Saltwater Yellow Sponge Crab = Designer Coral Reef Aquarium

Oh Check me out, I’ve got pretty pink pincers
and a cap on my head. The furred sponge crab is a cute little guy.
He is a small crab no larger than 1-1.5 inches in diameter. He is round and is covered in
very fine fur. His front pincers are pink tipped and the coolest thing about this guy
is that he actually uses his pincers to snip out a new cap from sponge and then holds it
on his body with his last pair of legs. They are very slender and they are bent over the
back of his body. He uses these little pincers to keep his cap in place as he walks around
and when you see him on the reef it is actually very difficult to even know that there is
a crab there because it just looks like a small piece of sponge that is growing on the
rock face. This crab will eat dead and decaying algae
waste detritus and left over food. Care should always be given when adding any larger crabs
to a reef tank. Do you want your reef tank to impress them?
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