S2E3: Form

[DANCE MUSIC PLAYS] [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING] Uh-uh-uh! Come on, Poppy. You can’t be workin’ here if you’re gonna
be dozing off on me. Sorry, Mama. I want you working just as hard for me
as you do for dancin’. I want the Sage treatment. I’m the one puttin’ the roof
over your head, not him. Yes, ma’am. Hold up. If you work for Sage,
what you doing here? Because Sage
pays them doo-doo. [BOTH LAUGH] Mom, I told you. It will get better
once the tour starts. Yeah, well, I hope
y’all are leavin’ soon, because if you don’t have my rent money, fuck the tour. You just gonna
be hittin’ the road. [LAUGHTER] I won’t be late. Mmm-hmm. I been tellin’ her
to leave that dance mess alone. It’s plenty money in dance. You just dancin’
for the wrong team. Thanks, but I’m good. Ooh! You see how
spoiled Rigo’s got her? Must be nice to have
a man supportin’ you. Rigo doesn’t support me, Mama. Then, shit, you must
so it’s like that, huh? Like what? Those courtesy nods. Come on. Oh, okay, I’m sorry.
Someone getting sensitive about their craft? Funny. All right, look,
the song is good. But I’ve already got the dance
and party turf covered with Sage and all the other boring crap that’s
at the label. You guys wanna be a part of
what I’m really trying to do, he’s gonna have to come
a lot harder than that. Look, I’m telling you,
kid can flow. Yeah, he can,
but what is he saying? What is he about?
What’s his story? Where is he from? I wanna work with people
who make me feel something. He can give you all of that. Yeah? Then show me. That’s how you get to the bag. Oh, really?
What you know about that bag? Well, bring me what I want, and I’ll show you. So you absolutely 100%
sure it was Matty? Yeah. Look, the watch went missing
when the house got tossed, and it wasn’t Twelve. It was Uncle Matty
the whole time. He’s the one who robbed us
and then straight up
lied to my face. He’s always been
a fucking clown. That’s why East always
kept him at bay. Can’t even promote him
’cause you can’t trust him. It’s cool, though.
We gotta get your shit back. Look, between me and you… Uncle Matty told me
he wanted to get rid of you. Get rid of me? Yeah, he said he
wanted you gone. Gone like what? Matty told me… [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Oh, shit! [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Poppy, I am so sorry. Really?
Fifty dollars on a Lyft. I just said I’m sorry.
Damn, I’ll pay you back. Rigo, you know it’s not
about the money. You said that
you was gonna pick… You know what?
I am so good. Yo, give me a minute,
all right? I gotta handle this. Poppy, come here, wait! So I’m like, “Dude, I know this is your
one-thousand-and-fiftieth tour, but it’s only my first, so how about you
give me a second.” Forty-two inches.
Remember that, okay? Mmm-hmm. He’s always like trying
to upstage everybody. But you can’t say anything because he’s all buddy-buddy
with the choreographer. What did I say, remember? Remember what? Look, I just mean, I know I’m not supposed
to let Zo get in my head, but he’s driving me nuts. So what do you think? I think I’m gonna put
the flat-screen right here. Huh? Yeah, right above
the Jacuzzi. Then I’m gonna have
the fish tank right there. So I’m sitting there
in the Jacuzzi looking
at the fish tank. What are you talking about?
I’m trying to talk to you. What I’m talking about
is the future. Okay? With Janelle in college
and you going on tour, I’m gonna make this the
bachelor pad I always wanted. You didn’t listen
to a word I just said,
did you? Sounds like you
got a bullying problem. This guy Zo, there’s only way
to take care of a bully. And that’s a two-piece
with extra spicy sauce. Pow! What?
That’s not really… Look, whenever you wanna slide
on them gloves, boy, let me know. We can go in the back yard,
we can get it in. I’ve been serving fools
way before I had a restaurant. You see… A koi pond. Baby, come here. Are you crazy? What? Sex is for people who don’t leave me on the corner
at 2:00 in the morning, Rigo. All right. How many times
I gotta apologize? Seriously, what is wrong
with you? It’s like I don’t
even know you anymore. [SIGHS] Baby, look. You know this stuff
with my dad got me trippin’. You know I’d never do
anything to hurt you. Not intentionally
at least, right? I know it’s got
to be hard for you. Mmm-hmm. So hard. [BOTH LAUGH] Don’t start.
You know I have rehearsal. So what?
How about a quick little 68, and you ain’t
even gotta owe me one, unless you’re
feeling generous. [LAUGHS] No. And besides, it’s just weird
in your dad’s room. I mean… I’m sorry. Well, now you
definitely owe me one. Come here. Come on. [KNOCK ON DOOR] MARQUISE: Yo, we gotta roll. Damn! What, man? Give me a minute! Oh, absolutely not. Baby, I’ll be quick, come on. [GRUNTS]
I thought I told you
to get rid of him. I am trying to,
but it’s complicated. See? That’s why you’re gonna
let Matty handle it. Baby, please don’t go
down this road.
I’m not doing this with you. I’m not asking you to.
All right? MARQUISE: Come on! Oh! Damn it, Marquise! Oh! Bring your ass! Goddamn, dawg! Knocking on the door like you
trying to join the party! [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS] Hey, everything cool? Yeah. I’m just worn out. Yeah, I’m feeling you
on that. All right.
Let’s line it up, everybody. Look, I just wanted to say
I’m sorry for the other night.
You know? I should’ve never put you
in that situation. You didn’t. Yeah… But it’s still weird,
you know? Right? Can’t believe we almost… But we didn’t. Yeah, right. Thanks for checking, though. All right, come on, everybody.
Let’s shake the BS off. All right? Shake it off,
for real. Shake it off. It’s a beautiful day,
your bills are paid, and we dance
for a living, y’all. So let’s get to work.
All right? Five, six, seven, eight! One and two and three, four. Five and six, seven, eight. One and two and three, four. Five and six, seven, eight. One and two
and three and four! And five and six
and seven and eight! One and two and three and four! And five and six… Five and six,
and what the fuck? Stop! Stop! Everybody stop. Wow! What am I looking at? Greyhound,
blind to the marks, clearly, ’cause you’re missing them
every single fucking time. Poppy, literally doing
the shit backwards. It’s toe then heel,
not the other way around. And Zo, brother,
I can smell the alcohol coming off you from out there. You smell like festivities,
brother. What’s that fragrance,
“Hooker In The Desert”? I am not a fan. What the fuck am I
looking at, y’all? What could possibly be wrong? Could it be that instead
of staying your ass
out the club and getting some rest
like I told you to do, y’all are out having
fucking luaus and shit! Yeah, as the faces
change, mmm-hmm. Colorful shirts
and floral skirts
and looking fucking nuts. You know what? It’s no wonder
Odalie is whupping y’all ass
in here. She’s the only person here
giving this shit
the respect it deserves. You know what?
Since we wanna act
like we don’t understand what “cease and desist”
means… Buddy Trevor… Trevor, you are fired. [QUIET MURMURING] Yeah, you’re fired. Go ahead and shake it on
out the door, brother. Everybody say “Bye, Trevor.”
Say “Bye, Trevor.” We’ll talk. Sage, what
the hell is wrong with you? They’re getting too
comfortable, okay? Everybody. Especially the newbies. We’re eight weeks out. And I’m 80 steps ahead, okay? Don’t worry, I wouldn’t
make a move like this
unless I had a plan. Did y’all notice
how easy that was for me? Trevor is now unemployed, and I’ma sleep like
a fucking baby tonight. You wanna know why? ‘Cause I
didn’t get Trevor fired. Y’all did.
That’s on y’all. ‘Cause y’all didn’t wanna
listen to the rules. I have said it so many times. I’m gonna get
some motherfucking
t-shirts made. Yep. I’m gonna use them
as parting gifts when I send your ass home. Anybody can get it
at any given point! Trevor’s getting one. It’s time to tighten
this shit up. [DOOR OPENS] Oh. As my special guest arrives
right on cue… [LAUGHTER] …I can tell by your faces that some of you
know who this man is. We are talking Beyonce’s
Coachella performance, Beyonce’sSingle Ladies,
we are talking
N.E.R.D.’sLemon.This man has given you
some of the most iconic dance
moments of the last ten years. And he is here to do
one of two things for me. Get y’all to the next level,
or confirm for me
who needs to join Trevor. Without further ado,
JaQuel Knight.
They are yours. All right, enough is enough. Here we go,
let’s get right to it. One, two, a three
and a four. Five, six, seven,
here we go.
We have a one, two, and a three and four.
Harder! Six, seven, eight. One, two, three, and four.
From the four you have a five, six, seven, and a eight.
Connect that from the top. Five, six, seven,
here we go. One, two, three, a four. Five, six, seven, a eight. No, we’re actually gonna do
the interview here at his school.
It’s perfect. No, of course it’s fine,
I mean, it’s his school. Water and a green juice,
please. [CARD READER BEEPS] Oh. Declined. What? You might wanna check it.
You know how sometimes
the cards be rubbin’ together. Um, could you hurry up,
please? Shorty got a weak strip. I’m sorry,
I don’t know what’s going on. Try that one. Oh! Did Odalie forget
to bring Ashley’s card? Sorry, this declined too. POPPY: Girl… Look, just put hers with mine
and keep the change. Thanks, Poppy. It’s all good. Oh, and seriously,
next time try cash. It’s real. Bye, Ashley. DONDRE:The first competitor
on the floor…
Give it up for my man Tal!Look like it was fun. You know, if your pops
wasn’t my pastor
back in the day, I would’ve fired your ass.
You are aware of that? I ain’t been to church
in a minute, so I’ma
use this as credit. I’m sorry. You sorry. Listen,
fuck your sorry. I’m looking right at you,
you not sorry. What the fuck
is wrong with you? You on some self-destructive,
Iyanla need to come fix
some shit? No. Then why are you
complicating easy shit? You already got Trevor fired. Who else you gonna
fuck this up for? Huh? One of your other
friends in there? Poppy? She on the chopping block next? Get your shit together…
before you run out of favor. Hey, I’ve been trying
to get a hold of you. Phone was off.
Is everything okay? I think we’ve been
kicked out. What? Our stuff was in the hallway. And there’s a lock on the door
and everything, so yeah. Damn it. It’s my dad,
he’s trying to prove a point. I’ll talk to him. Okay. Fine, whatever. But I got a job interview
in an hour. What am I supposed
to do with Justin? Leave him with me. You can’t have a kid
at rehearsal. And you can’t have one
at a job interview.
I’ll take care of it. Just go make it happen. All right. Be good for me, okay? See you later. Yeah. Hey, buddy.
What’s up? [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS] ♪I be fucking bitches
In and out of every state
♪ Different city
Different cars
Different license plates
♪ Canary bitches with the
diamonds all up in they face ♪
Nigga. [MUSIC STOPS] What? No! Look, Nine’s trying to
put us on in a real way, man. But you gotta start
spitting some realer shit! What do you mean, realer shit? Like… Saying
what’s on your mind, speaking from your heart. You talking about that,
like, positive rapping
and all that? Bruh, look at what you’re
going through right now. Police showing up to your crib,
family members robbing you, dope boys lurking,
your girl’s worried. And why? Because you’re
the surviving son of
one of the most respected hustlers this city’s ever seen. I’m not sayin’
exploit it,
but damn. Gotta make you
feel some kind of way. MARQUISE: Sure got me thinking. We can’t let
this Matty thing ride. [SIGHS] King, give us
a quick minute, all right? Real quick. We need to hurry up
and deal with Matty. The longer we take,
the weaker we look. Look, I know, man, but shit.
What you want me to do? I got homies with eyes
on him right now. Trust me to take care of it. It’s like I told you
when your dad died, you let me take care of
business and business
is gonna take care of you. So let me do what it is
I do best, and you keep doing
what you do best. You gonna be a star, man.
I’m committed to that. And I was also thinking.
Your dad’s death. For all we know, Matty
probably did that shit too. So what’s it gonna be? You gonna let me handle
it my way or what? Whatever you wanna do, man. Yo, King, let’s go. [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS] Five, six, seven, eight! [MUSIC PLAYS] Let’s go! Pick up! Clap! Keep it up! What the fuck, man? Hold it! Hold it! What’s happening here? Just Bambi steppin’ on toes. You know how new booty can be. Fuck you. Okay, calm down. Zo,
I thought you left that
foolishness at the Silverdome. Oh, my God, the Silverdome?
That show was crazy. Y’all remember I was on the
eight count and my thong
popped out? It was like… [LAUGHTER] JAQUEL: A fucking mess. ZO: That show… JAQUEL: Okay.
Enough is enough. Here we go. Let’s take it from the top
and put our game faces on. Cut that shit out. ZO: Okay, okay, okay. JAQUEL: Enough with
the hee-haw. [MUSIC PLAYS] Here we go.
Five, six, seven, eight! Yo. Yo, what the hell
is your problem? I’m sorry, what? Why are you always
fucking with me? [SCOFFS]
Someone thinks really
highly of themselves. Then what the hell
do you call that? I call that a favor. What? Look, you’re nothing but
a rookie ass art school dancer who needs to learn
his fucking place. I’m trying to teach you.
You’re welcome. On second thought… I mean,
you are kind of cute. Maybe if you learn
to talk less, I might let you hit. All right, bruh.
Expert opinion,
am I wasting my time, or is this group
gonna pan out?
Analytics. Let’s go. Well, I love me some Poppy. Don’t we all? But… It’s time she bring the sexy
to the grown folks’ table. Time to elevate.
I was thinking the same thing.
We love the booty, but it’s gotta be more
than just the booty.
What else you got? Odalie, incredible dancer. Fantastic fucking dancer. But she lacks
a bit of realness. That’s ’cause she thinks
she 42 different people. [LAUGHS] She crazy. White people crazy,
you know white people crazy. Anyway, Dondre,
what do you see? Bro, you either wanna
be here or not. One foot in, one foot out,
can you figure out
your fucking life? Okay, what else? Brings us to your boy. BOTH: The Greyhound. Somethin’ special
about this dude. There’s something there,
but until he believes it… It’ll never click. Right. Okay. Make whatever adjustments
you deem necessary, man. All right, man.
I got you. Davis… Jimenez? Jimenez. It says “J” here, not “H.”
You got a typo here. The “J” is…
It’s like Jose.
It sounds like… No worries. Hmm. Um… Do you know the difference
between a Remy and a Relaxed Natural? A Remy? Mmm… Quick. Three steps to applying
a lace-front wig? Uh… I’m sorry, son. Listen, man. This is Al’s Wigs and Wings. I need somebody that’s
a Renaissance man. I need somebody versatile,
like swoop and swap. Know what I’m saying?
This is not an easy gig. [PHONE RINGS] Juicy! Do not call me
and tell me you gonna be late when you already
40 minutes late! Listen. I can’t watch the grill
and watch the store
at the same time, Juicy! Huh? [SIGHS] Juicy, get here when you can. Mr. Al, you said you need
somebody on the grill, right? I’ve been grilling
since I was nine.
Okay, just let me show you. I may not be the best
at interviews, I know that. But I know how to audition. Can you do the boogaloo too? [EXHALES] Come on, man. Thank you. Thank you. Normally, this is where
the hot wings go. JAQUEL: Okay, okay, let’s
switch this thing up a bit. Odalie, let me actually
move you up to the front.
Let me switch you two out. Tal, let me move you
to the back. Dondre, let me bring you up. We don’t have all day. Um, Tal switch again for me.
Right here. Okay, let’s see
what this bad boy look like.
Here we go. Five, six, seven, and…
Come on. [IMITATES DRUMS] And a…
Crack-crack-a-boom-crack. And a… Tap-tap-ta-boom-pop.
And a… Boom. Bop-da-da-dum-crack. And a… Pop-pop-ba-boom-pop. And a… Tick-tock-da-dock-boom-pop.
And a… Hold up, hold up, hold up! Whose child is this? Justin! I am so sorry. I had
to bring him. I promise
it won’t happen again. [CHUCKLES] Uh-uh!
Not Miss Professionalism? Girl, is this rehearsal
or a daycare? Yeah, like, seriously,
Ash, get it together. [LAUGHS] Gotta work on that,
baby girl. I’m sorry. Okay, don’t be sorry.
Just don’t do it again. From the top.
Five, six, seven, and… Boom-bop-bop-ba-boom-bop. And a…
And a… [MUSIC PLAYS] I’ll get you some corn bread.
What can I get for you guys? [DOOR OPENS] [SHOP BELL JINGLES] You want some collard greens? You got the job! I got the job. Congratulations, baby. Thanks. Good job. I know it’s not much, but… No, it’s huge. Yeah? Here. Take this.
We’ll just be a second. So what’s going on?
You talk to your dad? No, and I’m not
going to either. [SCOFFS] And why is that? Because I did nothing wrong. So you wanna be stubborn and waste money
on a hotel tonight? Can’t. He cut
the credit cards too. Shit. Odalie, you know
we’re screwed, right? I’m sorry, but he has to learn that I’m an adult who can’t be
controlled with money anymore. Look, I get it, okay? You’re not just some rich girl
living off your dad, but if we got nowhere to go… WOMAN: What are y’all doing? Shit. Look, I gotta get
back to work, okay? Just pick me up
from Tal’s tonight. [SIGHS] Look, we’ll figure
this out. All right?
We always do. Just in the meantime,
talk to your dad. Got you right here,
buddy. Thank you, man,
appreciate it. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Hey. What is all this? Oh, I pulled a few strings and got 37 Questions
to film here at High Water. But I never
signed off on that. Because I never needed you to. I’m sorry, what? Okay, for clarity,
I’m replacing Johnny-One. I’m handling all things
media for Sage, and I’m going to do
whatever I need to do to make sure that his tour
is a success. So from now on, you can start
looking at me as an adult with more important things
to do than come check in
with the school principal. SAGE:Coming to America.WOMAN: Venue? Oh, Hollywood Bowl. Musical inspirations? Oh, the greats, the greats.
You know? The Jacksons, Michael, Janet, Mahalia. Uh, also I like The Beatles.
Gotta mix it up now and again. When did you realize
you were a star? [LAUGHS] You humble me. And cut. Great stuff, Sage. Let’s set up
the next shot in the cafe. Cool. Let’s make this quick.
I got shit to do. How was that? ALL: Good. I sound smart?
I was tryin’ to sound smart. You all wanna know the real
reason I started singing, though, for real for real? ALL: Yeah. Bad skin, worst teeth,
and a fade that wouldn’t quite fade on the left side. Like brush that thing
and it’s just not going down. Life was terrible
until I realized girls would give you some
if you could sing
Color Me Badd songs. ALL: Ooh! You know, I was
in that cafeteria, every morning talking about…♪ Ooh♪ Girl, you know it
feels real good
♪ Ooh
Come on, background.♪ We can do it
till we both wake up
♪ Ooh
Hey!♪ Girl, you know
I’m hooked on you
♪ Ooh
♪ And this is what I’ll doSing it! ALL:
♪ I wanna sex you up
Hey! What y’all know
about this song?♪ Girl, you make me feel…♪ I want to sex you up ♪SAGE: That’s what
I’m talking about! [ALL CHATTERING] [VOCALIZING] Old souls in here! [ENGINE REVVING] [SIGHS] So what’s this? Told you I had eyes on ’em. Yo, what the hell
are you doing? Motherfucker said he wanna
take me out like I’m not gonna pull up? I wanna see about it. You fuckin’ crazy?
We are not about
to do this shit! Nigga, everybody will see! I don’t give a fuck! They need to see! We said we
doing it my way. So when he creep
his bitch-ass out the diner,
call that motherfucker! I’m not calling shit right now. You fucking crazy, dawg, no! I’m not fucking with you. Oh, shit! What up, boss? [EXHALES SHARPLY] Dondre, what up? Chilling. Just grabbin’ a bite to eat
with Ohio. What about y’all? Y’all comin’ or goin’? TAL: I guess I should say
congratulations. Thanks. Something wrong? Yeah. I mean, no. It’s just… [SIGHS] Actually, things kind of
really suck at the moment, man. But whatever, we’ll figure
something out, right? What the hell’s going on? Odalie’s dad kicked us out
of the apartment this morning. Oh, shit. Are you serious? Yeah. She’s trying
to fix things with him, but I mean, that still
leaves me and Justin
without a spot tonight. Why don’t you
stay at our place? Real talk, y’all
should come out
this Thursday. Got a crazy venue
for the next jump-off. It’s gonna be a classy one too. RIGO: Yeah. DAVIS: I don’t know, Tal,
I just met the guy today. Believe me,
you just saved his ass too. Dude, this could be
longer than you think. It’ll be fine. Okay? I’m pretty
sure Al would love to have
an omnipresent grill guy. [EXHALES SHARPLY] Dude, you’re a lifesaver, man. Thank you. No problem. DONDRE: For real,
you should hit me up. Yeah, yeah. We definitely
gonna check that out. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Shouldn’t you be in there
with your girlfriend? What? What’s that supposed to mean? Yeah, Dondre, don’t even… You know what? You got it. Rigo, hit me up. We should talk. There he is.
Call him. Call him. Just… Call him! Rigo, call him! Marquise… Call him! Rigo, right now! Fucking call him! [TIRES SQUEALING] So let me get this straight. You just move a guy in here
without my consent, without asking me,
to my house? Look, it’s just
a temporary thing, all right?
Until he gets back on his feet. Oh, it’s just
a temporary thing? You think I’m
Boo-Boo the Fool? No, I just thought that since Janelle’s gone,
her room is free, and… It wouldn’t
be such a big deal. It’s not about the room.
Tal, this is still my house. I call the…
All this is my shit. See that light?
That’s my shit.
See that? It’s my shit! All yours. I still call the shots! Okay? Okay. And I really am sorry. Okay? But I never would have
done anything like this
unless he really needed help. And he really needed help. You’re pushing it. But I guess it would be
kind of cool knowing that my grill guy
has a nice place to stay. Exactly. [LAUGHS] And also if you get
the late night inspiration, he could even
journal for you. Don’t do that again.
It’s my house. First and last. This my shit. This my shit! [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS] That’s that hit, right? Nice. Just wait till
Rigo gets on it. I’m tellin’ you,
this is gonna be it. Yeah? Well,
you better hurry up with that, because I’m getting
new artists in every day. I mean, yesterday… Beats on wheels! [LAUGHS] Oh, you too good
to laugh, huh? Lighten up, pimpin’.
We gettin’ money now. Drinks on me. [UNCLE MATTY LAUGHS] Who the hell was that? Don’t even worry about it. Hey. How’d things
go with your dad? What’s up, papi? Why don’t you go to the kitchen
and get a drink of water. Okay? You didn’t talk
to your dad, did you? It’s not that simple, Davis. My relationship
with my dad’s different. Hey, so I was thinking,
you still know how to sneak
into High Water, right? Maybe… No. [LAUGHS] Let me finish. No. All right? If something
goes wrong, then I’m
committing a crime. You know I can’t take
that chance with Justin. Okay. Then we’ll
sleep in the car tonight and I’ll ask Sage for an
advance in the morning. He’s been kind of a dick
about the money,
but I know he likes me. We can just tell Justin
we’re camping. No. I’m not gonna have
Justin sleep in the car. Okay, and I’m definitely
not taking him to
a homeless shelter either. [SIGHS] I see you’ve already
made a plan. I gotta put him first, Odalie. I can’t believe you
didn’t tell me. What am I sup… What am I supposed to do, huh? The social worker
is on my ass every day. They find out about this,
Justin’s gone! You’ve got a place to go.
We don’t. Look, I know this
is hard for you… but just go home. Babe. What the hell
were you thinking, man? Don’t you ever put me
in no situation like that! Who the fuck are you talking to
like that? You ain’t East-O! Motherfucker,
you ain’t either! Watch your mouth. I don’t care how bad he is, he’s still my family,
we ain’t killin’ nobody! We’ll find another way
to handle this shit, man. [CELL PHONE RINGS] What’s up? Yo, guess who’s at Velvet City
tossing your money? All right, we on the way. What’s going on? He’s at Velvet City. Oh, shit. Let’s get it. No. This time we
doing this my way, all right? We just gonna talk to him.
Nothing more, nothing less. Nigga, please. Come on. [GRUNTS] I’m serious, man. All right. No guns,
no violence,
just talk to him. [LINE RINGING] What’s that? You said no violence,
that’s cool. But I ain’t stupid. Yo, meet me
at Velvet City, ASAP. [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] Where he at? Hey. I was really tryin’
to rock with you, and you was lying
to me the whole fucking time! Better sit
your little ass down.
You know who I am? Tryin’ to get fame off my name. Fame? Fuck all this talkin’, man. RIGO: Yo, chill out. Look, just give me
the money you stole, and the watch, you’ll never hear
from us again. UNCLE MATTY: Listen, boy. I didn’t take your money.
And even if I did, so what? Ain’t nothing you
or your punk-ass bodyguard gonna do about it,
so keep it pushed. That’s right. You ain’t half
the man your daddy was. Both of y’all some bitches. Tell me this. How in the hell
a OG like East-O have two sons
both turned hoes? Oh, shit. Look at ’em. They didn’t know they brothers. Probably because one’s
a damn throwaway kid, and the other’s too busy doing
what dancing faggots do! [GRUNTS] Shit! [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS] [GRUNTING] [PEOPLE SCREAMING] [GRUNTING] DANA: Now that’s a man
taking care of his business. That’s what
I’m talking about. Fuck. Give me that track. [GRUNTING] [INAUDIBLE] [UNCLE MATTY GRUNTING] Me and my pops
got another thing in common. We both don’t like
bitch-ass niggas! [GRUNTS] Yo, get him the fuck up
out of here! Don’t come back again,
or next time I’m gonna
kill you my goddamn self! On my daddy, bitch! [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Hey, Rigo. Stage, get on stage!
Get on stage! Go! Go! [MUSIC STARTS]♪ Picked the wrong fight
Picked the wrong night
♪ And I ain’t gonna be here♪ For none of that pretty boy
Shit any street life
♪ Got one eye on this scepter♪ Keeping one eye on my blood♪ Enemies on the stretcher
Down there breaking they necks
On the floor
♪ Bully set the trap♪ Got the family in my grunt♪ Got my name up in they mouth♪ I’ma have to shut ’em up♪ I’m on a whole ‘nother level♪ Standing up under
The pressure
♪ Doing it better
Than veterans
I’ma take this grunt♪ Coming for the top
I’ma be that King Kong
♪ Can’t nobody stop
Y’all ain’t ready for me
[ALL CHEERING]♪ Y’all ain’t ready for me♪ I’ma take the throne
Coming for the streets
♪ Got it in my blood
This a living legacy
♪ Y’all ain’t ready for me♪ Y’all ain’t ready for me♪ I’ma take the throne ♪Rigo! [GLASS BREAKS] [BRAKES SQUEALING] Rigo, come on! Poppy, come on!
What are you doing? I’m not going
with you, Rigo. What? I told you I’m
not doing this. Poppy, it’s a street thing,
you don’t get it! I get it. The streets
was your daddy’s thing. It was never supposed
to be yours. I’m done. Are you serious right now?
I don’t have time for this! Just go! [SIREN WAILING] This may be your new life,
but it ain’t mine. MARQUISE: Come on, Rigo! You talking crazy. Leave! Fuck, man! Go, go, go!
Come on, go! [TIRES SQUEALING] TAL: Hey! What? I wanted to make you breakfast. Look at this! [LAUGHS] I just…
I wanted to say
I’m sorry about Davis, and I didn’t
mean any disrespect. None taken. So how’d that thing work out
with you and the guy? What guy? The bully. Did you put
hands and feet on him? What bully?
Oh, you mean Zo? No, it’s… Who’s this? I’m Justin,
and I’m hungry. DAVIS: Justin! Okay, um…
I can explain. This is my little brother. We’re kind of
a package deal. Mmm-hmm. Right.
It’s his little brother. Package deal. I’m really sorry, Uncle Al. Is there anybody else? I meant to tell you… There’s no sisters?
No cousins? This is the package? We’ll talk later. You want… You want this? I’m gonna take this. This one. What is this? Oh. You can thank me later. This isn’t funny.
There’s a strategy behind everything we do
based on actual data which music novices like you
would know nothing about. Yeah, and seven million
people disagree. I don’t give a damn if it
gotThis Is Americaclicks. With the exception
of the High Water Newsletter, do not ever post
anything Sage-related again. Unless you wanna make the
front page of that newsletter, you should probably
get the hell out of my office. Do you understand? [KNOCK ON DOOR] Yo! Seven million views? We on a humble,
we weren’t even trying! Clearly the boy still got it. [CHUCKLES] So what’s going on
with this Zo guy? You got a problem, let me know
because I still owe you one. No, it’s not that
kind of bullying. It’s just… It’s just stupid
dance beef, you know. Yeah. To think
I used to hate dance beefs. Hey, man, I’m sorry.
That was stupid of me. I wasn’t thinking. No, man. No worries.
I’m over it. Look, man, I’ve seen you dance. What makes you so dope
is your focus. It’s like you got this
natural ability to just lock in and kill it every time. You do every time you dance. Thanks, man.
I appreciate that. Just make sure you
don’t focus on him. Don’t worry about it.
Y’all are just breakin’ up
to make up like you always do. He’ll be back in no time. No, it’s for real this time. And I’ma see to it. [SCOFFS] Well, be careful
what you ask for. It’s hard out here
for a woman on her own. Especially a grown woman
still chasing a fantasy. Thanks, Mom. I know you’re
just trying to help. See you tonight. SAGE: All right, all right. I know what this man
is capable of, which means if this still sucks,
I blame you! It’s time to see who elevated
and who is joining Trevor
on a permanent vacation. Let’s get it going. JAQUEL: Here we go,
give it your all, guys. This is showtime.
Five, six, seven, and… [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING] [ALL PANTING] [APPLAUSE] You cleaned up
my shit sandwich. I did the best
I could, brother. I cannot thank you enough. JAQUEL: Y’all take five. [CHEERING] Any extra jewels for me? They’re a pretty good bunch. You should be good to go. SAGE: Okay, one last thing. If you had to bet
the farm on one dancer, who you rocking with? Odalie. Thought so, right?
One last adjustment. Let’s… Let’s put Greyhound
back in front. Got it. My man. I got you, brother. There’s a smile on my face! I know you don’t see it often. Take a picture. You ain’t gonna
see a lot of them. However, good job. [CHEERING] [LAUGHS, SCREAMS] We killed that shit, yo! Yo! We killed that shit! [CHEERING] Right? Ah! It was lit. Felt good, right? I mean, like, damn,
we ’bout to kill this tour. I know, right? Yeah. I can’t wait. Me neither. Oh… You can’t what? Huh? Okay, I guess I really am
looking forward to it. Uh-huh, uh-huh.
I gotta say, Dre, I didn’t think
you could do this. What? High Water, the tour.
It’s a lot of hard work. But… I’m impressed. Hmm… I’ll give you something more
to be impressed about. What you gonna do? Hey, it’s Dondre. I was just calling
to see if it wasn’t too late
to get my deposit back. I wanted to cancel
for tomorrow night. Damn, it is? Okay, that’s cool,
I still want to cancel. Yeah. Thanks. So what was that? Um… I think I’m done
with the party business
for a minute. I’m not messing this up
for me or you. That’s very thoughtful. Actually, I’m being
selfish as fuck. Oh. Okay. [BOTH LAUGH] You wanna go
somewhere… Together? Yeah. Yeah.
I think I’d like
that very much. [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS]♪ Picked the wrong fight
Picked the wrong night
♪ And I ain’t gonna be here
For none of that pretty boy
Shit any street life
♪ Got one eye on this scepter
Keeping one eye on my blood
♪ Enemies on the stretcher
Down there breaking they necks
To look up
♪ This type of trap
Got the family in my grunt
♪ Got my name up in they mouth
I’ma have to shut ’em up
♪ I’m on a whole ‘nother level
Standing up under
The pressure
♪ Doing it
Better than veterans
I’ma take the throne
♪ Coming for the top
I’ma be that King Kong
♪ Can’t nobody stop
Y’all ain’t ready for me
♪ Hey, hey
Y’all ain’t ready for me
You sure this okay?
You know we both
work for Sage, right? Sage doesn’t have
to know about it. Good shit like this?
The next big thing? This is my drug.
This is what I live for.♪ Hey, hey♪ I’ma take the throne♪ Pops passed me this torch
Gave me this fire
Got me this horse
♪ My fist clenched and I’m
Superman in this high tower
♪ I’ma run this business
Like a track star Olympic
Golden chains…
Raise the treble up
a little bit. KING: Yeah.♪ Show me a castle
I crumble it
Quick on my feet
♪ And you’re stumbling
Fumbling, over the shit
♪ That I do in my sleep
And I’m ready to rumble it
♪ I keep seeing all this money
In the air
♪ With my name printed on it
Y’all are suckers up in here
♪ Y’all don’t think I’m gonna
Come for the bag
♪ Take over for Dad
Pick up where he left off
♪ And that’s on my life
I’ma take the throne
♪ Coming for the top
I’ma be the King Kong
♪ Can’t nobody stop
Y’all ain’t ready for me
♪ Hey, hey♪ Y’all ain’t ready for me
Hey, hey
♪ I’ma take the throne ♪SAGE:This tour is not
supposed to be just
for performance, people.
I need y’all to make me
feel something.Do not embarrass yourself!Do not embarrass me! Whee! MAN: Let’s go! ZO:The shit that happens
in that studio
sometimes you winand sometimes you loseand sometimes you get lucky.Are we interrupting something? [CLEARS THROAT]
Mmm-mmm. Five, six, seven, eight… TAL:I don’t know
what his problem is…
but I don’t like having
beef with anybody. [GRUNTS] Oh, my God,what am I looking at?Did you see the jump?Just trying to be you,
you know? Making shit up as I go. I didn’t make this up,
I live this! This is my life! NINE:I’m going to do
whatever I need to do
to make sure that his tour
is a success. I never signed off
on that. Because I never
needed you to. KING:Look at what you’re
going through right now.
Police showing up
to your crib,
family members robbing you,dope boys lurking.What the hell
is wrong with you? He’s what’s wrong with me! Odalie’s dad kicked us out
of the apartment this morning. Get your shit together before your run out of favor. POPPY: Please don’t go
down this road. I’m not doing this with you. You ain’t half the man
your daddy was. SAGE:I need y’all right now…more than I ever have before.Y’all are artists.WOMAN: Show him who you are
and what you really wanted.Let’s get it![ALL CHEERING] Ready to watch
the entire season? All episodes of
Step Up: High Water

season 2 are now available
on YouTube Premium. So, just click
to the right
to sign up and you can try it free
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