Restoring Aquatic Habitat in the Tillamook State Forest: Oregon State Forests – Values in Action

We’re in upper Gales Creek, which is in
the basin of the Tualatin River. What’s special about this is that it’s home of an endangered fish species the upper Willamette winter steelhead to be precise – and we’re enhancing this stream to increase the carrying capacity for
this beautiful fish. You know there was a time when it was the law to pull the wood out of the stream. It’s kind of like baking bread without the flour. You need wood in the stream, and adding wood is like the missing element. The stream has a lot of energy that’s coming from downstream. It’s trying to release that energy. And when you put a large structure into the channel it
slows down the velocities and creates deposition. So all the gravel upstream of
here is going to be depositing in the channel. Depositing gravel is also going
to create erosion, and that erosion creates pool habitat, and the pools are
the number one places where the small juvenile fish live throughout the year. We hired someone to selectively fall in conifer trees, mainly from the north side so we don’t rob from the shade. And that’s going to provide the immediate wood that
this needs direly. This was in the middle of the Tillamook Burn, so the wood isn’t as much as we’d like. And then we’re coming back with a South Fork crew and
we’re going to plant 1,000 seedlings for the long-term conifer recruitment. Projects like this and taking care of the environment are very important to us. And a lot of times that’s been in cooperation with different agencies, watershed councils and even private landowners. It’s more than just my
professional duty. I would say the model for State Forests is we want to do the right thing. We’re providing already good habitat and we’re enhancing it.

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