Rio Moment: David Plummer – Perseverance

In 2012 when I missed
the team, I told myself, at least those guys had to
beat me to move forward. David Palmer’s Olympic
journey for me this year was just so incredible to watch. Hitting and
realizing you made it, it was kind of crazy being
in between Murphy, who won, and Matt, who got third,
and especially knowing what third feels like. And so to have someone
like David, who has a wife, who has two beautiful
boys, who’s a family man, who kept going, who kept
working, who kept trying, and after years of hard
work and perseverance accomplished his greatest dream. That moment just ended
up being just this kind of shock and disbelief. My mom walked out of the stadium
carrying our six-year-old son. And she was just
bawling her eyes out. To become the oldest rookie
in Olympic swimming history, that is absolutely amazing. We go into finals,
and Murph and I were really happy with
where we were sitting in the middle of the pool. We knew that we had a good
shot to both be on the podium. And that’s what we really,
really wanted to do. I don’t really remember
much about the race. I think it finally really sunk
in that I was at the Olympics when we put on our podium
gear and you go out there. And again, my family
is up in the stands, and the American flags go
up, and you hear the anthem. And to be up there on that
podium was just a dream come true. My name is David Plummer, and
my moment is perseverance.

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  • Russell Crowe?

  • I love this story and will show my daughter. She swims and being from Australia it's competitive to say the least, even at an early age. It's easy to get disheartened when you're not the biggest or strongest. Well done David for showing that perseverance, dedication and effort will eventually pay off. Great life lesson.

  • First time I see Missy without a cap hahaha

  • i want to join the olympics for 2024 how i do that and i practice since i was 4

  • So thrilled that David’s perseverance made him the oldest Olympic U. S. rookie in swimming in history—with two modals to frost the cake!

  • Congratulation! I apologies, in Oklahoma…. dish network and channel 4 (nbc) had a contractual disagreement and channel 4 would not negotiate with dish so the consequences for that the rio olympics was not aired.

    Congratulations i am excited for your win.

    I used to watch you and your high school swim team practice swimming at OCCC quite often.

  • I don’t think Missy can say anything bad about anyone. Honestly.

  • Why is Missy Franklin in this video she’s so annoying

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