover] Taking it off. – Oh, yes. (laughing)

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