Rusty Plays: Roblox: Discover Aquatic Research Facility: Arctic Blast Insider Look With FTM

Welcome to the DARF Arctic Blast Preview! Had to use Roblox Record at the time. During the time, the game was very laggy. The facility’s community update will come out Fall 2018. This is the Internal Revision. WAAAY laggier than the experimental one. A new airlock! I will head to the hotshot. Countdown till arctic blast. They removed Cell Cola. (It was really annoying.) Getting some pizza. Yeah, where did elevatorz89 go? Hotshot is to the left. Here it comes! Similar to the meltdown, but there are icy debris. The Hotshot! UH OH! (alarm sounds) IT HAS BEGUN! Good luck trying to escape when the full update comes out. Due to sub-zero temperatures, many parts have froze up. Coolant, some liquids, and the facility’s temperature has went bellow zero. Parts that froze earlier has become too delicate and have shattered. Cooling fans have froze up and broke apart. Due to sub-zero temperatures, the mainframe will burst with icy fragments. Ice burst in 4 minutes, Evacuate at once. The hotshot wasn’t fully scripted at the time. But this is what would happen if you forget the Coolant Generators, pumps, and control. Nowadays, you have one minute to escape, but when it works, the Arctic Blast can’t start again at the time. RUN! Hey Tech! Reactor froze… Thanks for watching! Captions created by Rustyguacamole(me)

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