Rescued Rough-Toothed Dolphin Gets A Second Chance At Life

For the past five and a half months
SeaWorld of Orlando’s animal rescue team has been rehabilitating a rough-toothed dolphin right here in this facility. Our veterinarian teams did diagnostic testing, and overtime it was realized and scientifically found that there was a significant hearing
loss in this dolphin. Once federal agencies deemed this rough-toothed non-returnable, our team starts to work with this animal to teach him behaviors to help with his husbandry care to allow him to be comfortable with us handling him, looking at him, checking his eyes, checking his blow hole checking his teeth. Those are behaviors we start to concentrate on. We started the process of working with this animal to get him ready for long-term care and transporting to a new facility. Now we
found out a couple months later that Gulf World in North Florida was actually
the long-term care of this animal.

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