Researching Pregnant Orcas At SeaWorld To Help Whales In The Wild

Coming very soon we’ve got a killer
whale birth and I am thrilled. Killer whale births are a very rare event even for those of us who work at SeaWorld. We’re collecting a myriad of information from
Takara from her pregnancy. We’re collecting data on her growth and body mass, thickness of the blubber as well as once the calf has been born are the quality of
her milk. Everything that we know about killer whale reproduction, you know the length of gestation, the weight at birth, that sort of thing, comes from animals born at SeaWorld. Killer whales all across the globe
face threats, and specifically a population of killer whales in the Pacific Northwest, the
Southern Resident populations, are themselves in danger. The research program that we’re doing currently with killer whales, this information is
powerful for protecting Southern Residents It all amounts to us learning
from these amazing creatures and sharing that information with researchers and
conservationists in such a way that can benefit animals in the ocean.

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