Sci-Fi Short Film “Lucid Nation” | A DUST Exclusive Premiere

See you guys tomorrow Josh, come on! Hey boys how was school today? Hi Mrs. Chapman Henry, I threw away a moldy piece of bread that was on your desk. Will you please stop bringing home your science experiments Yeah, sure mom, I’ll do it tomorrow You actually kept that thing? Were you really going to use it on Mr. Tompkins Tell me you got the bulb I got it all right Are you sure we should be doing this? You can’t whimp out on me now I just mean don’t be who hallucinate like freak out Freak out? What are you talking about man? We’re not gonna lose our minds anything We might just you know see some colors like when you push your wrist in your eyeballs real hard You’ve never? Are you kidding me? You’ll be fine – trust me Let’s do this All right Are you ready? Yeah All right, you’re all set Godspeed What? What is it? Hey, what..what do you see Josh? What do you see? Hey…hey Josh! Hey can you hear me? Josh? Josh, can you hear me? Ahhh Jeez jerk! It’s way too bright in here can you shut the blinds? I can see around the edges of the balls I don’t know I didn’t notice it I guess I can hear you I could hear you too Well stop talking to me then shit man I gotta go if Becky gets home before me she’ll be on the phone all night and I’ll never be able to sign on Whatever, see you at the bus stop Waste of time Henry Aloysius Chapman What? I’ve been calling you What are you doing in there? Nothing Mom I’ll be there soon You better be Wait Mom Did you see Josh leave? Yes, about 20 minutes ago. That’s when I started calling you Now please come in here and set the table like I asked because your sister’s gonna be home soon Ok, I’ll be there in a second 20 minutes… Does Coach Knight always have to use you as the sweep? I mean your constantly getting called for obstruction Yeah, but whatever, at least I’m starting I just don’t want you getting hurt Mom it’s fine I’m the fastest girl on the team and when we do corners I’m always the one that gets it out it just make sense Maybe I don’t know I just…it’s my job to keep you guys safe Isn’t that right Henry? Isn’t that right Henry? Oh…yeah mom like I said I can do it
tomorrow What are you talking about? Mom, if I were you I’d be worried about this spaz and his his science experiments. Not me Hey is it cool if we shut off lights? It’s okay by me Henry? Wait Nevermind We try it again tonight Again? You didn’t realize it was a bunch of bull the first time? It’s not bull We just weren’t doing it right What do you mean? Red light, ping-pong balls, radio static, we had it all Well it was just…you know less than perfect So what are you gonna do? Well for starters darken the room a little bit try better headphones I know my sister’s got those good ones the ones that go right in your ear She uses them when she goes jogging I could snag those after school You do what you got to do but I ain’t stealing any more light bulbs just…don’t…you know go too far Come on this is an experiment that involves ping-pong balls I’m sure nothing will happen I’m just gonna turn up the settings a little bit and try for a bit longer if it doesn’t work then why would be in our textbooks? So where’d you get it then? Get what? Come on man Let’s go boys Photography room. Miss Birds lunch is fifth period and she always leaves the door unlocked You two are gonna make everybody late but you didn’t hear it from me See ya man Sorry man, I’ll report to you in the morning Hi honey, hey how was school today? No thanks, I’m good Mom, have you seen my earbuds? Bangarang Three… Two… One… Disco Did you hear happened to Alison Yosquits today What do you mean, what happened? Oh my god.. So you know she has that really bad peanut allergy Yea She was really tired of not knowing what a peanut butter cup tasted like and she snapped and ate the whole thing right there during fifth period at lunch Oh my god, is she ok? She’s like convulsing on the floor two seconds later and then some lunch lady’s going running to get the nurse but then she pulls out one of her allergy pens
and she just stabbed herself right in the thigh and we’re just like what the heck and she gets up like nothing happened I guess you could say she bit off a little more than she could chew… apparently after that she didn’t even like the peanut butter cups Hey Josh Well a week of trials later have you found the droids you’re looking for yet No the whole thing’s a bust Told you man I mean what a crock of shit I mean nothing not even a bunch of wavy
lines or nothing I can’t believe I thought it’d work from the start Don’t be so hard on yourself man So Did your mom notice you holed up in
your room all that time Nah, she’s oblivious Henry? Henry are you in there? But I feel like an idiot for missing all that school work now Henry, open the door Henry?! Open the door! Henry open this door! Henry! All I ever did was stare at that stupid light all day long What is this? What is this?! Henry! Henry what have you done?! and listen to that stupid tape Liz! Call an ambulance! He was doing some sort of weird science experiment at least that’s what his mom said Alright, let’s get an IV on him Let’s go we gotta get this kid to the hospital before he crashes I guess it’s good I didn’t freak out or nothing You know? Yeah, could be worse I guess Could be worse

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