Ross Youngs – The aquatic microbiota

We are a small startup company that is taking a new technology to end up digging directly into the microbiome from the hidden chemistry. The hidden chemistry
of the microbiome is long sought after
for its drug-like molecules that researchers have never been able to obtain. We can typically dig
into a microbiome, into the parts per trillion and we use a surrogate microbiome: it’s the aquatic microbiome. The aquatic microbiome has an overlap
of 73% to the human gut microbiome when you look at the genomics
and metabolic pathways that exist between the two. This new approach will lead
to thousands of unexplored compounds ultimately being available. We have already proven
the therapeutic viability of this approach, we’ve been able to find
modulators in the immune system, we’ve been able to find chemicals that will work as
infectious disease and metabolic. So the rich source of microbiome
has been proven time and again throughout the last 60 years
of drug discovery as a rich source. Biosortia is now tapping a source that has never been able to be tapped.

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