Scientist Gains Vision Underwater

(birds cawing) – When I was a child I was severely myopic from who knows what age. I didn’t know that you could see leaves on a tree from the ground. But something happened
before I got glasses and that was that I was let
loose with a mask and snorkel. (water bubbling) For the first time I saw things clearly because of the refraction of the water. (soft music) You can imagine how beautiful it would be when you see detail that you’d
never known you could see. (soft music) What were pond weeds above
the water were forests of stems under the water and in this little forest
there would be sunfish. Then occasionally a big,
larger predator like a pickerel or a perch or a bass goes by. (soft music) (water bubbling) There’s a flashbulb moment,
as they say, where I just had to be underwater looking at life that way for the rest of my life. (soft music) (upbeat music)

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