Review Themepark Toverland, Holland [ENGLISH VERSION]

Welcome in Toverland our youngest Themepark of Holland A lot of poeple say that this little park is for little childeren but that is not true in my opinion. This park contains Troy the biggest wooden coaster of Holland. And we gonna look inside Toverland is the Youngest themepark of Holland the park was openend in 2001. In that year opened the first building: “Het Land van Toos”
she tried to open that park could open 365 days a year to bypass the climate, bad wetter The first attraction where: Boomerang, Sim sala Swing, climbhood and outside there was a carrousel and some waterplayground by good wetter In 2004 there was the second building: Magic Forest and that contains some bigger rides like: Woudracer and the big Backstroke River, Swampie Swing and outside there comes a big coaster: Boosterbike Few year later in 2007 they build: Troy. A big wooden rollercoaster, the biggest woordencoaster from Holland in a Greektheme to the Mythe: Troy In 2008 there comes the “Toverhuis” where you can get things too live with a stick and in 2010 there comes Scorpios In 2012 the build the rollercoaster; Wervelwind and in 2013 the rapid: Djengu River. In a short way: Toverland grows fast! With 520.000 visitors averange at year is Toverland on place 30 in our top 50 dayattractionlist. Toverland is on the day a real themepark We start in the first hal: Het Land van Toos What I notice directly is that the park is good theming and looks very clean This is not a Wellenflug from Zierer but one from Technical Park. You don’t see them alot but the ride is simulair Toverland is every year for bigger peopke but there still a lot of childrides in the park. But day by day there comes such more bigger rides This is a wonder! Last year here was a sign that he must go but now he is still alive! Maybe the have fix the problem A big “Kidsplayword” with slides and all kind of that stuff in it Okay here we go the waterslide! This is a normal Van Egdom waterslide that more parks have one Here you see very good how the waterslides are finished. The slides are compleet work away. Perfect theming Het Toverhuis We are in and you get a stick. Here it is and with that stick you can let life some stuff. It must work, simsalabim? No Beautiful, and you can walktrough the whole building. Unique to bring it like this way. Never seen it before and for the small childeren a nice attraction Oustide in the garden is more King Frog, hmm that is pity. He had to turn around the then spit the water We go to the next ride The Boomerang is a Vekoma Junior Coaster with 2 Boomerangcurves in it. About this is nothing known about this ride The train schould propose a big Toytrain that drive around trough the hall and he is present from day 1 in 2001 in the park In that time it was a big inverse consumption and Toverland makes only big inversie consumption. But it looks like that they have succes with it! The rollercoaster drive trough the whole hall and typical for this ride are the Boomerangscurves. That is a Boomerangcurve Here it goes through a helix. Around the Big Apple. Or what is left from the Big Apple. And so he goes to the last curve The mini coaster from Toverland. The Boomerang here we go First curve, mwoa nice rough Here it goes full speed on a long right track ahead Next curve, hoppa! Now we go for the helix, here we go. Jippie. And we go already to the last curve for the brakes. Here it comes 123 hoppa Via hall 1 you can go too hall 2 with the miracle way Also this looking very good, beautiful too, no much vandalism that I can see. Only a lot of screaming childeren And we are in hall 2 Welcom in hal 2: The Magic Forest. Here we find some bigger attraction like the waterride: Backstroke River, Woudracer but we start by Villa Fiasco Villa Fiasco is a Cake Walk as you can see An assembly line that goes the wrong way But you can on this Cake Walk walkby the boobytraps. Just like my wife did But we walk over the boobytraps You can go upstairs by stairs or stairs Look a doormat An essembly line that goes in the good direction. But not goes fast And the bridges Here is slide 1 and this is slide to with a essembly line Another turning floor and you are outside again! Special Big Wheel this That suprised me. They are so with the safaty rules and on this bobkart are no safetybelts. Not that I wanted too but I have expected that They brake automaticly so you can never crash into another Bob. That’s a pity because that’s the nice part of dry tobbegan run! The Woudracer is a Wiegand Bobkart. It is an electric dry tobbegan run that get his feed with a guide rail next the track. There! So you can run up and down without heights it is full automatic You can never crash into another Bobkart because the system knows where you driving. Look, now he brakes me because for me some one goes slower Well I give gas till the end. Allright the last curve He is not fast, but for the childeren is this a good speed For adults is this not so exciting then you can better do a real dry tobbegan run So end of the ride but I still give full speed, look We can’t go faster, We can’t go faster There is a very big climbing frame and in the middle there is a big spiral slide The Backstroke River is a Log Flume Watteride here in Toverland. The ride is build in 2004 by Mack Rides Known from other waterrides like Crazy River in Walibi Holland that goes backwards too and the Wildwasser 3 on the German fairgrounds is also a Mackride The highest drop is outside and is 15 meter high and inside is there a drop that goes backwards and is 7 meter high The green stoned monster: Zork that spit sometimes water He goes one time forwards and one time backwards. Big one is forward and the small one backward. It is only with the Crazy River in Walibi the ones that goes backwards, in Holland Outside Holland you have more but outside Holland is very big. Okay we go up. Then we get directly put backwards for the drop of 7 meter And I’m wondering or I get wet because I sit in the end of the boat On the turing floor, look. It turns the boat. And here we go Look he bumps away the boat And hoppa. Well, splash… hehehe wet hair in my neck. we go further Now, we go up again and turn around again. Like this Tok, we brake and we turn around. Forwards again, yes…. My not clear why this is. Because on the top is a turning floor either and you can turn this boat up in once But maybe it is because people don’t wanna go backward the whole end up We go outside Here we are on the turning floor. That is the bumper who bumps you down Now we get the big drop. 15 meter, here we go. he he nice! Lucky it is good weither, you not notice it? This is the first themepark review with good weather this year! The others was all raining but now, look the sun is shining! Okay we chicane some cruves too the end What I see is, and in mean time we go in. That this boats have some backrests. That is good because that brakes the force when you drop into the water. Especially small childeren can not grip this with their feets and shoot to the front in the boat. It is wet too so this a good system in the boat! We are back again, get offff! This are the waterpumps that pump up the water for the log flume. He works with 1 pomp section and the water goes trough the big lifthill, and the water left their again in the lake So they have one long track The only thing they miss here is a swimmingpool I said something like swimmingpool? This is looks like one They jump in with clothes and all Lucky me I can walk over this bridge. I don’t wanna swim. How strong will it be? What I see the most is the water is not that clean. But also where the childeren play is not clean water I don’t know if there are pumps on it but it looks not clean. I dont let play my childeren in it For example a Hellendoorn has clean it up with clear water and chloor. Maybe Toverland can do this too They also have a survivalparcours as attraction You can secure ofcourse climb, jump or walk. Just like witch boobytrap you have on your way Look, that boy is secured by one rope on a guiderail. If he drops, he drops not the whole way down And so you climb further the whole way. It looks fun, but I have done it onces and it was hard. And if I find it hard it no fun for me. But that is personal Waterplayground And they have also a maze. A small one but it is one The Boosterbike is a launch coaster here in Toverland. This is very unique ride because there is some one more on the world and I thought in Japan This is a prototype and is build by Vekoma in this themepark just like a showroom, so that themepark owners can look what they buy The launch is not the same like Xpress Walibi or Formule X Drievliet because they work with magnets that pull and push the trains And this one works with a hydrolic launch. I try too explain the hydrolicsytem By this kind of system there are 2 drums that 1 is filled with oil and the other one with nitrogen the are saperated by a valve If the drums are filled up with oil and nitrogen and the train is locked on and ready for go Then he can launch. The valve between the oil and nitrogen open. The oil pushed by nitrogen with a high speed through the cableton The Cableton goes speed up and pull the cable with a high speed Till the train gets enough speed to complete the track. In the end of the lauch the pullcar, that the name I thought, drops down and the train take off The track is smooth and you are sitting in a kind of motorcycle that is unique also You have some rollercoaster like this with horeses and motorcycles but they are from other manufactors and not from Vekoma Here in the neighberhood is not like a coaster like this So far as I know The rollercoaster self is 15 meter high and 600 meter long but I have seen on the net that other rollercoasters like this type: Rollercoaster you sit down a motorcycle ore horses not are longer and higher like this Boosterbike Boosterbike have changed his way in to outside There is no so much here, some brakes, wheels for get the train take off in the station You are getting a lapbar in the back that you get on the bike Here we are on the Boosterbike, okay we are taking off. 75 kmph! Nice! Here we go! the second curve. He drive very smooth Smile for the picture and then we make 2 bigger hills Here they come! Kind of bunny hops Not so much airtime but it is nice. The last one and the brrrakkkesss And another child get controlled I have no problem with this BUT at the start from the queue stay nothing about the length Well, what is going wrong, Why all the small childeren goes into the queue? Here is a simple sign with just 140 on it. All the childeren run and don’t see it What is the salution You make a board with a gap in it from 140 high. Paint it and add the text: If you can walk trhough this gap have too take this way You make that new path, so trough to the exit of the ride This is not working like this way. Too long and too much waiting for people who are allowed too get on the ride The Boosterbike have one of the ugly theme in the park. It is also in bad shape now the most of this park is good so if something not so good you see that directly Just like here some “arm” is broken It’s a pity that they not have changed this theme with the new part of the park: De Magische Vallei. But maybe in the future They have made here some waterplayground. Where you get very wet, the childeren demonstrate it for us All kind of diffrent fontains He was laying down, oww… That hurts. But in the back more fontains. It is slippery But childeren like this the most Fontains are “in” in themeparkland. This is something wat the Efteling has build yet One fontainshow. You see a lot of fontains into the water and they make all kind of gracefull movements O what nice, water…. Yeah, nice! 14.30 must start the show but they don’t know the time here in Toverland We already wait 5 minutes for this show. But no water, no single droplet In the time we are now 10 minutes later. Well nice show! We go further, is a waste of my time The D’ Wervel is in one year changed to: Dwervelwind is a MACK rollercoaster. The coaster looks-like the Euro Mir in Europa Park The cars look the same the only diffrence is that this are turning by gravity and the Euro Mir turns around by electric motors The rollercoasters has a maximum speed of 70 kmph and it is 20 meter high The length is 500 meter and that is not special long for a rollercoaster but the ride is good The Dwervelwind a very nice finished station, Beautiful. The rest of the coaster is good also. Okay let’s take a ride Wheels, brakes all that you need on a rollercoaster Okay welcome to the Dwevelwind, A mack spinning coaster. Here we go We are already turning around, hoppa! Okay we turning around good and smooth. But we know that from Mackrides. Ho ho ho, Nice! we still turning good around and round owwww nice rollercoaster! Is a nice rollercoaster with heavy trains. Well, last curve and the brakes! Also so smooth! Very good rollercoaster! The trains look like the trains of the Rollercoaster EuroMir in Europa Park. But not suprised it is a Mackride only this ones goes on gravity He has also onboard music but this are very heavy trains, german quality If it rides the gravity do his job but at the end of the track the electric motors put the cars in the right position. Here you see a sliding contact Here you see it. But you can start forwards and back in to station backwards and visa versa that is always a suprise And of course you can buy an onridefoto for 2 euro. This system you see more in themeparks and getting populair And there is the second train! This is whole a complete lift and lift goes up if they want put the train on track. Nice system! This is an elevator for the disabled persons in a wheelchair, good work The newest theme of the park: De Magische Vallei Beautiful part of the park, very good finished in detail And the inflatable trampoline, very simple attraction but for Toverland a good one for enjoying the little kiddies In Toverland the rules about safety are very strict. The most stupid rules they have here. Look this, this attraction are in other themeparks open without operator But here in Toverland is here an operator. The reason why? Don’t no, only thing is maybe for skipping the queue But also by the bigger rides there are rules like no caps, glasses, scarves and more bullshit I you ask me is that ridiculous and goes to far. Safety is good but you can overstate Here outside is another big playset. Toverland has much of this kind of playsets. Every part of the park has one They have also build a Swanssmill but in their own style Dwervelland is the theme and this are their own creation Fair is fair, Toverland has eye for detail This is, I think a Dwervel and it comes out an egg. So it are shellfish Here then can if they want in the future put more attractions. Like this its looks like empty but childeren play here every where Well they make this good also The style of Toverland looks a little bit on that from the Efteling, Phantasialand and that kind of parks A lot of attention on the theming and the rides are pretty thrill, yes Troy is thrilling. But the other rides are mostly make for family More thrilling like a “real” familyride but not so thrilling like Walibi I think because the Efteling and Phantasialand are so big that this is a succesful formule and that Toverland will grow the next years The rapid river from the park: Djengu River! The Djengu River is the newest rapid from the Netherlands and it is build by Hafema Hafema we known from the El Rio in Bobbejaanland and the River Quest in Phantasialand what both are rapids build by Hafema Also the “Flug des Farao” is gebouwd door Hafema and is a kind of waterride with an inflatable boat in themepark; Belantis That is also a original ride and they are all good wet! The River is 460 meter long and starts 5,5 meter above the ground the maximum speed is about the 16 kmph There are 10 boats and in that boats can sit 9 persons and so can help the attraction 960 people pro hour This queue is very good finished, looks beautiful! This is a good job. The filling the boats with the maximum people so that the queue not getting longer then necessary I hope that we don’t get a flat tire They have make this very good. Now looks like the river is flooding by the waterfalls. On the other side too, nice Welcome onboard by the rapid. Here it comes The newest rapid river from Holland that one from Toverland! We gonna take a look how wet it is It is a Hafema rapid in the way the are very wet! Here comes the first big wave! Who ho this is a good rapid. Here we go again. What is coming up… Wow! Where getting very wet! “It dont stop?!” No it don’t stop! O, yes it stop Pity but it still wet! aahhh In my opinion is this already the best rapid of Holland The boat is in three pieces but it is one total but there comes sometimes a wave of water in it! We take that wave frontal! Now comes the wave, ahhh. Wow this thing making me wet! Wowow, what a rapid! And another wave it comes, nice! Totally, totally soaked I’m. We get another beautiful one! Ahh bah, look at me I’m very wet! Soaked! And another one! The rapid river in Toverland. Absolute the number 1 rapid of Holland. Flying into my top 3! And then onces he brakes look: Bam! Here you see the demand bill and the lake In that lake comes all the water if the river is getting off. Then it is complete full of water The guy says every time on the microfoon: Sitting please, sitdown. But it is totaly no sense. It is by all the themeparks the same They all stand up “sit down till the boat is in the station” You can still say that but it make no sense. Or making safetybells on it or delete the attracion Look for the redlight.. ahh found! The “T” on it is smart people can’t make a photo from this photo The loves here elevators also this ride have an elevator for disbled people in a wheelchair Even the toilets are finshed off with rocks. They also very clean, it is a plus too. I’m in a happy mood today! Under the aquaduct we left the Magische Vallei Troy theme part! Is a seperate theme all around the rollercoaster Troy! The biggest wooden coaster from Holland! The horse from Troy. Everbody knows the mythe so I don’t gonna tell you the story because I’m not in the Efteling The little swingboat: Scorpios Also this ride is very simple but so good finished it off in detail And that we know from Toverland. They make all good details. It is not a big boat, pretty small one There is a kind of waterfun on it. It goes up and down if the boat is fly over Nice but the “Real Nessy” on the german fairgrounds had already fontains under the boat for years But I have not seen it in a themepark yet. For me personally the may shoot higher that you get wet More themeparks have a Horseride but this one is very beautiful You see a lot of theming before the rollercoaster then this big gap and then the coaster Why is that? Well firstable is this a escape route and secondble this is for the firetrucks when the coaster is on fire. Wood burns good! My number 2 in my personal top 10 from Rollercoaster in Holland. TROY the ride What is number 1? Joris and the Draak also Great American Coaster, casaully.. Don’t think so. They build very good rollercoasters! Troy is build in 2007 and comes from GCI: Great Coaster International. They also build the El Torro in Freizeitpark Plohn and Wodan in Europa Park They also build Joris en de Draak. In a shortway they are all good coasters and in my opinion is Troy the best rollercoasterride in Holland Just like other Great Coaster international is this go up to the 30 meters and bam! Full speed, making crurves over hills from 10 meter high and go too the end The rollercoaster is 1077 meter long and that is pretty long for a coaster here in Holland and he is 31 meter high The first drop is 30 meter down and the maximumspeed is 86 kmph and for a wooden coaster is that high After 1 minut you already staying still in the brakes and your hair is confused A interested part of this coaster is that he drive trough the station. Not for getting in and out but on the second floor it goes full speed This element has Wodan in Europa Park too Troy the sensation, lalala Troy the sensation! What a emptyness, what a emptyness Here it comes trough the station! Beautiful rollercoaster! Also by this Great American International coaster you have 2 safetybelt. A lapbar and a safetybelt. One is not enough? There they go, byee In this station there are no wheels and things like that. Only brakes, so it simpley Brake loose and the gravity works! Yeah, Youtubefriends, you have already seen it. Welcome to TROY! Here we go a great america coaster ghoster! What a speed, what a rollercoaster! Very nice is this one! Yes allright, here we go again. This is the best rollercoasterride of the netherlands! This coaster has it all! He has curve, he has speed and height! Here we go trough the station to making some noise and smile! Whoppa what a rollercoaster, nice! I like him, this is Troy, this is Toverland!, this is awesome! The last! The helix, hop! There is no straight piece on this track! This is serious a rollercoaster! The only things we miss on this ride is some loops but without that it has it all, perfect! All comes to an end, so also on this day. So that was Toverland for today. We have enjoy our selfs very good Very nice park with a good set of rides with a good detail. Call something by name; Troy is the best! That rollercoaster is the best rollercoaster of Holland. Joris and the Draak is in my top 20 number 1 because it’s a racer but pur the ride is this one better Further is the min the safety. Or what I call it: “False sense of security” Caps, scerves, glasses that not is allowed in the coasters. Too much disscusion with the costumers and take too long time. And it is not nesassery because a park like Disney what is much bigger then this Toverland is it allowed In that coaster there must even your whole packback with in for example space mountain that goes even upside down So I annoyance it because I have wait longer for that. It goes not fast But I if treu that it is unsafe but it isn’t parks like Disney are more accidents but that is not true For example the Efteling don’t look at that too all the mobilefoons goes into the air if the python starts and at the end they are all still alive Without that we had here a very good time. I have can sit down one hour on Troy because there where not so much people here So next year we go again to Toverland, and we make again a good day! O yeah, please: Share and like the video, thanks! Then I go swing one more time, jippie! How was it Ruben? “Yeah, nice” Well bye Toverland! This guy says goodbye. “Bye” Also good employees here!

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