Rio Olympics 2016: Mic’d up with David Marsh

[MUSIC PLAYING] We all agree, you’re best when
their back’s against the wall. So do your thing. Got it? Yeah. Hey, congratulations man. Thank you. Yeah, awesome. Thank you. Not pretty, but– All right, you know what– –got the job done,
so I don’t care. So it’s just the way it is. Get the job done. Got the job done. It’s all we’ve got to do. It’s all you got to do here. Yeah, it’s awesome. Speaking, of that,
[INAUDIBLE] looked OK in that. Yeah, um– That was– What I liked was when
you picked up your tempo, you kept the hold on the water. Sometimes you pick up
the tempo, you just start slipping a little bit. Coming right out
of your break-out, you went right in
to your strokes. There’s no settling
in for three cycles. You’re right into it. So, yeah, you’re hitting well. Hey, Ryan, I saw you
doing breaststroke there. How did that feel? I didn’t– [INAUDIBLE] You’re dolphin kicking? OK. I’m going like– Good, tempo 1-5, tempo
1-5, whatever that means. Yeah. You went a big kick out. You went about 16 meters. I did? Yeah, probably good we’re
not, probably good you’re not [INAUDIBLE] back today because
you’d probably kick out too far. [INAUDIBLE] don’t think here. Just be athletic and
react to what comes, OK? That all right, you think? So he’s keeping them–
keeping them a lot closer together, keeping them,
keeping them a lot closer together, his feet. Said it hurts when he
goes all the way out. That looks really good. I wish it was finals already. Yeah. If we could just fast
forward to the finals. So listen, when you
get over there, let’s make sure you get
it loosened up again and then keep moving
it until the race, OK? Follow doctor’s
orders implicitly, OK? All right.

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