Rob on the Road: Sac State Aquatic Center

And now, Rob on the Road,
exploring Northern California. ♪♪ Welcome to the Sac
State Aquatic Center! ♪♪ Rob: Alright let’s get
started! Cindi: Right on. Rob: Come on Cindi, this
is CCome on Cindi, this is really just Miss
Diva out here, she runs the place,
been here for 30 years, we’ll get to that later in
the show . But good to see you! Cindi: Thank you
for coming out today, it’s going to be an
awesome day on the water. Rob: Well is it ever not? Cindi: Oh no, it’s
always a good day here. Rob: Good. So I want this
So I want to do Cindi: OK. Rob: I want an
overviewI want anNatoma, and then I want to go
through – there are more programs here than most
places offer in the country. Isn’t that fascinating! Cindi: Fun! Rob: You call it a
themYou call it aer. Cindi: It is kind of like a
theme park on water. Where else can you go
and do all these different activities, mom, dad,
grandpa, grandma, kids and have a great time. Rob: Why is this
placWhy is thisent? Cindi: I think It’s not a
yacht club or a rowing boat house, or just a kids camp,
we’re all rolled into one, so we have a little bit of
something for everybody. Rob: Alright let’s go! We asked Cindi to take us
on a private boat tour all around lake Natoma, nooks,
crannies and all for an up-close look at some of the
unique programs. Rob: Bye guys. we’ll see you
latHave fun,fun we’ll see you soon. Can we go see
the kayaks? Cindi: Absolutely. Rob: Cindi actually
had me take command of the boat.
And did you know this is also a state park? Cindi: Our program goes a
littOur program goes aurve, so in the spring we have
kinesiology class. PE. What would know as
a PE class. And then we ramp up for all of the special
events so that the people in the Sacramento area and
the people coming from all over the country to
Lake Natoma to row, they’re here for the “We’re
rowing” Championships, PAC 12 Championships. How big is the impact
on this area with what you guys bring here. Cindi: Oh I would
say millions. With rental cars,
hotel rooms, foods, between the amount of events
that bring to the area for that small one month period
of time is incredible. Rob: How many people have
honestly never ever seen the water when they
come out here? Cindi: For living in the River City you would be
amazingly surprised. The last school
group we just had, of the 40 of them, I believe
35 of them had never been to life jacket.
a laAnd instead ofon a kayaking or boating, we
spent the first hour just teaching them how to
buckle a life jacket and get through a swim
test doggy paddling. And to me, I have goose bumps
and tears in my eyes. Rob: Still,
after 30 years. Cindi: Yes,
because these kids have an opportunity. ♪♪ Rob: So David why did you
want to do this? David: Because it’s super fun
there’s a ton of activities here, and it’s
like time killer, super awesome! Rob: It’s a fun
time killer. What are you learning? David: Well, we al
learned how to sail the other day, and it was
super fun. And we got to try out the new boats, and
we had a great time. Rob: Have you done
this before? David: I’ve never done this. My friend, he
introduced me to this he’s My friend, he has been here about one to
two times and I’m glad I came here. Rob: So you’ve
never done this on the water? David: No, never. Rob: Look at you that’s
awesome I’m so proud of you buddy, that’s
fantastic. David: Thank you! ♪♪ Rob: Cindi we are
approaching a bevy of activity it is getting
started this morning, Nimbus Damn, and I see
sail boats everywhere! Cindi: It’s awesome
isn’t it. Rob: It’s so cool
JusIt’s so cool.t. How many are
out there? Cindi: Well it looks like we have the
basic camp sailors today, looks like we have some of
our new boats are out with the sailing camp, so we’ll
get a close up of some of these kids. ♪♪ Cindi: This is Hayden,
he’s a dock master, and we interrupted him on a
stand up paddle on his day off. Rob: Hey Hayden, I’m
Rob Stewart with Rob on the Road. Hayden: Hi, I’ve seen
the show. Rob: Oh good, glad you have,
so Hayden tell me, you’re out here on
a day off. Hayden: I am. Rob: What’s up
with that? HaydJust tryingying
to paddle in the sun, get some water time. RobSo if youou
are a dock master, then you are on the front
lines of the 50,000 people that come through
here a year. Hayden: Yup
That’Yuprue. Rob: What is the typical
response, or is there? Hayden: Some people are
scared but most people are happy when they come back.
I’d say our reputation is for good service and for
helping people have a fun time on the water. Rob: Does it help you have a
better life? Hayden: Definitely does. ♪♪ Cindi: The kids
right now are learning how to keep their balance,
and get the sails up – the first principle. But we
need to take you in there and give it a go. Rob: What do you mean? Cindi: Let you try to windsurf. Would you like to try to
windsurf? Rob: Sure. Cindi: Alright let’s
give it a go. Rob: I don’t say no to
anything on this show … on THIS show.
laughter. ♪♪ Rob: I need five
more minutes, okay? ♪♪ Rob: Alright
figured it out. Alright I’ve I got it, I got it I got it
I got it! ♪♪ Rob: And next, I try
my hand at rowing. Rower: And then you’re
going to put one foot there, yep. And then the
other foot there, too. And then you’re going
to sit your bottom right down on the seat. So start
at the finish right here, okay, and then
arms come away, body comes
over, legs come up, you’re going to come all
the way up to the catch. So you’re going to square the
blade to catch the water. Rob: Dip it, drive it. Rower: Drive, and then put
your blade in the water. Ok, and then you’re going
to press down with the legs, body, arms, and
then feather the oar, there you go! There you go. Feather,
So maybe slow it down a little to get
the feel for the strokes. Laughter. Rob: oh my gosh. Laughter. ♪♪ Rob: Stop. ♪♪ Rob: Team Rob
on the Road! How’d we do?
Team: Awesome! Rob: I notice the
guys I notice thelent. Rob: Thanks guys,
this was so much fun. Team: So we have a tradition
here, whenever we do a race, we throw our coxswain in
the water after we’re done. Rob: Oh get him! Teamlaughter.d 3!

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