Rehabilitated Manatees Returned to the Wild

When Rojo first came to us he was
minimally responsive there were reports that he had been having seizures.
We gave him fluids right away and administered supportive care and then we
just monitored him very closely. So we’re returning Rojo here in the Englewood area because this is close to where he was originally rescued and we also know
that there aren’t any current rest high threats on him right now so it’s a good
time to go ahead and return him. Carvel had a buoyancy problem and it
was believed that he had been struck by a boat. We also found on radiographs that he had four fractured ribs and because he had
air trapped in his chest cavity we used medical management and were actually
able to remove that air so that he would then be able to heal and start diving on
his own. Once he made that turnaround from there he did really well. Carvel is being returned here today because this is close to the site where he was
originally rescued so it’s kind of his home territory. To watch an animal come in in fairly critical condition turn around and fully recover to the point
where we can bring them back out and return them to their natural habitat is
really the highlight of what we get to do and I can’t describe how rewarding
that is.

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