SCP-054-FR Blue Fear | euclid class | sentient / aquatic / carnivorous scp

Subject #: SCP-054-FR level of threat: Orange ● Class: Euclide containment procedures special: a security
perimeter of 1 km must be established around all the beaches where a manifestation of SCP-054-FR
has already been observed. Only the members of the Foundation with a
right of access to Level 3 are authorized to enter it in the framework of experiences. The access is prohibited to all civilians
under the pretext of the study of a population of marine mammals (whose name is to be defined
according to the affected environments), and amnesia of Class A (for the simple observer)
and Class C (for victims) must their be administered if necessary. All the photos and videos taken of SCP-054-FR
must be destroyed, and a campaign of disinformation massive must be launched if these have been
made public. Description: SCP-054-FR is a phenomenon affecting
some waves of the west coast of the ████████ and █████ and those of the east coast
of the islands ████, the██████, and the ███████. It is characterized
by the physical transformation of waves in the jaws of a great white shark, able to drive
at a speed of 3 times higher than their usual speed if an animal non-aquatic or a human
being is located between SCP-054-FR and the nearest coast. The damage caused to individuals affected
by SCP-054-FR will be those of a bite also recognized as being that of a white shark,
but whose the pressure increases according to the height of the wave affected. The injuries noted being the amputation of
one or several members, ranging up to the pure and simple abolition of the individual. The damage, lethal in 68% of cases, are applied
at the time of the collapse of the wave on the victim. The likelihood of the appearance of SCP-054-FR
grows considerably if the individuals mentioned previously are located at a distance estimated
at 250 m of the shore, that this be of swimmers, divers, or aquatic vehicles of moderate size,
the main victims being the surfers. SCP-054-FR manifests itself only on the part
of the wave the closest to its victims, and more potential prey of SCP-054-FR will be
numerous, the more it will occupy a major face of the wave. Once visible, SCP-054-FR will give a high
speed of acceleration to the wave affected, up to ███ km/h. In addition, its manifestation is silent and
unpredictable. However, it has been noticed that dive under
the wave affected before the impact allows you to effectively protect. SCP-054-FR is capable of forming on the waves
of a height of 4 m minimum, but the maximum height that it can achieve is unknown. Addendum 054-A: A series of experiments has
highlighted that the fact of releasing several liters of blood (of animal origin) in the
area of manifestation of SCP-054-FR causes its training in the 2 minutes following the
test, and that the wave crashed at the location of the release of the fluid in the water of
the sea. Another series of tests with human blood (collected
in the hospitals of the Foundation) causes a reaction identical, but in just 60 seconds,
on average, the share of SCP-054-FR. A single reaction was observed by pocket of
blood spilled in water. Addendum 054-B: Several maritime birds have
been observed to be “gobble up” by SCP-054-FR when they moved before a wave of more than
4 m high. SCP-054-FR does not seem to respond, however,
that rarely in the face of these animals, and its attacks against individuals humans
are much more frequent. Addendum 054-C: All observations made previously
have led to the conclusion that individuals injured, whose blood is spreading in the water,
have approximately 4 times more likely to be victims of SCP-054-FR that of healthy subjects. On the other hand, individuals not wounded
who have severely limited their movements in the water or who are detained have never
yet been subject to attacks of SCP-054-FR. Addendum 054-D: All attempts to pull on the
manifestations of SCP-054-FR have proved unnecessary, the bales disappearing in the wall of water. In addition, attempts to cover up the smell
of an individual are also proven unsuccessful, SCP-054-FR did not seem to be affected in
addition to measure by the lure.

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