Rehabilitation at Helen Hayes Hospital after a traumatic bicycle accident using aquatic therapy.

All right now I want to bring your chin to your chest and then slightly look up. So give me a little head nod and then I’m going to get right into that muscle right there. You feel the tightness there? So we’re looking for that good pain where we’re going to release that tightened muscle on the side of your neck there yeah here, now give me a little rotation. So good. We’re going to come back into here. Good, just breath for me nice big inhale through the nose exhale good and then then turning look to the right slowly slowly slowly good, good, good. And then I want you to bring your chin all the way over, thats the left sorry, you know exactly what I meant. Do you feel like you can move a little bit more, no there’s more mobility right there okay, and which direction when you turn to the right and to the left. Okay good. It just feels like it went over a little farther. I could turn further distance, OK Keep your arms up there and I want you to you push your shoulder blades down into my hands don’t let me put them up your arms up keep your arms up above your head. So yep, push down don’t let me, yep there you go, hold it 12345 good okay. Turn face the bar I don’t want you to be all, OK two hands right there. Don’t use your hands just stabilize 1.2.3 I can feel it kinda getting stronger. There’s one over there if you want. 1, 2, 3 and relax. And then 1, 2, 3 relax. Alright so let’s use the ladder for a little stretches. OK, now let me just see a thumb up thumb down and then give me a little added cross body stretch as you push and help me yep and then do thumb up and thumb down. Any tightness in this muscle? OK try to pull your shoulder blade down for me yeah is it good, good, good relax that arm and the more you can, there you go. I felt that, that was good. Its a slow process but I end up with I don’t know how much more mobility but it Definitely, but now she is going to the gum and strengthening it to. But even as far as last week I used to have a it almost felt like an indentation like it was weak just part of my bicep, but now after almost two years and its practically disappeared. Just that one area out of 50 that were problematic in the injury. OK so now, I am going to get into that peck minor a little bit. Now can you interlace your fingers behind your back? So I want to do like this. And then really try to open up those collarbones and pull those shoulder blades down and back ok now I say we go do some walking where you open up and do some strengthening now. Forward walk towards me. Good chest up. OK now stepping down your two steps and you’re going to keep walking forward really getting a nice drag belly in. Excellent excellent So using that drag. Lets do ten reps just press down 12 yup and range pulse it, three four and think of pulling shoulder blades down and back. Good, good, good, I feel you’re relaxing that neck. Good and then relax for a second.

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