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Today I’m in beautiful Orlando Florida to bring you guys along to a event that I’ve been dying to go to for the past couple of years, Reef-A- Palooza. Clearly lately I’ve caught a bit of a saltwater bug, so I had to come in here and check it out. There’s also going to be a ton of things going on here. I’m really excited to meet up with a bunch of my friends introduce you guys to some people as well, some familiar faces as well. I hope to kind of capture the event for what it is and show you as much as I can, hopefully we’ll be able to just that. The first thing I have to do is get my ticket. To be honest with you, all I want to do- is go in there. Alright, I don’t really have much of a plan except kind of wander around and figure out everything that’s going on Hello, well look at this! Love the shirt. Woman: Nice to meet you. *gestures to daughter* This is another fan of yours. Hello Nice to meet you little lady. Wanna be in the vlog? So like I thought, this place is huge. There’s a whole lot here; I have no idea how I’m gonna be able to see everything This place is not only big but it’s also packed with all kinds of hobbyists. I gotta tell ya this is my element, this is where I love to be. Joey: “Excuse me, what’re you doing with my shirt on?” Man: “Woah” Twins! We’ve got another one. Nice shirt there man. We’ve got twins over here, love it. I don’t even know where to begin, maybe we should just kind of start on the outside. I do know some people are showing up here that I want to show this event to as well so maybe I’ll try to find some interesting stuff and we’ll go from there. Look at this. And this, this is just one room. I guess this is in two rooms. You know it’s actually tanks just like this one that make me really want to have a coral reef and there’s a couple of things that truly stand out to me and that’s the simplicity of the rock work, as well as the bare bottom tank. a lot of people are no longer keeping substrates because it’s more of a hassle then it’s worth to be honest and unless you have specific fish or animals within the aquarium that need that substrate a lot of the times they no longer use it. So, that’s something that interests me because I’m already used to bare bottom tanks. However, what I really enjoy about this is just the sheer volume of coral, the diversity, and it looks so full. And the thing about saltwater aquariums is the more and more you look into them, and see how these are succesfully run, it’s the simplicity of all the equipment. I mean we’ve got a nice light, of course, and then the overflow system goes down into the sump here- which I assume- is very basic. Nothing fancy here. This looks like something I would have definitely put together, that looks to be 20 gallons sump filtered socket, of course this is just a temporary system. But, to be honest with you, a lot of the aquariums these days are being set up simplistically, not many of them have a massive amount of equipment on them. Which is very interesting to me I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get in too close to the booths, I don’t know what reef keepers are like do we bump each other out of the way or? Cause that’s kind of seeming the way it’s going to have to go cause as you can see, every booth is packed. If I was a vendor this is the event that I’d want to come to. Alright so, I’ve made it to the other side of the room. This entire ballroom is just filled with these booths. I’ve just walked the perimeter and I just found the entrance to the other half of the event. Right now I’m just kind of mapping things out and getting an idea of what I want to look at and spend my time with. There’s supposed to be speakers here as well as raffles, I’m not sure where any of that is right now. But I’m sure we’re going to find out, again, I’ve got to try to go through as much of this as possible before my friends get here. Oh man, look at how many raffles there are all kinds of cool raffle items here, we’ve got full tank set ups & all types of equipment also gift certificates et cetera, but I need to find something that I like and I can also fit on the plane home, I think I’ve found just the thing. Okay so this is the MP10 VorTech, definitely an awesome power head, I think I’m going to put tickets into that one into the Vectra L1, this thing is a beast, fully controllable et cetera, awesome centrifugal pump then you’ve got the Radion XR30W Pro, another awesome light and these are the three things that I really like in the room the most and that are going to fit into my luggage So, time to start adding these tickets. *laughs* We’re both going to vlog. Guess who else is here? Jenny from SolidGold, you guys know her. Jenny: “Hi!” *Music* It’s started to die down a little bit in here, we were able to kind of check out a lot more of the aquariums & a lot more booths so far, it’s not going so bad I mean there’s a lot to see and check out. I think what I’m most interested in though is the coral as well as the fish Joey: “what do you think Jenny, what do you like?” Jenny: “Lot of corals, lots of corals. I’m not a coral person, so for me it’s kind of like they look cool but I don’t really know exactly what I’m looking at.” Joey: ” Yeah” Jenny: “I wish there were more fish” Joey: “Yeah, there’s not a lot of fish but there’s also a lot of booths so it’s kind of hard to take it all in and make sure you cover everything” Jenny: “Yeah” Joey: “But, for the most part, we’re enjoying it.” Joey: “Oh we’re going to vlog each other. Look at who else showed up guys. Another blog inception” Bryan: “My boy Joey here from The King Of DIY got me in, what’s up brother?” So, we’re going to bring Bryan through here & show him around, see if there’s anything that gets him excited about the hobby or that might peak some interest but at the end of the day really it’s all about just letting them experience what we all love. Alright guys, you know who else I bumped into? Mark Callaghan, Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Joey: “Mark, Reef-A-Palooza, I had to come check it out. What’s something you like about it and why do these guys got to come?” Mark: “The thing about Reef-A-Paloozas is that it has like a hometown françois type of feel where everyone kind of knows each other and you can say ‘Oh, I haven’t seen you in forever.’ it’s a community type feel as opposed to just a big trade show where people don’t know each other, it’s a great place to reconnect with old friends and see some fantastic gear and some fantastic coral and really enjoy what the hobby is all about which is community and learning from each other.” Joey: “Absolutely and you get to meet guys like your favourite youtuber like Mark, Myself, Jenny, Bryan, the list goes on and on, there’s so many reasons to come to things like this.” So apparently, there’s also Go Kart races after Reef-A-Palooza which I had to enroll in, George is coming as well I think I’m a shoe in we’re probably going to win most likely but we’ll see what happens I didn’t win at the Go Kart races last night, I also didn’t win any of the raffles but I had a tremendous amount of fun on the first day. Today is day 2 and I’m going to head over there now and see what I can get myself into but I gotta say, what a beautiful resort and what a amazing event so far, it’s clear to me that the guys here at Reef-A-Palooza truly care about their vendors and the people that attend while making sure that everybody is having fun I’m going to stop and talk to a couple of vendors and see what’s new and if there is anything we can learn from them Bashsea aquatics is here you guys, you’ll remember the tour I did of their facility. They’re here displaying a few of their sumps, aquariums and that sort of thing. Absolutely amazing, I can’t wait to get back to that facility these guys have made a lot of progress with those aquariums I showed you he set up So at some point, I’d like to get back to Detroit and give you guys an update I’ve got to say, Bashsea does make some of the sexiest sumps in the industry Joey: “Oh you guys are the ones that make a lot of custom aluminium framing?” Vendor: “Yeah, we’ve got a lot of aluminium stands, light mounting” Joey: “Look at this, this is just a example of some of the options, eh?” Vendor: “Yeah, y’know if you want to adjust your lighting..” DIY: “You got the stand there, very nice, so would this come in a kit?” Vendor: “Yep & then you’d build it yourself” Vendor: “So it’s great for the DIY fish keeper” Joey: “Oh yeah, you’ve got it” Joey: “Pretty cool, much heavier then I thought it was gonna be” Vendor: “Yeah, we’ve got small ones, bigger ones.. this is a 3×6 for instance.” Joey: “Oh wow” Vendor:”We can do larger ones if we need to” Joey:”Very nice, awesome guys” Vendor: “Yep” Joey: “Thanks” Oh Ryan, what’s happening my man? I had to stop in to Ryans arguably one of my most favourite aquarium channels on youtube Ryan: “Arguably?” Joey: “Okay yes my favourite” Joey: “One of my favourites but you guys definitely know him I mean, he makes some of the best videos of the industry, a lot of tutorials, you guys are doing something a lot different now, you’re literally doing how to set up all these products, you’re really digging deep right?” Ryan: “Yeah man, we’re going into it, I’d say we were inspired by mythbusters man” Joey: “Yeah” Ryan: “We’re trying to one up the 52 weeks of reefing, we’ve moved on to challenging all the things that we think we know about aquariums and we started with trying to find out stuff about filters socks, how much nutrients did it really remove? These lights for the refugiums, do they actually work? and if they do work, what about this $300 light VS a $49.99 home depot light. So we’re going to go into things like spectrum, do blue spectrum grow corals any different than others? we’re curing rocks different ways, all kinds of stuff.” Joey: “Yeah I definitely got to appreciate that sort of things because as hobbyists we ask ourselves these questions but we don’t have the resources or money to do a lot of these comparisons and really dig deep into this, so from a lot of us out here we certainly appreciate what you guys are doing. and I know I’m watching closely.” Ryan: “By watching you guys are giving me my dream job, we get to pour all of our resources into finding out all these questions for everybody or at least doing our best to look deeper into it and elevate conversation the best we can, so I can appreciate that people are engaging with the content enough” Joey:” Yeah you guys are one of the best in the industry, arguably like I said one of my favourite, I can’t do a list.” *Laughs* Joey: “Because people are going to get peed off at me. But you guys are up there, thanks for having me” Ryan: “Thanks man” Joey: “Lets see what Ecotech has got going on, what’s new? I know that you guys came out with a new Vectra pumps I know that I want to start using them, so we’ll need a little bit more information on them, what’s going on with those?” Ecotech: “Well actually we have one running down here in the sump. This is a Vectra M1 and it’s a DC controllable return pump with quiet drive technology in it so it runs very quiet & it also integrates with all of our other equipment that is wireless enabled which is everything except for the MP10 non wireless which you can upgrade… But, yeah, we have it, you can run it internally underwater or externally in-line and you can use them for freshwater or saltwater tanks, it’s covered by the same warranty and customer service support as the rest of our products and it seems to be very popular.” Joey: “Awesome” So Reef-A-Palooza a lot like a lot of other events, there’s a ton of vendors here, raffles, draws, giveaways, speakers but the number one thing that I’ve noticed with this event so far is the energy levels are a lot different. As well as the people that put the event on truly care about the hobbyists that’re here as well as the vendors. They’ve been doing a whole lot for us and today I got Victor and Lou, these are the gentlemen that are responsible for putting the event on and I want to get their thoughts on that, what do you think sets Reef-A-Palooza apart from other events that go on year round? Man on right: “What we try to do here at Reef-A-Palooza is we try to care for the customers which is the vendors and here for the public to make it affordable and easy to access event that has a good energy” Joey: “Yeah, that’s like the biggest thing I’ve noticed is the energy levels” Man on left: “Focus on family is important too, we make sure that people come in and make it a family event because sharing the love with the hobby with your family is so important, y’know?” Joey: “Yeah and I’ve got to thank you guys for inviting me out to this event and it goes without saying that Reef-A-Palooza NY is right around the corner ” and I’ll admit right now, I came to the Orlando event simply to get an idea of what it’s going to be like and make my final decision as to whether I’m going to Reef-A-Palooza NY, what’re the date of those?” Man on left: ‘June 24th & 25th at the Meadowlands Exposition Center” Joey: “Awesome, I’ll leave links in the description box below however my answer to whether or not I’m going is this: Absolutely. If it’s anything like this I have to be there” I leave in about an hour but I definitely got to jump in the pool at least once before I go Joey: “Are you ready to do a cannon ball?” Let’s do it! Joey: “Uh, do you have a towel?” No Alright guys, that’s it for me today I have to get home I have a lot of work to do in the gallery, I couldn’t stop thinking about that but it must be said that anytime freshwater or saltwater aquarium hobbyists and really any aquarium hobbyisst in general can get together for a event like this there’s always going to be a good time. A lot of the time you can count me in to come to these things

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