Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus WATERPROOF Test- 💦1 Hour UNDERWATER IP-68 Test|Fingerprint Test Underwater?

Whtzup guyz! In this Video letz Test-out the
IP-68 Waterproof capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, will it survive Underwater
for more than 1 hour? Starting the Water Test by checking the layer
of Oleophobic Coating on the Corning Glass Protection! This Oleophobic layer does a great
job of reducing fingerprint smudges and repels water off the screen in the form of droplets
instead of sticking to the glass surface! This Oleophobic layer is completely missing
on some devices like the Vivo Y81, V9 Pro, Oppo A7, A3s and every single Realme device
where water tends to stick to the glass instead of rolling-0ff!
These splashes don’t seem to effect the IP-68 Certified Galaxy S10+, with the low Audio
from the External Speakers recovering within few seconds! So, moving onto the next Round
of some Heavy Drenching! The Flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus as expected
is able to handle heavy drenching and splashes like a champ, so next letz Drop it inside
water and let it submerge completely underwater and see what happens!?
The sound is actually a bit audible even when underwater and you can feel the sound waves
kind of vibrating on your fingerz!! As you can see, the Ultrasonic fingerprint
scanner does not really work underwater! But the Face Unlock feature, functions as normal
like it does when outside of water & does a great job of recognizing faces and Unlocking
even when the S10 Plus is completely drowned inside water!
Now let the Galaxy S10+ marinate inside water for more than an Hour, which will give you
a good idea if the IP-68 Waterproofing actually works or not!?
The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has been underwater more than an hour now, so letz see if the
IP-68 Rating has worked or has it suffered any damage? The water abuse has made absolutely
no difference to the functioning of the Galaxy S10+ including the Sound or the Camera and
passes my Water Test with ease!

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